Game Review # 4

Spider Man 2 ~ PLAY STATION 2

The PS2 and the XboxVersion of Spiderman 2 was a blast. It finally gave tired superhero games a fresh shotin the arm with its free roaming gameplay. Unfortunately the PSP version of Spiderman 2 doesnt let you to explore Manhattan as freely. Instead, the game is more likely the first Spiderman game on the PS2 where you are given specific missons that you have to complete. Going anywhere elese means an instant failure.
Most of the enemies are set indoors with the focus on fighting several enemies at once. Controlling Spidey feels a bit iffy since you use d-pad to move and adjust the camera at the same time. Spidey still has his arsenal moves like web swinging, charged jumps, dives and web zips, and you can earn points to upgrade some of your moves.
For his part, Spiderman moves as well as his console counterpar. Its just weird as he moves accross buildings, his webbing seems to cling on to thin air. My main complaint thought, is how easy and short everything is. It will take you less than three hours to finish the entire game.


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