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There's nothing like Ape Escape. A mad monkey named Specter has unleashed an army of monkeys to take over a TV station. His diabolical plan? Broadcast dull and insane TV shows that will have everyone glued to their TV sets, leaving Specter free to take over the world. That's where you came in. You play either as Kei or Yumi, both monkey catchers who are armed with a net and other zany gadgets that will help them catch Specter's Monkeys

For Graphics, i must say that all the monkeys looks cute and funny, and each of them have very unique personalities. The levels also sport some kind of movie theme that make them all more interesting. When all is said and done, though, there's nothing special about the graphics. The many camera issues don't help either.

The game is absolutely fun to play. Catch 400 different monkeys in over20 different levels. There are some pretty cool boss fights as well. What's new to the series is the ability to morph into different characters with different abilities. You can transform into a knight armed with a magic shield, a ninja who can run faster and catch monkeys more quickly, and many others.

Some monkey squeaks and cutesy sound effects; the voice acting can get a bit lame, but these guys are trying to make like catching monkeys is a serious plot!

There's an incredible amount of items, mini games, and more collectibles to unlock. Wile some of these may not be very interesting, the mini games are definitely worth a look~ epecially the Ape Escape version of Metal Gear Solid.
Overall, the game is as silly as ever, but that's what we love about it. This is easily the best Ape Escape yet. If you love the series, then pick this one up. If you have never played Ape Escape yet, then now's the time to start.

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