The Most Crucial Point

Isn't devastating when your business face one of it's critical and most dangerous point which is so called "Bankruptcy". It is indeed that most crucial point in any business where in they are in the verge of closing down the company because they are not able to pay all their debts and other bills as well.
For small business owners, facing bankruptcy isn't really a big deal unless they are really drowned in so many debts and obligations. Bankruptcy can actually be a good stepping stone for a better business if ever they are planning to start one in the near future because they are now aware what are those things that they should not do to avoid another bankruptcy.
In case you are about to consider filing bankruptcy report, then you should contact an expert lawyer to help you out in preparing and providing all the documents you need for your bankruptcy report but again, the fact that you are going to hire a lawyer means you have to spend big amount of money for it. If ever you cannot afford to hire a lawyer, you better seek for better alternatives like those Affordable documents offered at The site can provide you all the paper works you need without hiring expensive lawyer. Filing a bankruptcy report is very important to save your self from debts and other obligations.

It was actually my mom who decided to change our Jalousie Window to a Sliding one. Well, for her Sliding windows look more appealing than jalousie. I must agree with her in terms of the appearance. It is indeed more appealing than any other type of windows but for someone who is always assigned to clean the windows like me, well i can say that sliding glass windows like this is much harder to clean. The dirt and the dust are very noticeable which leaves you no choice but to clean it over and over again. That's very tiring and a little bit time consuming compare to our old jalousie windows. Well, it is too late for me to complain since the sliding windows were already installed so i guess i just have to bear with all that stress of cleaning them. Well perhaps mom decided to hire a service like that Window Cleaning Portland in Oregon. That would make my job easier right? I just wish we could find the same service here. So while i am trying to convince her, i have no choice but to do the job myself. Gosh! Why am i always assigned with this hopuse chores. Sobs.

Summer Treats

Hooray! It’s summer! This is the perfect time to hit the beach and also the great time to prepare some of our Summer cool desserts. Right now, i am really craving for“Halo Halo”. Halo Halo is a popular Filipino dessert which is somehow similar to Malaysia’s Iced Kacang though it has more ingredients added on it. Halo Halo is simply a mixture of shaved Ice and Evaporated milk with the mixture of some other ingredients like Boiled sweet kidney beans, red beans, garbanzos, Sago, Gulaman, Corn kernels, Sweet Potato cubes, Melon strips, Pinipig crunch, Nata de Coco, Kaong, macapuno or coconut sport and more.
Milzon and I went to a fast food chain last week and had some Siopao and a huge bowl of Halo Halo. You can actually do it at home as long as you have all the necessary ingredients.
This is how Halo Halo looks like.
Aside from Halo Halo, you can also try some cool Summer desserts. Here let me share some.

We Called this as Dirty Ice Cream. No it is not literally dirty. I just don't know where the hell they got that term but this one is made from coco milk.
If you're looking for some refreshing healthy drink, then you may want to try Avocado Juice. Actually this one will taste great if you blend it perfectly. You can use Slushee machine for a satisfying result. Slushee machine can actually be rented from some rental shops like the Rental Equipment Portland in Oregon.

These are Ice Candies. They are cheapest dessert you can try yet they are great tasting enough to satisfy your cravings.

Have a great summer guys.

Bartholomew and the Oobleck is a 1949 book by Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel). It follows the adventures of a young boy named Bartholomew, who must rescue his kingdom from a sticky substance called "oobleck". The book is a sequel of sorts to The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins. Unlike most of Geisel's books, which are written in anapestic tetrameter, Bartholomew and the Oobleck, like its predecessor, is a prose work.In the book, the King of Didd announces that he is bored with sunshine, rain, fog, and snow, and tells his magicians to add some variety to the weather. As a result, large piles of sticky green oobleck fall throughout the kingdom, covering everything. The king soon regrets his wish, but since his magicians' cave has been buried in oobleck, he can do nothing to remove the substance. Eventually, his page, Bartholomew, advises him to say "I'm sorry." The king complies, and the oobleck melts away.

