I'm into 90's mood again. Actually i like most of the songs from the 90's. The time where music is still innocent and not as daring as what we have now.
So here I'm sharing one of my favorite group. Before Jonas Brothers, we once had "Hanson". Actually they're way far better than Jonas Brothers.

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Lifespan of Garage Doors

Is your garage door strong enough to withstand any worst situations like bad weather conditions? In installing garage doors, there are some important factors to be considered in order to give long lasting durability to it.
Choosing the right material is the first thing to consider. Of course, you want the best for your house right? Then you should get the best material for your garage door. You can choose whether yo want wood, steel or those glass reinforced plastic. Wood will definitely provide the best aesthetic look to your garage though it requires continuous maintenance making it one of the most expensive material. Steel on the other hand is the secure material for your garage and probably the most common type nowadays. It is strong and highly durable.
Glass reinforced plastic is also in demand today . It provides the best value for money and can be finished in a very stylish way.
Of course, the materials will be useless if the door itself will not be installed properly. Better hire a service similar to that Garage doors Portland in Oregon. They can do the job professionally since they were trained on this specific field of work. A proper installation may extend the life span of your garage door too. A better workmanship will make your garage door more durable and I guess this applies to other repairs in your house.
So with the proper material and the proper service, you can confidently say that your garage door is safe, secure and strong enough to withstand worst situations. Cheers!
Have a great day guys and Happy blogging.

Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories is a picture book collection by Theodor Seuss Geisel, published under his more commonly-known pseudonym of Dr. Seuss. It was first released by Random House Books on April 12, 1958, and is written in Seuss's trademark style, using a type of meter called anapestic tetrameter. Though it contains three short stories, it is mostly known for its first story, "Yertle the Turtle", in which the eponymous Yertle, king of the pond, stands on his subjects in an attempt to reach higher than the moon—until the bottom turtle burps and he falls into the mud, ending his rule. Though the book included "burp", a word then considered to be vulgar, it was a success upon publication, and has since sold over a million copies. In 2001, it was listed at 125 on the Publishers Weekly list of the best-selling children's books of all time.
There are 3 stories in this book: Yurtle the Turtle, Gertrude McFuzz, and the Brig Brag.

“Yertle the Turtle”

The titular story revolves around a Yertle the Turtle, the king of the pond. Unsatisfied with the stone that serves as his throne, he commands the other turtles to stack themselves beneath him so that he can see further and expand his kingdom. However, the stacked turtles are in pain and Mack, the turtle at the very bottom of the pile, is suffering the most. Mack asks Yertle for a respite, but Yertle just tells him to shut up. Then Yertle decides to expand his kingdom and commands more and more turtles to add to his throne. Mack makes a second request for a respite because the increased weight is now causing extreme pain to the turtles at the bottom of the pile. Again Yertle yells at Mack to shut up. Then Yertle notices the moon rising above him as the night approaches. Furious that something "dares to be higher than Yertle the King", he decides to call for even more turtles in an attempt to rise above it. However, before he can give the command, Mack decides he has had enough. He burps, shaking the stack of turtles and tossing Yertle off into the mud, leaving him "King of the Mud" and freeing the others.

“Gertrude McFuzz”

The second story recounts the tale of the "girl-bird" Gertrude McFuzz, who has a small, plain tail and envies Lolla Lee Lou, who has two feathers. She goes to her uncle, Doctor Dake and he tells her where she can find berries that will make her tail grow, and she eats the entire vine, causing her tail to grow to an enormous size. However, the added weight prevents her from flying, running or even walking! Her uncle and many other birds are forced to carry her home and pluck out her tail feathers. Though she has only one feather left—as before—she now has "enough, because now she is smarter."

“The Big Brag”

The third and final story tells of a rabbit and a bear, who both boast that they are the "best of the beasts", because of the range of their hearing and smelling abilities, respectively. However, they are humbled by a worm who claims he can see all around the world—right back to his own hill, where he sees the rabbit and bear, whom he calls "the two biggest fools that have ever been seen".

