Mom's Tamales

Mom started to focus more on her new part time business. She's very busy right now in making her specialty which is the "Tamales". For those who are not familiar with the dish, Tamales or Filifino Tamal is an indigenized version of the Mexican tamal, tamales is a steamed delicacy made with a mixture of ground white and brown (toasted) rice, ground peanuts and coconut milk topped with strips of chicken, chorizo and slices of hard boiled eggs and wrapped in banana leaves. The municipality of Ibaan in Batangas province is known for this delicacy. The fillings used include chicken, but neither eggs nor chorizo.
Anyway, we're happy that she has now something to keep her self busy while earning extra income at the same time. However, it seems that she's focusing there too much and she lost her time for us and some of her home responsibilities. Well, we are nothing against that. If she's happy with it, then we're happy for her! Its just that, maybe we should think of getting something like the House Cleaning Vancouver WA services to help us with the house duties since we are all kinda busy with our work and school. So i guess that's simply a wise decision don't yah think?


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