Stress-Free Wedding

Wedding is probably the biggest and the greatest event that could ever happened in someone's life. It takes a lot of hard work and preparation if you want to end up having the best wedding ever. Your goal is here is not to beat your friend's wedding but to make yourself feel more special as if you are floating in happiness. However, some people say that this special event could be one of the most stressing day for a bride. As we know, women are more excited about this event and they want it to be held as perfectly as they dreamed.
What makes this event stressful is that you have to think and plan every single details of it. From the venue, to the guess, to the foods, the clothes and more. But take note, that this could not be that stressing if you are not rushing yourself up. Better ask someone to assist you or hire a wedding planner maybe. You are the Bride here, not the florist, not the organizer nor the caterer. You better prepare yourself and keep your stress away before you start walking down the isle. Make your self fresh and great looking in front of your groom. Take note that after your wedding, you have reception and honeymoon to take care too.
Actually, there are ready-prepared venues there that offer great wedding packages for a couple like those Weddings Vancouver WA has. Wedding packages may include everything that a typical wedding needs like Limousine, decorated sanctuary, wedding ceremonies, music, and even the license Minister to held the wedding. Simply great and stress-free wedding right?

Looking for some cool snacks this summer? Then you should try one of these great and yummy appetizers!

Tacos. Absolutely irresistable.

Creamy Bread. Scrumptious!

Pasta. Timeless!

Kutsinta. Filipino delicacy.
Pizza Pandesal and Fries!

Thidwick, a moose who lives in a herd "about sixty or more" , accepts a bug living on his antlers for free, who tells a spider of the free housing, and both accept a "Zinn-a-zu" bird. The herd rejects Thidwick after the Zinnazu bird's wife, a woodpecker, and four squirrels move in. After a bobcat and turtle settle, winter moves in, and although food is scarce, they refuse to let him travel to the other side of the lake. Thidwick realizes that he has lost his autonomy and that the collective in his antlers has forced him to support them. Pressure hits the poor moose after three mice, a fox, a bear, and 362 bees move in on his antlers, but trouble switches thoughts fast after seeing hunters who "must get his head for the Harvard Club wall". When Thidwick is trapped after an attempt to escape, he suddenly remembers that antler-shedding season has arrived. He bucks the antlers off, leaves the freeloaders at the mercy of the hunters and swims to the other side of the lake to rejoin his herd. His antlers, and the former squatters, are stuffed and mounted.

Cigarette Smoking is indeed dangerous to our Health whether you're the one who is consuming it or you are the one inhaling it as a secondhand Smoker. But how come there are rumors saying that Cigarette Smoking has plenty of health benefits too? They said that it can cure Asthma, lessen the risk of some skin cancer and the risk of breast cancer as well, they said that it can also improve your body's motor performance and all that stuffs that none of us could ever imagine. I really don't know the truth behind those benefits or if there's really scientific explanation behind them or they are just nothing but false beliefs but there is one thing that i can assure you of, no matter how many benefits that this cigarette smoking can bring, it doubles the amount of harmful effects that you can get by consuming cigarette abusively.
Smoking isn't that bad and in fact, it is a perfect stress reliever for most of us. I used to smoke once in awhile whenever i'm tense or nervous of something. It used to keep all my fears and nervousness away which is a good thing! Smoking isn't really bad as long as you know how to use them in a right manner. Learn how to control yourself and practice how to get rid of temptation. Yes! Cigarettes can be very tempting to us and sometimes you should keep your eyes away away from them. If you feel that you are getting so addicted to it, then do some action to make things right. I am not saying that you should quit smoking, at least look for something else to lessen your addiction. Actually, they said that once you quit smoking immediately, it brings harmful effects to your health too. I'm not sure but i believed that this is what exactly happened to my late grandpa. He used to be a big time smoker. Yup! I called it Big Time since he used to smoke Tobacco cigarettes than those commercially produced ones. My grandma told me that Tobacco was not that expensive during their time that's why my Lolo (grandpa in Tagalog) can buy as many packs as he want. But after joining a Christian club and after he became the leader of that ministry, lolo forced himself to quit smoking since a leader should always be a model for his member. That was a Christian group as well, so as a matter of giving respect to his member he stopped smoking. However, as years goes by, he was diagnosed to have a respiratory disease called Emphysema. I really don't know the details about it but my grandma also suspect that Lolo's immediate quitting is the reason behind that serious illness.
This made me realized that if you want to quit smoking then take it slowly and in a step by step process. Try to minimize your cigarette consumption every week or month until you completely take Cigarette smoking out of you. For others, this may sound hard and very difficult especially for those big time smokers like my dad and my lolo, but there's actually some great alternatives for it like the use of electronic cigarettes. Many people today are into Electronic cigarettes now! As what the term suggests, ecig is an electronic device that used to provide the same smoking pleasure that a real cigarette can give. Most of them are smokeless while others produced artificial smokes and vapor to provide the best smoking experience. They are free from harmful elements like Nicotine and other cancer causing ingredients that can be found in the real ones. This is absolutely the best way to get rid of your cigarette smoking addiction. Well, it will really not stop you from smoking, but at least you can say now that you are smoking cigarette in a healthy manner, right?