Going back to School

When my father got heart stroke way back 2001, it made his left body almost paralyzed. Well, that left me no choice too but to stop my college and focus more on my work. Yup! i stared to work at a very young age and i really miss my college days so badly. As the eldest, i have no choice but to take my father's responsibility. Well, i really don't mind helping them and besides, it is my chance now to bring the courtesy back to them. Being a breadwinner is such a big challenge indeed but i have to bear with everything in order to survive. So even it is so hard for me to choose work over my studies, i still chose work for the sake of my family.
Actually, i was a working student at first but i find it so hard to manage both my work and school. The schedule are quite demanding and i just can't take all the stress and pressure. And so i decided to give up my studies.
But now that i got a stable job and was somehow managed to help my family, it could probably a perfect chance for me to continue my schooling days again.
I remember how tough it was during my first year. I'm not a geeky guy and I got so many weaknesses especially in our English Subject. Well, i know how to express myself by reciting them in English fluently but I am having a hard time writing them grammatically correct. I used to get low scores in most of my thesis and research papers.
And now that i am planning to go back, it might be one of my enemies again haha.
Thanks God, modern advances made it much easier for us to get high quality research papers online. I might consider getting a research paper writing service in the near future. But of course, I will not take advantage of it. I will still make my own research papers and it's just that I need some good research paper samples to help me improve my writing skills. I can use those research papers are a great reference to my writings.
Anyway, i know it's kinda early for me to think of these stuffs since i have to wait for one more year before I can enroll myself again.
So excited for this!
For the meantime, i will just read some books to review my knowledge. It's been 5 years you know haha.

Unfortunately, mom gave my beloved Fritzy to my Auntie. I thought she'll be staying here with us for a long time just like Princess but my Auntie asked my mom if she could take Fritzy at home and since mom is more of a Dog lover, she gave Fritzy away sigh.... but i know Fritzy will be on good hands... My Auntie is such a pet lover so i know she will take care of my Fritzy... I will visit her there from time to time.

Fritzy on her Basket.. she loves to stay here.

Oh here she is, stretching haha so cute

Sleeping on my feet

Cutie cutie..

My Heart Is Colorful

Yay! My Heart is indeed very colorful. Thanks to my family and friends for making difficult things easy for me. Love yah guys!

Your Heart is Colorful

You are independent yet interdependent. You want other people around, but you don't like needing them.

You are warm-hearted and caring. You celebrate and commiserate along with your friends.

You are a free spirit, but deep down you are reliable and trustworthy. You honor your commitments.

You are the friend everyone invites to the party. It's not the same if you're not there.

Mutual Benefits

Internet Marketing is such a huge hit today. Everyone has computer at home and they think of Internet as the most convenient way to do their purchases. Well, it's not a matter of being lazy, it's a matter of being practical. Purchasing items online will save your time and your gasoline too since you do not have to drive that far just to reach the nearest grocery or department stores in your area. I'm sure most of you feel the same way right? I, myself is an avid online buyer. I used to shop online especially if i found some great deals.
It's pretty obvious that this is the main reason why most entrepreneurs link their business in the world wide web because they know that they can attract many possible customers online. Internet Marketing includes the use of the so called business free classifieds. Here, they can post their ads for free or they can also try those sponsored ads which include several benefits. These free classified ads are tools towards effective marketing tactics.
As an avid online buyer, I used to look for great deals using these online classified ads. Well, it has all I need compare to other online shops who are specializing on a specific line of products. Here, i have so many option and I can also negotiate with the sellers if they can provide me discount.
Well, it seems online free classified ads have mutual benefits for both buyers and sellers which is absolutely a good thing! Cheers!
Have a great day everyone and happy blogging.

