Time really run out so fast...2009 is coming and it also means that we only have 1 more year left before Election. And obviously, all politicians are making their own ways to gain the voters attention and it is quite annoying for me.

Well i know that you noticed all those streamers and posters scattered all over where their (politicians) pictures are posted and saying some greetings like "merry Christmas and Happy New year". Well that could be an old strategy for all Politicians who are planning to run on the said 2010 election. Although is it so annoying to see a large volumes of Streamers and posters stating one theme , to greet "merry christmas"....and it is so alerting as well that they're putting up their budget on this streamers instead of spending it to a much meaningful way like giving gifts to needy for them to feel the spirit of the said holiday?

One more thing that annoys me...Have you watched TV already? well you mght noticed as well that a lot of politicians are endorsing a certain products like detergents or health supplements...huh? are they serious about the product they're endorsing or its just their way to gain more popularity for the upcoming election.

well its okay for me that a politician is trying to make a trademark so as for them to be noticable for this coming 2010 Election.But i hope that everything that comes out on their mouth are just the truth and they should mean it by heart and not just for the ske of gaining Popularity.

and for this case i have to say that its a THumbs Down

Marky Cielo at 20

marky cielo 1 Pictures, Images and Photos

For my second post for my Pinoy alphabet version 3.0
would be Marky Cielo

According to a statement from the TV network, Cielo, 20, was found dead on December 7, 2008 by his mother. The night before, he was last seen playing an online video game up until ten o'clock in the evening in an internet cafe although some reports have stated that it was in Quezon City. When he arrived home, he had a discussion with his mother about a terrible decision he made which ended in her telling him to be responsible. According to the report, his mom went to his room in their house in Antipolo at around six o'clock in the morning to wake him up for a charity event. When he did not respond, she immediately rushed him to the nearby Antipolo Doctor’s Hospital where the actor was declared dead on arrival about four hours after he arrived. An initial report states that he died in his sleep. At present, the cause of Cielo’s death remains unknown as his family waits for his medical records to be released. Speculation about the true nature of his death spread immediately after he died, with some trying to discern the mysterious events surrounding it,acute pancreatitis. His wake was held in his home for three days then his remains were brought to the Episcopal Cathedral of the Ressurrection in Baguio, where it stayed for a day. His remains is to be laid to rest on December 15, in Bauko, Mountain Province, where he would be buried in his family's backyard according to traditional Igorot custom. His death is a big disappointment to his family since his father has stated that he was supposed to return to school the following year. In an interview with his mother the day after his death, she said that she is happy that he was an inspiration to his fans although she is also disappointed since it appeared to her that her son had problems and was unable to discuss them to her

Philippine young celebrities who had unexpected deaths, after Julie Vega (aged 16, who died in 1985 due to He is one of four recent cardiac arrest secondary to bronchopneumonia, and the youngest active celebrity to die), Rico Yan (aged 27, who died in 2002 due to pancreatitis), and Miko Sotto (aged 21, who died in 2003 after accidentally falling off from the ninth floor of his condominium residence).

and since it is a bad news for us
i must say that it is a thumbs down


We followed his steps towards where he was now. Please pray for his Peacefulness

Manny Pacquiao's Victory

Have you noticed my banner?

Yeah! Pinoy alphabet is now on its Version three...So whats the difference?

"Pinoy Alphabet"(first version)- Focus for all the filipino achievements like world's renown inventions and famous Filipino all over the world.

"Pinoy Alphabet:RELOAD(second version)-gives way to all Headlines that Philippines had that left mark on the History not just in the Philippines but Internationally as well.

"Pinoy Alphabet:VERSION 3.0"-will give much focus to all the current issue that we had.Every Issue (no matter if its a political-related, celebrities, or events) will be mark down if its either THUMBS UP OR A THUMBS DOWN or BOTH

Thumbs UP! if its a good news and a positive issue.


Thumbs DOWN! if its a negative, non-sense, amd bad news.

I will be having Poll Survey as well, to let you guys to rate a certain issue if its either a thumbs up or down for you

Lets start with my first item to mark with

"Manny Pacquiao"

Manny Pacquiao Pictures, Images and Photos
Last December 6(actual date) at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. . The Non-title fight was held between Manny "pacman" Pacquiao and Oscar De la Hoya.

The Fight seems to be predictious, seeing that Pacquiao sending off all great punches over De La Hoya all through out the fight. It was pretty obvious that Pacquiao will won over De la Hoya.Oscar might be Heavy than Pacman but he will never won over Pacquiao agility(which is Pacman's Specialty)

So the Fight begun and ends up until Round 8.De la Hoya threw in the towel before the start of the 9th round. It was officially a technical knockout.

and again Manny brought another Victory for us!

Are you wondering how much Manny received from this fight?Pacquiao received $15 to 30 million plus a guaranteed amount.

whoah! Manny will you please adopt me I want to be your son now haha. Speaking of son,Jinky(manny's wife) was also in that location but she choses not to be there to watch manny cause it might affect her pregnancy especially now that she's 8 month pregnant.

For that i want to give a thumbs up for that Victory!

Congratulations Manny we're all proud of you!!

especially all the politicians that you have mentioned in your speech.Oooops!!!

sorry guys but i might say that i can be a mark down for Manny.Actually i was so excited to hear the speech of Manny after his Victory. But I'm quite disappointed not because of so many "uhms" and "uh" on his speech but when he mentioned all the politicians(even the interviewer noticed that and ask Manny about that)....I don't know why, but i felt that Politicians uses Manny's popularity for them to raise their name(i hope i got it wrong) well we cant blame them 2010 election is about to start so every body has its own ways how to build popularity and make themselves recognizable for the upcoming election.

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