McElligot's Pool

McElligot's Pool is a 1947 children's book by Dr. Seuss.It is a tale of a boy named Marco who is ridiculed for fishing in a small, polluted pool. In typical Seussian fashion, when confronted with the limitations of his situation, the young boy imagines ways in which he could catch any number of any kind of fish in the small pool.

The simple story features many Seussian themes, including the imaginative boy and his fantastic fancied fish. However, it is far more repetitive than his later works. The illustrations are shaded colored pencil rather than the later pen and ink which defined his style. Marco's mind goes from the logical to the ridiculous and Dr. Seuss provides fanciful images of fish as a child would imagine them by their name alone.

McElligot's Pool (It's Possible) is one of the many songs in the musical production Seussical. It is sung by JoJo.

McElligot's Pool won the 1950 Young Reader's Choice Award.

I'm in a Country mood again. So here's Don McLean with his very own rendition of American Pie. I really love this song and never get tired of listening to eat over and over again. The song is soothing enough to listen with. It's not too loud nor too soft. A nice way to energize your day! Happy MM everyone!

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Option Trading?

I was watching a news program early this morning when they started to talk about this what so-called "option trading". I am not a business expert and I do not have any idea about running a business or even doing some investments to earn more money so i have to admit that i simply can't relate with that topic. I was like totally blanked after hearing some jargon from them. They even mentioned something about "Put" and "Call" options which made me really confused. But since i am waiting for the next program, i have no choice but to watch the news until it ends.
To be honest, i never pay attention to this kind of news but for some weird reasons, even though i find it hard to understand, i tried my best to listen in every words they say. I'm so curious about it and i am trying to figure out what's this "option strategy" all about.
I thought there's no way for me to understand such complicated thing when someone from that show made it easy for me. He explained how this option trading works and he even compared it to the process of getting home insurance. Buying an option is like buying a home insurance too where in a buyer will get certain rights. Same thing goes with the option trader that buys right to a particular stock.
The option trader can buy either "put options" or "call options". This is where the Option strategy comes in. These strategies will guide you whether you need to buy a put option or a call option.
Whew! It may sounds complicated to some of you and it really needs a lot of hard work and patient to understand such matter. But it was fun to explore new things right?

Horton Hatches the Egg

Horton Hatches the Egg is a children's book by Dr. Seuss, first published in 1940. The character Horton appeared again in Horton Hears a Who!, also published in 1954. These two books later provided the thrust of the plot in 2003 for the Broadway musical Seussical. The book concerns an elephant named Horton, who is convinced by an irresponsible bird named Mayzie to sit on her egg while she takes a short "break", which proves to last for months. Naturally, the absurd sight of an elephant sitting atop a tree makes quite a scene. Horton is laughed at by his jungle friends, exposed to the elements, captured by hunters, forced to endure a terrible sea voyage, and finally placed in a traveling circus. However, he refuses to leave the nest through all of these, because he promised Mayzie he would look after the egg ("I meant what I said and I said what I meant, And an elephant's faithful, one hundred per cent!") Mayzie returns to the circus once the egg is due to hatch, and demands its return without offering any reward for Horton. However, when the egg hatches, the creature that emerges is a cross between Horton and Mayzie (an "elephant-bird"), and Horton and the baby are returned happily to the jungle, rewarding Horton for his persistence.

