I remember when we decided to have our house be renovated, we set limited budget for it. However, we exceeded that limit which ruined our budget a lot. The renovation took almost two months and that was longer than whet we are expecting. I cashed out all the remaining savings I have from the bank just to let the renovation be done in time. We even tried to get payday loans to help us in our expenses. We asked our auntie to help us to find a lending company that offers payday loans. Well, all our sacrifices is truly worth it as we see the huge improvement in our house. It is now very presentable compare before. However, we will go back to scratch again and start saving money again. Good thing we can apply for payday loans anytime and get fast cash instantly. The loans are not that big and it will be pretty easy for everyone to pay their bills in no time. I guess we will need to apply for another loan next year since we are planning to buy new set of furniture to replace the ones. I will share some photos soon. Have a great day and happy blogging everyone!

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  1. Mac said...
    Many people these days are reinvesting in their homes by remodeling or renovating them. A great way to add lasting beauty and gain curb appeal, is to rework or redo the exterior of the house. There are literally hundreds of options when it comes to changing the look of your home. Roofing, windows, trims, wall coverings... the list is endless.

    maintenance Peabody

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