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Finally the heat is on again. I just saw the commercial yesterday on tv plugging the upcoming American Idol Season 10. The series had gone so far, putting talented people into the limelight. Too bad, my favorite judges, Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Ellen DeGeneres left the show. I will definitely miss all those Cat-Dog fights between Simon and Paula. Well, we have lots of things to watch out for this year's season. Hot singer, actress, dancer Jennifer Lopez will be joining the panel so as Aerosmith lead vocalist, Steven Tyler. I'm sure it is something worth watching for.
The 3 previous seasons wasn't that exciting compare to the others. I prefer David Archuleta than David Cook, Adam Lambert than Kris Allen and Crystal Bowersox than Lee Dewyze. The results are quite disappointing so i am hoping that Season 10 will offer more talented artists than will definitely give a remarkable Idol Performances.
Speaking of Idol Performances, i remember how chilling it was when Fantasia Barrino sang her rendition of the song "Summertime"

I also love Clay Aiken's rendition of the Original Simon and Garfunkel's Bridge Over Troubled Water. I remember how stunning it was when the choir started to sing with Aiken. So Amazing.

Carrie Underwood's version of Alone is undeniably remarkable. In fact, whenever a contestant sang this piece, they usually compare it to Carrie's version.

There are so many notable performances from American Idol and you can all find them at ITunes. However, ITunes are not open for everyone especially if you're outside the US but you can still access the site if you have an iTunes Gift Card. Using this card, you can freely access ITunes and watch or even download Idol performances from the site.
I hope American Idol will offer greater performances than last year.


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