I am a Realistic Romantic. No i am not a romantic guy and actually when it comes to love, i really suck! I believed that Love will come once and you have to grab that opportunity as much as you can. I am realistic too. I would rather be married in a simple church which is much cheaper than those expensive and luxurious dream wedding because i will rather buy a house for my family than using it on a one time event only. Hehe how about you? Are you Realistic or Romantic? Me? I'm both!

You Are A Realistic Romantic

It's easy for you to get swept away by romance...

But you've done a pretty good job keeping perspective.

You're still taken in by love poems and sunsets

You just don't fall for every dreamy pick up line!

Are You Romantic or Realistic?


My Grandpa's Parrots

These photos were taken a year ago when we visited our grandpa in the province in Pangasinan. He is truly a pet lover and he own these three lovely parrots above. He even have a snake pet which is kinda creepy haha. Well most of his pets are birds and these three is probably his most favorite since he treated these parrots extra special.
I stayed there for a month last year and i really learned a lot from him. He even thought me how to care a parrot. Well, it is not really that hard and they are not really demanding compare to other pets. Every morning, i clean their cage and change the paper at the bottom of the cage which if full of poof and dirt daily.
I also provide them water and foods almost everyday. It was fun and i don't mind doing it over and over again. He was actually giving one of his birds to me but i am afraid to take them in the city and i'm afraid that i cannot take care of them the way he does for his pets.
I've seen many times on tv showing different clinics for pets. Birds, just like any other pets like dogs and cats should be cared by the pet owner properly not just by supplying them foods and water daily but also by bringing them in a vet in a regular basis.
Vet Tacoma in Washington is well known for providing high quality veterinary care for your pets. They got all what you need for your pets including the state of the art equipment, facilities and training for your beloved pets. I wish i could find one here in my area too. Anyway, if you are interested, you can visit their official webpage at and see what else the site has to offer for you.
Happy blogging.

The Seven Lady Godivas

The Seven Lady Godivas: The True Facts Concerning History's Barest Family is a picture book of the tale of Lady Godiva, written and illustrated by Dr. Seuss. One of Seuss's few books written for adults, its original 1939 publication by Random House was a failure and was eventually remaindered. However, it later gained popularity as Seuss himself grew in fame, and was republished in 1987. The book recounts in prose the tale of not one, but seven Godiva sisters, none of whom ever wear clothing. The explanation for their nakedness, even when walking in snow, is that "they were simply themselves and chose not to disguise it." The story opens with the sisters' father, Lord Godiva, deciding to leave for the Battle of Hastings on horseback. This upsets the sisters, as horses are wild and untamed animals. Sure enough, before Lord Godiva even manages to leave the castle walls, he is flung from his horse and killed. As a tribute to their father's fate, the Godiva sisters agree to never marry—despite the fact that each is courting one of seven brothers named Peeping—until they can warn their countrymen of the dangers of horses. The book then follows the sisters as they set out on individual quests for "horse truths", which turn out to be well-known sayings involving horses.

Gosh! I can't believed that my former high school classmates are planning to make a Non-government Organization. I think they are taking this charitable organization plan so seriously and they are now inviting us to become a member. How can refuse? I love helping other people and this organization is more than just fun, we will all be doing it for cause to help those who is in need. I'm sure we will be doing a lot of feeding programs and more. However, to make all these things possible, we have to encourage more members to help us. We also need to gather funds from our fellow classmates. We need an office and we have to buy a lot of office supplies and equipments to make our organization run effectively.
Good thing a friend of ours is willing to share a space for our future office so we only have to take care of the office equipments though this may sounds that we need bigger funds to afford them. A friend of mine told me that it is possible for us to rent the equipment instead of buying them. I think this is the best option that we can have right now. And besides, we do not know how long are we going to have that motivation to run such organization so it is better to lease the office equipments than buying a brand new one.
If you are interested about that Equipment Leasing, you can visit and see how this equipment leasing works.

