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This time i would like to share you a book entitled
Contrary to the general perception that trolls are wicked, nasty creatures, Rollo is a friendly young troll who is commanded by Bonespittle's ruler, Stygius Rex, to held the building of a bridge that will connect their land of ghouls, gnomes, ogres and trolls to Bonny Woods, home of the elves and fairies. In the process, Rollo learns the dangerous art of flying and how to do magic and must face the difficult decision of defying Stygius Rex.

King Of Fighters

Because of it's wireless multiplayer feature, it was only a matter of time before the N-Gage has a fighting game. The graphics are pretty much old school, meaning the game is shown in glorious 2D. King of Figthers is a solid beat'em up with a twist. The main game is a riotous 3-on-3 brawl. The last team standing is the winner. If you've played King of Fighters befiore on the console or on the arcade version, you'll find familiar chartacters such as Terry Bogard and Kim Kaphwan. The fighting system id pretty deep, and because of the N-Gage's wealth of buttons, you can execute combo moves with ease. If you love fighting in 2D anywhere and everywhere on N-Gage, i recommend King of Fighter Extreme!

ROSE Online

ROSE Online was developed by Gravity and TriggerSoft and brought to us by Levelk Up! (the same guys who gave us Ragnarok), R.O.S.E Online is an MMORPG hit! Combining fantasy and science fiction, its players are tasked by the good goddess Arua to fight against the evil god Hebarn and save not just one world but seven1
R.O.S.E stands for "Rush On Seven Episodes" because the game unfolds accross seven unique planets:
  • JUNON, named after the patron God of adventurers
  • LUNA, a marvelous planet filled with mystery
  • SKA, a beautiful vacation resort planet whose names means "Love"
  • ELDEON, where it is said ancient legends sleep, waiting to be awakened
  • KAKIA, a planet known for its desolate wasteland
  • ORO, the prosperous planet of gold
  • HEBARN, the planet the God of Malice wrestled away pompously named after himself.
It is said in the old tales that the universe, called the Sea of Souls, was a vast ocean of darkness until the councils of Gods decided to settle down. It would be a great honor to be chosen as the creator of their new homes and the candidates were narrowed down to Arua and Hebarn. The council of Gods voted and Arua won. Arua drew in love and imagination to create the seven planets and their brilliance filled the Sea of Souls with wondrous light and life.
However, Hebarn's jealousy and anger threatened to consume the seven planets with darkness. He secretly sent Devil pests to the other planets , which turned friendly animals ito a deadly monsters~ Not knowing about Hebarn's treachery, Arua simply thaught that she made mistakes with the creatures, so she created a new race of beings called Visitors to fix the problems.

Typhoon Basyang just hit our country recently that causes a lot of damages in some affected areas. We are very lucky that we are not one of those who are affected by this typhoon; however, classes are being suspended at that time. I don’t know if should be happy or not since classes are suspended and scheduled quizzes are postponed but to think that a lot of people are suffering from this natural calamity makes me so sad.
I can say that I love Rainy seasons than summer. It is also perfect to give yourself a time to relax that is why I never waste any of my time and grab the opportunity to enjoy that one day vacation. I asked my mom to cook our favorite dish and also to have some hot chocolate drink to warm myself up. Speaking of warm, how I wish we have spas hot tubs installed in our back yard so that we can relax and we can warm out selves up during these cold rainy days.
Having a hot tub in our house is one of my dreams that is why, until now, i am trying to encourage my dad to buy us and have hot tubs being installed in our yard. I am encouraging him and trying to convince him while there is an ongoing renovation in our house. The workers are almost done with the interior part and they will be heading to the exterior part of our house so soon and this is a perfect time to tell my dad and convince him to install hot tub in our area.
Especially now that i found out that, a perfect place to find the best hot tub deals, is offering a deep discount with their items. I am sure my dad will be interested to it.
If you are interested too, you can check and see what else they have to offer or you can just call them directly at 1-888-611-TUBS