The Cat in the Hat made a return appearance in this 1958 sequel. On this occasion, instead of Thing One and Thing Two, he brings along Little Cat A, nested inside his hat. Little Cat A doffs his hat to reveal Little Cat B, who reveals C, and so on down to the microscopic Little Cat Z, who turns out to hold the key to the plot in his hat. The crisis involves a pink bathtub ring and other pink residue left by the Cat after he snacks on a cake in the bathtub with the water running. Preliminary attempts to clean it up fail as they only transfer the mess elsewhere, including a dress, the wall, a pair of ten dollar shoes, a rug, the bed, and then eventually outside. A "spot killing" war then takes place between the mess and Little Cats A through V, who use an arsenal of primitive weapons including pop guns, bats, and a lawnmower. Unfortunately, the initial battle to rid the mess only makes it into an entire yard-covering spot. Little Cats V, W, X, and Y then take off their hats to uncover microscopic Little Cat Z. Z takes his hat off and unleashes a "Voom" which cleans up the back yard and puts all of the other Little Cats back into the big Cat in the Hat's hat. The book ends in a burst of flamboyant versification, with the full list of little cats arranged into a metrically-perfect rhymed quatrain, designed to teach the reader the alphabet. Little Cats A, B and C were also characters in the 1996 TV series The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss (Little Cat N also made an appearance, but only once and some of the alphabetical cats appeared in Season 2 regularly as Little Cat Z began to be visible). The Cat in The Hat Comes Back was part of the Beginner Book Video series along with There's a Wocket in My Pocket! and Fox in Socks.

The Cat in the Hat

The Cat in the Hat (1957) is the first book featuring the title character. In it the Cat brings a cheerful, exotic and exuberant form of chaos to a household of two young kids, brother and sister, one rainy day while their mother leaves them unattended. The Cat performs all sorts of wacky tricks—the Cat at one point balances a teacup, some milk, a cake, three books, the Fish, a rake, a toy boat, a toy man, a red fan, and his umbrella while he's on a ball to the chagrin of the fish—to amuse the children, with mixed results. Then, the Cat gets a box from outside. Inside the box are two creatures named Thing One and Thing Two, who begin to fly kites in the house. The Cat's antics are vainly opposed by the family pet, a sapient and articulate fish. The children (Sally and her unnamed older brother, who serves as the narrator) ultimately prove exemplary latchkey children, capturing the Things with a net and bringing the Cat under control. To make up for the chaos he has caused, he cleans up the house on his way out, disappearing a second before the mother arrives. The book has been popular since its publication, and a logo featuring the Cat adorns all Dr. Seuss publications and animated films produced after The Cat in the Hat. Seuss wrote the book because he felt that there should be more entertaining and fun material for beginning readers. From a literary point of view, the book is a feat of skill, since it simultaneously maintains a strict triple meter, keeps to a tiny vocabulary, and tells an entertaining tale. Literary critics occasionally write recreational essays about the work, having fun with issues such as the absence of the mother and the psychological or symbolic characterizations of Cat, Things, and Fish. This book is written in a style common to Dr. Seuss, anapestic tetrameter (see Dr. Seuss's meters).

Windows Rot?

Have you heard about the Windows Rot? No, I am not referring to the operating system. Windows Rot is a kind of condition that mostly experienced if you have glass windows installed in your house. If you chose to install glass windows, most likely, it will be supported by wooden window sills. Glass windows do not rot of course but they tend to become more brittle if they are being exposed to water and heat for a very long time. Window sills on the other hands are usually made out of wood so they really tend to rot especially if the paint that you applied to it is not water proof or has low quality. Good thing you can replace these rotten windows easily. However, if you failed to install it properly, then the chances are, you will be replacing them over and over again which is absolutely very costly and will certainly ruin your budget.
For me, it is very practical if you hire someone who knows how to fix or install the new windows properly. Take note that the lifespan of your window depends on the workmanship. The proper the installment, the longer the lifespan. The lifespan also depends on the quality of your windows too. Better go to a trusted brand than wasting your money to those poor materials.
I suggest too that instead of asking someone from the neighborhood, it would be better to
hire someone from companies specializing on this field. They sure know what to do and they can definitely fix your window in no time.
If you are looking for a good Windows Portland Replacement Service, then Four Seasons is the right place to call for. You can visit their site at http://www.fourseasonscontracting.net/ for more information on how to avail their service.

Golf may not be as easy as what we think. It's not just about hitting the golf ball. It is very enjoyable indeed but if you want to have that ultimate gaming experience, then you should work hard on it by doing some effective training. Training will improve you golf swing. Yup! This game is obviously dealing with proper golf swing. It is the only way to play this game more effectively. Instruction, lessons, and tips will help improve golf swing efficiency, accuracy and lower your golf score. Golf is like a mind twisting game, it will measure your creative thinking ability and will test how great your strategies are. An effective strategy and proper golf swing will definitely help you to maximize your chances of winning.

