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My dad bought me a new car last month. He gave it to me as his birthday gift and I’m very happy about it. I remember how excited I am at that time. It’s been a month now and I never encounter any problems with my car so far. Most of my friends are telling me to upgrade my car and make it more appealing. They told me that cars are like houses because you have to clean and decorate them to make it more attractive.
It may not be the latest model for a car but I know I could do something about it. Most car owners are decorating the outer part of their cars by applying colorful paints onto it that will surely catch everyone’s attention. Nowadays, car owners are decorating the inner part of their car not with paint but with the use of high tech gadgets like Car Dvd Players. Nothing can be more exciting in putting audio or music in your car and what’s more if you can watch videos too? Your friends will surely be more entertained if you place additional Car Speakers for streaming music.
You can also add some GPS Devices which are very essential for car navigation
I know my dad will be surprised if he will see my car on its new look. I will also encourage him to do the same thing with his own car. I will tell him to place Audio and Video in his car. I guess I will encourage some of my friends too. Decorating your car is very easy and besides, there are online shops where you can purchase cool gadgets for your car. How about you? How do you manage your cars? How do you decorate them to make it more appealing? Do you consider these gadgets as a great way to give your car a new look?


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