The story is about a little girl named Sophie, a name inspired by the author's granddaughter Sophie Dahl; Roald's mother was Sofie Magdalene Hesselberg Dahl. One night when Sophie can't fall asleep during the "witching hour", she sees a giant blowing something into the bedroom windows down the street. The giant notices her; although she tries to hide in her bed, he reaches through the window and carries her away to his home in giant country.Fortunately for Sophie, she has been abducted by the world's only benevolent giant, the Big Friendly Giant or BFG. Operating in the strictest secrecy, the BFG catches good dreams. With the help of his giant ears he can hear dreams and their contents (which manifest themselves in misty Dream Country as floating, blob-like objects) and blow them via a trumpet-like blowpipe into the bedrooms of children. When he catches a nightmare, he explodes it, bottles it forever, or sometimes uses it to start fights among his neighboring mean giants. The BFG has a very pleasant character, oftentimes misusing words and having difficulty in grammar. He often writes down mixtures of dreams for children. Sophie teaches him how to speak properly and in the end it is revealed that the story was written and told by the BFG himself after learning english from Sophie.The other giants are not so pleasant; each night they go out into the world to steal and eat "human beans", especially children. There is little else for them to eat where they live; the BFG, because he refuses to eat people, must survive on a revoltingly bitter and sour vegetable known as a snozzcumber. Luckily he is also able to make a delicious drink called frobscottle, which is fizzy and infinitely refreshing. It is rather unusual in that the bubbles in the drink travel downwards and therefore cause the drinker to break wind instead of burp; this causes noisy flatulence known as Whizzpoppers.Sophie and the BFG become friends. Eventually, Sophie persuades the BFG that something must be done to stop the anthropophagous, or cannibalistic, giants. Together they develop a plan to get the Queen of England to help them. The BFG mixes a dream which will show the Queen what the giants do; when complete, it is the worst nightmare she has ever encountered. They set off for Buckingham Palace and blow the dream into the Queen's bedroom. The BFG then leaves Sophie on the Queen's windowsill and retreats into the palace gardens to hide.When the Queen awakens, Sophie tells her that all of her dream was true. Because the dream included the knowledge that Sophie would be there when she woke up, the Queen believes her and speaks with the BFG. After considerable effort by the palace staff to create a table, chair and cutlery of appropriate size for him to use, the BFG is given a lavish breakfast, and the Queen begins work on eliminating the other giants. She calls the King of Sweden and the Sultan of Baghdad to confirm the BFG's story-- the giants having visited those locations on the previous two nights--then summons the head of the Army and the Marshal of the Air Force. The said officers, though initially belligerent and skeptical, are brought to cooperate.Eventually a huge fleet of helicopters follows the BFG to the giants' homeland. While the child-eating giants are asleep, the Army ties them up, hangs them under the helicopters, and after a brief struggle with the Fleshlumpeater, flies them to London, where a special large pit has been constructed from which they will not be able to escape. For their punishment, the child-eating giants must eat the gross, ukyslush snozzcumber and yell/moan in embarrassment and humiliation


Okay guys, here i am again for another book review. My next book is entitled "1O THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOU'RE 16" by Caroline Plaisted. The story revolves around about Beth and Anna. Beth and Anna are best friends who write out a "To Do" list that they must accomplish before they turn sixteen. They were convinced that by fulfilling these tasks- which includes getting a tattoo, learning to walk in high heels and dating the most popular guy in school will make their cool-o-meter shoot up. Laugh out loud when girls get into one hilarious predicament after another as they try to finish all ten things on their list.

I am Tranquil

You Are Tranquil

You are able to stand back and really appreciate the ebb and flow of life. You find peace even in troubled times.

You know that all bad things eventually pass, and you have a broad perspective that others yearn for.

You focus on the present as much as possible. You aren't weighed down by thoughts of the past or future.

You seek balance, and with that balance comes bliss. You have found your happy place, and you're content to stay there a while.

Playing Casino Game

Have you ever tried playing and betting for money in a real life casino? If not, well i guess we are on the same boat. But in my case, even though i haven't experience stepping inside a real casino, i already tried playing casino games and bet for real money through online casino gambling. It is my dad who encourage me to play since he is addicted to this game too especially USA casino games. My favorite game is Roulette because it is very easy to play and it does not require any skills are technique in order to win. All i have to do is to guess the winning number by placing my bet on the roulette betting area using my online chips. I can also bet for a winning color which is either red or black. I can also guess if the winning number is an odd or even. Over all, Roulette is a very exciting game. But since classes started already, i try to manage my time wisely and focus more on my studies.
Blog Idol Season 3 is now on it's final Round with 2 remaining Idols; Faisal Admar and Bananaz. It is a batte between two guys and Two Malaysians. This week, we will be hitting thier most Favorite Songs.

