My Dream Vehicle

Last month, my auntie and I went to a car exhibit. The exhibit showcased different expensive and vintage cars. We really had so much fun and we grabbed the opportunity to take some photos.

(my auntie and the expensive limousine being showcased at the exhibit)

(vintage car from the exhibit)
I think almost all of us are wishing to own a car, right? Well, aside from helping us in saving money from any transportation expenses, car is also a great investment.
The most exciting part of owning a car is when you try to personalize it. I have a cousin who is fond of buying car accessories and design his own car. He has some cool gadgets inside and upgraded most of its parts.
It may sound weird but my first dream vehicle is a truck. I just love to imagine driving big wheeler vehicles. Trucks are mainly used for business purposes and that is what makes me really eager to have one. We have a small catering business and I realized that it is so perfect to have a truck to make it easy for us to transport all our catering equipments in no time. And I guess, we can save a huge amount of money because we do not have to rent a car every time we have service.
Besides, trucks and cars are almost the same. There are truck accessories available in the market. You can also customize your truck to make it more appealing to everyone. There are some sites that showcase truck accessories and one of them is the, a perfect place to find all types of car and truck accessories. From dash kits, grilles, wheels, lights, liners, mats and more! Name it! got them all for you.

Look at this Hummer 2003 and see how well it improves after placing those cool and easy-to-install chrome trim accessories which are purchasable at You can visit their site and see what more the site has to offer for you and for your car!


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