My Sample House Plans

Did you know that once worked as an office staff where my job deals with planning houses, It is owned by a Japanese Company and we are trained to design and plan Japanese houses. Japanese are very perfectionist i must say, when it comes to their houses. They want perfection in every single details of their house.
MOst Japanese houses are elevated from the ground to provide space for ventilation inside their house. They also have what they called "Tatami" or floor mats.
We are using Autocad and Architrend as our tools to design our plans.
Yesterday while i was online, i decided to have some fun by planning and designing a simple bungalow house.
Since i don't have softwares like Autocad and Architrend, i make use of Microsoft Excel to plan my sample house. And heres the outcome! What yah think.

a. Perspective Plan
b. Floor Plan
c. Wall Framing plan


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