The King's Stilts

The King's Stilts is a children's book by Dr. Seuss, published in 1939 by Random House. Unlike many of Dr. Seuss's books, it is narrated in prose rather than verse.The King's Stilts tells the story of King Bertram of Binn, who dedicates himself to safeguarding his kingdom, which lives in a precarious existence. It is surrounded by water, which is held back from flooding the land by a ring of dike trees, which are in turn subject to attack from flocks of nizzards. To protect the kingdom, a legion of Patrol Cats is organized to keep the nizzards at bay, and King Bertram sees to their care personally.When not attending to his royal duties, the King enjoys himself with a rigorous cavorting on his personal red stilts, which distresses his minister Lord Droon. When Droon manipulates the King's page boy Eric to steal and hide the stilts, the King grows more depressed and begins to neglect his duties. This leads to the Patrol Cats becoming less vigilant, and soon the nizzards make headway in eating away the dike trees. Seeing the results of his actions, Eric resolves to return the stilts to the King, and succeeds in doing so despite the efforts of Lord Droon to stop him. King Bertram then summons the courage to mobilize the Patrol Cats to fight off the nizzards and save the kingdom. Lord Droon is imprisoned (and forced to eat nizzard every day) while Eric is rewarded with his own pair of red stilts, joining the King on his outings.

Shocking Bills

Aaaaaaaah! The Bills just came in today and they are terrifyingly shocking!!! Well i got two bills today. The first one is the monthly bill for my Internet Service Provider. It's not really shocking as my Electric Bill since my ISP bills were fixed in a certain given amount of P999 every month. My Electric bill is the jaw-dropping one! I don't know what exactly happened and why we end up with such a high bill like this. Errr! We are not consuming that much so how come our bill went high!

(my monthly bills)
Here I will show you my Electric bill last month (March 2011). It's P1257 which is not too bad for our average daily consumption. We are not using Aircon and we do not watch TV that much since we're all busy at work. Well, unless my siblings are the one behind the high Electric bill this month. They are the one left at home every time i go to work. Hmmmm soething suspicous about this. I better ask them later after taking their breakfast so that i can clear this thing up once and for all.

See how much is the difference between the current bill and the previous one. It went up 1000 peso higher. So irritating!
I better pay this bill as early as possible or else i will receive another Disconnection Notice just like what happened last January. This will ruin my budget for sure so i better get another Payday Advance to cover the rest of my expenses this month. I think i should apply to a lending company that offers No Faxing Payday Loans so that i can have the money in an instant. Any suggestions guys? And how's your bill this month? Do you have the same issue too?

I am a big fan of Diana Ross ever since i heard her "If We Hold On Together". Since then i started to become interested to almost all her songs including this one below. One makes me so attracted to a singer is not just their song nor the message that they try to deliver. It is also about how unique their voices are. Listening to a singer's very unique voice will keep you away from getting so bored. Diana Ross along with others like Alanis Morissette, Adele, Dolly Parton and Cyndi Lauper are few of my favorite female singers.
So here's my entry for this week. Diana Ross' Chain Reaction.

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It is very easy to start a business online. Just build your website, customize it to make it more appealing, and start showcasing your product or services. However, the really challenge in online marketing comes in when you are about to promote your site to the web market. Web market is wider than you could ever imagine. Do not expect that your item can be easily recognized in an instant knowing that there are so many competitors online. Making your product more visible is not just all about how unique your product is, it is also about how well strategy are in promoting them online.
Well, not all of us are techie and it will be very hard for us to promote our business online without any knowledge about online marketing. There are so many strategies developed today. They are in different form of advertising. This is actually where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. SEO plays a vital role in making a site more visible online but sad to say only few can perform SEO effectively unless you hired a third party company like Deluxe to handle everything smoothly for you. Deluxe can help you in so many ways. Aside from the Search marketing, they also have these ppc services that can really maximize your online presence.
If you are interested you can contact them at (800) 328- 0454 or visit their website by clicking the link above.