A golf player can only improve his golf swing through constant practice, exercise and physical conditioning specific to improving ones golf swing. And to make your practice more effective, then you should not stick your self into a specific golf course. It's always better to challenge your self. Try those very challenging golf courses like what those being offered at Lake Oswego which is known for their amazing Golf Courses Portland in Oregon.
Weather you are playing golf for competition or playing it just for fun, practice will always makes you better and a more effective player. Who knows, you might be the next Tiger Woods right?
If you are interested with Lake Oswego, you can visit their site at http://golfcoursesportland.com/ and see how amazing their golf courses are. Happy gaming

My theme for this Week is a 90's group known as Steps. Steps were a British pop group that achieved a series of charted singles between 1997 and 2001. Their name was based around a simple marketing gimmick: each of their music videos was choreographed, and the dance steps were included with most of their single releases.
Here's one of their successful hits.

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Playing Casino Online

Have you been to a casino? What is your most favorite game? Honestly, i never been to any land based casino but i am aiming to visit them someday. It just so happened that i am quite busy lately especially now that I was moved into a new department in our office which is more demanding than the previous one. And the worst, i have no choice but to accept it knowing that my bosses are the one who assigned me into this department and I just can't say No to them. I should be more professional and i should keep this more as a challenge. In that way, i can be more productive and more effective on my field.
Anyway, back to casino, even though i haven't been there, i can still play my favorite games like slot machines and poker through the so called "Online casinos".
Good thing Internet made it much easier and more convenient for us because we can now play our favorite casino games online.
They are indeed more convenient because you can play them at home in front of your PC. It saves time too because you do not have to drive that far just to reach the nearest casino in your place. You do not have to stress yourself too on thinking what to wear.
If it's your first time, i suggest that you look for No Deposit Casino bonuses because they enable new comers to play casino games free for a set amount of time, or with a set amount of casino credit free of charge. So better look for no deposit casino coupon codes and start playing!
Meanwhile, if you're looking for some cool poker sites, then you should try those webmoney casinos but if you are more of those easy games like Roulette and Slot Machines then you better look for those free spins casinos to maximize your chances of winning.
The sites mentioned above are safe and secured so there's nothing to be afraid of.
Yay! Thanks God we can now play casinos online! At least now, I can play my favorite games even I'm at the office. Cheers!


Listed below are some of my unread books... I am planning to read them all this year... so that's a goal! Will do my best to accomplish it! Wish me luck! yay!

Kirk Douglas's The Gift

Chicken Soup for the Woman Soul

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Done ^_^)

John Grisham's The Client

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! is a children's story by Dr. Seuss written in rhymed verse with illustrations by the author. It was published as a book by Random House in 1957, and at approximately the same time in an issue of Redbook. The book criticizes the commercialization of Christmas and satirizes those who profit from exploiting the holiday. The Grinch, a fictional, bitter, cave-dwelling, catlike creature with a heart "two sizes too small," lives on snowy Mount Crumpit, a steep, 3,000-foot (910 m) high mountain just north of Whoville, home of the merry and warm-hearted Whos. His only companion is his faithful dog, Max (a redbone coonhound). From his perch high atop Mount Crumpit, the Grinch can hear the noisy Christmas festivities that take place in Whoville. Envious of the Whos' happiness, he makes plans to descend on the town and, by means of burglary, deprive them of their Christmas presents, holiday ham and decorations and thus "prevent Christmas from coming." However, he learns in the end that despite his success in stealing all the Christmas presents and decorations from the Whos, Christmas comes just the same. He then realizes that Christmas is more than just gifts and presents. His heart grows three sizes larger; he returns all the presents and trimmings and is warmly welcomed into the community of the Whos.
Chuck Jones adapted the story as an animated special in 1966, featuring narration by Boris Karloff, and songs sung (uncredited) by Thurl Ravenscroft. The animated film often appears on American television during the Christmas season. The book was adapted into a live-action film starring Jim Carrey in 2000.

Here's the Film Trailer starring Jim Carrey

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