Fantastic 4 Review


Almost all of the scene in the movie are in the game, from our heroes getting their powers in outer spce to confronting the tunnel-dwelling Mole Man and their arch-nemesis, Doctor Doom.The Film’s actors even have digital counterparts in the game, and they’re wonderful to watch in the cut scenes between missions. The in-game action though, is’nt as amazing, and the repeated use of the team’s powers in beating up hundreds of bad guys can get boring pretty fast.

It more fun to play Fantastic 4 with a friend since the game supports cooperative play, but if you prefer going solo, you can switch control of team members while the rest fight along side you as backup, controlled by the computer. While there are some mini puzzles and quite a number of power upgrades to look forward to, the game’s focus on non-stop, repetitive action can easily wear you out.

The Film sound track is used in the game and all the actors do the character voices. Most of the cut scenes sound good, but in the actual game, hearing our heroes repeating the same lines over and over is more irritating than enduring.

The game takes over six hours to finish and you can unlock a whole bunch of goodies like movie trailers, actor interviews, comic book covers, concept art and more. The Arena Fight mode also lets you test your skills against computer or fellow players.

While Fantastic 4 is okay for a quick game with a friend, it probably won’t keep you interested long enough to finish the game. While it’s cool to play as the “Thing” not being able to bash down walls or throw trucks around can be very frustrating- and not able to fly more than a high foot as the “Human Torch” is just as bad.


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