Book Review # 10

Here’s another book that you should not miss to read. The book was written by Frank Cottrell Boyce and it was entitled “FRAMED”.

In Dylan’s town, there aren’t many kids. In fact, he’s the only boy and his best friends are pair of chickens. Dylan named his chickens Michaelangelo and Donatello (hmmmm sounds like Mutant Ninja Turltle here) His family is known for making the best pie in town. They own the town’s one and only coffee shop. Life isn’t very exciting in Manod, Wales, but Dylan makes do and it helps that his younger sister, Minnie,is a criminal mastermind in the making. A flood in London makes the National Gallery to evacuate its paintings to Manod, Dylan is mistaken for an art expert( his bestfriends are named after painting geniuses after all), and life is to become a lot more exciting.


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