Photo Sharing : Woody

Today I will share some Pictures related to Wooden Furniture. As you know, we have wooden furniture. Here let me share you some photos

Wooden Ceiling Fan

My Lola's Rattan Rocking Chair

Wooden Dining Table and Chairs

Wooden Sofa

Wooden Hanging Cabinet

Stressing Renovation

Home Improvement is probably the most stressing task you could ever have in your house. Well, if you want to make your house more appealing, then you have no choice but to bear with all that stress and pressure. Besides, it is also for your own benefit right? You will feel so relieved after all those stressing renovation. This is exactly what we felt after a three months long renovation in our house.
That was a major renovation. We hired some workers, they changed the floor tiles, they construct new rooms and build our terrace. Here are some of the pictures taken last September.

They were constructing the new room here. This room is my new sister's room. I'll show you the results of these renovation later.
Here, they are installing Ceramic tiles. We are previously using Vinyl Tiles but because it fades quickly, we decided to install ceramic tiles instead. Actually my first choice is to replace it with Hardwood Floor since it matches our wooden furniture but my dad insisted to buy Ceramic since he like this Beige Color a lot. This is such a disappointment to me but i have no choice but to bear with it.

They are reconstructing the roof here. We changed the entire roof in preparation of the upcoming winter.

Here, they are constructing our Terrace. As you can see, they are elevating it up. when it's high tide, the water levels goes up and since we are residing near the sea, the water enters our front yard and ruins our landscape. This made us decide to elevate the floor outside.
Anyway, the renovation took 3 consecutive months which means we dealt with 3 months of irritation and stress haha. But we're happy about the outcome so all the sacrifices worth it.

The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins is a children's book, written by Dr. Seuss and published by Vanguard in 1938. Unlike the majority of Dr. Seuss's books, it is written in prose rather than rhyming and metered verse. Geisel, who collected hats, got the idea for the story on a commuter train from New York to New England while he was sitting behind a businessman wearing a hat. Set in feudal times, the story begins in the Kingdom of Didd, when King Derwin is riding through a street past Bartholomew Cubbins, a poor boy in the market. Bartholomew removes his hat, according to the laws, but another hat mysteriously appears; when he attempts to remove this one too, another one appears again, and this continues, even as he removes more and more hats, each growing in extravagance and beauty from the 451st hat onwards.Eventually, as Bartholomew is being threatened with death, the 500th hat, studded with massive gems and gilding, comes off and Bartholomew's head is bare again. Stunned by the beauty of the hat, King Derwin grants him reprieve and trades him 500 gold coins for the 500th hat.

The Pagemaster is one of my favorite movies. It is truly a classic one. "Whatever You Imagine" is the official theme song of this 1994 film starring Macaulay Culkin. The song is so relaxing and very inspiring indeed. Hope you like my song entry for this week.

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Pruning Trees

Trees are lovely and beautifies the surroundings. They also give shades and protect us from the heat of the sun, however, trees can be a major distraction in your landscape too. Trees with bulky roots will definitely ruin your entire garden. Same thing goes with huge and bulky tree branches. These tree branches may extend up to your root or even up to those cable wires which will give nothing but hazards and danger. This is the reason why trees should be pruned once in awhile to avoid any worst case scenario. And besides it is not just you who will benefit from it, pruning is also healthy for your trees. Yup! Pruning promotes plant health. Removing dead and dry branches can be a big help for your trees too especially if the branches are injured by disease or severe infestation of insects.

It will improve the appearance of your trees too which is very important if you are trying to maintain a nice garden landscape. However, pruning is not done by simply cutting down those branches. There is actually a right process for it. Improper pruning of trees will just ruin everything so it is better to let this job done by the experts like those in Landscape Vancouver Wa company. Pruning trees is one of the services being offered by their company. They are well trained for this and they sure have the right materials for this procedure.

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