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LotRO (or more properly, The Lord of Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar) may not change the way MMORPG’s are played, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s a combination of the World of WarCraft’s Combat, Cities of Heroes deed system, Final Fantasy XI’s group manouvers, and a whole lot more! What sets Lord og the Rings Online apart from the pack is the music system. This allow your characters to play an instrument through the use of the keyboard’s numeric key pad like a piano. You can even make your own songs and jam with other players. On the minus side, character creation is a bit limited, and i wish it would have a PvP that did’nt limit you to just sending high-level monsters against players.

You can choose one from four available races in the game. This races includes:

Race of Man


Because humas get bonuses lie better melee damage an Morale regen during combat, its good to choose a class that plays to these strengths. While this race allows you to choose from any of the classes available, Humans can make Good Champions and Captains

Race of Elves


Though they have the lowest Morale among all the races, Elves can make good Hunters with ther hgh agility. Plus , a radical accomplishment somewhere down the leveling line increases Elves’ damage using bows.

Race of Dwarfs


Dwarfs are built for combat so choose a class like Guardian or Champion to take advantage of this. Avoid the Hunter class because you wuill be shooting a lot of arrows while putting up with decreased Agility. There are no female character available for Dwarfs.

Race of Hobbit


We’d say Frodo… but Frodo wasnt really a burglar. Hs uncle Blbo though is the aster burglar, which is an exellent class choice frp hobbits. With low Might but with high Vitality, though, practically any of the non -combat classes are Hobbit-worthy.

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  1. resume writing said...
    LotRO is wonderful! I gave it a try, but didn't continue to play after the trial period was over. Think, I'm going to return to it when the new add-on is released

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