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Blogging has always been my passion. No wonder why i end up handling 20 blogs. And out of these 20 blogs four of them have their own domain. In my three years of blogging, I learn a lot of wonderful things that is beyond my expectation. I started to blog from scratch until a lot of my friends thought me about techie stuffs including html editing, changing my layout, placing JavaScript widgets in my sidebar and even owning a domain and how to deal with a web hosting provider.
Choosing a Webhosting provider is quite risky especially if you do not have any idea on the website that you are dealing with. Just like what my friends told me, you better check some webhosting reviews online. It would be great if you found a Web Hosting Provider that offers cheap Web host and Domain while providing tons of great features and bonuses.
Actually, I am now thinking of buying a brand new domain. I just checked yesterday fro a domain provider site if my desired domain is still available and I am lucky enough to found out that it is still available. I’ve been hearing about this windows web hosting lately, so I think I should give it a try and check what else this site has to offer and how much I can benefit from it.
I used to check some online webhosting review sites and visit some forum as well before dealing and purchasing anything. You can also check to see what web hosting provider will suits your budget and needs. Happy blogging everyone.


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