Bananaz picked a very inspiring song from John Farnham. It's an anti-war song in a way, but it was more of a 'make your voice heard' kind of thing. Wake up to your own power. The song was one of the biggest hits of the year in Australia, topping the singles chart there for many weeks. It is also one of Farnham's biggest international successes, reaching the top 10 in many European countries, although in the US it performed relatively poorly. David Archuleta performed this song during season 7 of American Idol. ~ You're the Voice

Faisal Admar submitted a record breaking song from Jason Mraz. It was performed in his 2006 gigs and already became a crowd favorite before its release. The song was nominated for Grammy Award for Song of the Year and Best Male Pop Vocal Performance at the 51st Grammy Awards. At 76 weeks on the Hot 100, it holds the record for most weeks spent on the chart, breaking the previous record set by LeAnn Rimes' song "How Do I Live" in 1998. ~ I'm Yours

Among all the online casino games, my most favorite would be Roulette. Well simply because Roulette, unlike Poker and Black Jack, requires no skills or techniques for you to win. This is a game of chance. Meaning to say, everything here is just a matter of luck. This online roulette gambling is very simple. All you need to do is to guess what would be the winning number is by placing your bet of the roulette betting area using your specialize online roulette chips. Even though this is a game of chance, you can still maximize your chances of winning by following certain strategies. One of the simplest yet very effective strategies is nothing but concentration. Instead of paying to much attention on how to beat your fellow players, you better concentrate more on your bets to win. Just like what expert casino players said, never bet more than what you can afford. As much possible avoid playing for more or betting for more or even double your original stake once you won several good bets. This is the reason why it is very wise to quit the game after winning several good bets. Roulette is just one of the best casino games. There are many other games like slot machines and poker that are very interesting to play too. What I can advise for now since you are about to deal with the real money here is to play wise and play right! Enjoy!

Photo Sharing

Luggage Bag

Emergency Fan and Lights

Old Sesame Street Toy Train

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Have you ever heard of the disease called "BV". No it is note related to "TB" or tubercolosis. It is something related to Female's Reproductive organ. BV stands for "bacterial vaginosis" This bacterial infection is caused by an imbalance of bacteria in the female vagina, leading to imbalance in pH factor inside the vagina. For most men, i know that they might be not so interested with this topic but for most women, i am so sure that they are worrying if they already have this kind of bacterial diseases or what. Actually, a hubby should also be involved with this because one of its most popular causes is trough having Sex. This is a serious topic that everyone should be aware of. I suggest that you visit to get more information about this disease and how to cure it and what are the other causes of having it. Remember "prevention is better than cure" so go ahead and check the site before it's too late.

Custom Printed Labels

Sometimes, labels are really confusing especially when it comes to bar-coded products. There are some products that are using color coded labels to differentiate each functions and characteristics. Let say “Paints” for example. There are different kinds of paint and to avoid confusion, most manufacturers are using custom printed labels to determine which is for this and which is for that. It is very important that every time you are buying products to check the label to know if it is exactly what you need. Some thing goes with foods that are purchasable on the market. Check on the labels before buying anything to secure safeness and to avoid any disastrous outcome. Be an observant buyer is the key. Same thing goes with the medicine. Each medicine contains active ingredients that may produce harmful effects if you take it even though it is not necessary. This is the reason why custom printed label plays a very important role in any product that you are buying. This will give very useful information and give awareness to the buyers if that’s what they need or not. If you want to know more about these signs and their meanings, you may want to check and see the huge collection of custom printed labels with provided description of each.

My Sample House Plans

Did you know that once worked as an office staff where my job deals with planning houses, It is owned by a Japanese Company and we are trained to design and plan Japanese houses. Japanese are very perfectionist i must say, when it comes to their houses. They want perfection in every single details of their house.
MOst Japanese houses are elevated from the ground to provide space for ventilation inside their house. They also have what they called "Tatami" or floor mats.
We are using Autocad and Architrend as our tools to design our plans.
Yesterday while i was online, i decided to have some fun by planning and designing a simple bungalow house.
Since i don't have softwares like Autocad and Architrend, i make use of Microsoft Excel to plan my sample house. And heres the outcome! What yah think.

a. Perspective Plan
b. Floor Plan
c. Wall Framing plan

It is quite alerting that we keep hearing car accidents over the news but what is more alarming is the continuous increasing of such case from year by year. It is true that Government is the one who is responsible for this issue but we have to take note that it is our responsibility too to secure safety in our home for our family. You as a car owner too should be aware of this. The most effective solution here is to buy hazard signs and place them on the accident prone area so that it will help to lessen those kinds of accidents. Through this hazard signs or safety sign, drivers, commuters and car owners will be aware of it. This will give them a warning that they have to be very careful when they are driving on that area. Just like what they always said, “Safety comes first”.

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