Finally, "ber" months just got started which means Christmas is getting nearer. I still have three months left to prepare myself for the upcoming Christmas Holiday. The preparation includes buying special gifts for my relatives and for people who become so much special for me. Traditionally every September, i'm starting making my own list of item to be given away. I prefer to buy gifts early this September so i will not worry that much. I want to buy them something special and something useful and i guess buying Towel Wrap is pretty much ideal.
My adult friends will surely love if i will give them a 100% terry towel wrap. My Auntie will love this Mint personalized duffle bags which will be useful for her travels.
These Towel wraps are very ideal and perfect gift for this upcoming holiday. I am happy that I have nothing to worry and I will not panic in buying and what gift will suit for them.

Book Review # 17

Here's another interesting book from no other than Lemony Snicket.

Even if you are not a big fan of or familiar with the best selling series by Lemony Snicket, A Series of Unfortunate Events, there's enough wit and laughter packed with this companion autobiography to keep you guffawing page after page, photo after photo. You may not find out exactly who Lemony Snicket is, but you wiull find many more reasons to love this strange and skillful author!

Online Blog Review # 1


Starting today, i will be having a series of blog reviews as a part of my online journey. Now as i was searching over the Internet i found a blog that really took out my interest.
My first blog review would be "Magic Mercury"
The blog title is very unique and im very curious where he got this name but for sure, there is a reason behind it's creation and that is what i am looking forward to know and to discover.
The author of the blog is Magic Mercury and according to him he is a witty guy with a splashing character. Well that is very interesting and i see that his personality reflects in all of his posts and articles written in his blog.
What it is all about:
I think his blog is made to share his interest to his fellow readers. Contents are very readable and appealing. Posts are very enjoyable and carry out his splashing character. Generally, It is a personal blog and do not stick into one theme. His blog is a mixture of personal anecdotes, his adventures while traveling and his interactions with friends and relatives. He dishes out her personal thoughts and longings about life. His blog cover out topics about Life, Life style, Men, Women, technology, Education, Health
Technical Features:
The template of his blog is pretty much simple and neat knowing that he is using a provided template of his webhost provider. The blog is intended to inform and to entertain and participating in some commercial and blog advertisements.

Book Review # 16

Its time for another book review. Have you read Stargirl, a short story writen by Jerry Spinelli? Stargirl seemed to have fallen from the sky. There's no body like her. She serenades kids on her ukelele, carries her pet rat Cinnamon everywhere and seems not care a fig about what anyone thinks. All of Mica High seems to be entranced by her. Leo Borlock is not just hooked but his definetly in loved. But when the school decides shes a little bit too different, will Leo still love her as Stargirl or only as the normal girl everyone wanted her to be?
Jerry Spineli fascinating and fresh storytelling combined with tough but true-to-life choices that make you think this book just special as the girl it is about.

A Deligthful treats

Dining in at Country Style Cafe at SM City Bacoor after we've done watching G.I.JOE
Yummy. It is perfect to match up with Hazel nut-flavored brewed Coffee. They have sandwiches and pasta dishes too.

Collecting Manga

Its been years since i started collecting Manga. "Manga is a japanese term for Comics"
Its been an achievement for me every time i finished reading each manga.
My favorite comic series would be Naruto which is all about the adventure of a young Ninja named Naruto and his journey and his will to bring back Sazuke from the hands of Orochimaru. I love Bleach too and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.
Currently, i am collecting series of One Piece, A pirate adventures of Monky D. luffy and his gang.

Time really run out so fast and the month of August is about to end which only means that Christmas is almost near. Speaking of Christmas, my board mates and I had a small talk yesterday and they mentioned some of their plans for this upcoming holiday. We are very excited and we’re looking forward to a much better celebration compare to what we had last Christmas year. Of course, we are expecting to have great parties and events. As a part of the celebration, we always exchange gifts to each other. This “exchanging of gifts” has been a tradition to us.
This year, I am thinking of giving them a gift which is something unusual and something unique. My fellow board mates will surely love a new this laundry bag as a replacement to his old one.
Meanwhile, my little sister will be very happy if I will buy her a floral designed stephen joseph quilted backpack or I guess she will be more interested to a simple but elegant personalized kids backpacks.
I am definitely sure that we will have a very Interesting Christmas this year!

Gadget Review # 5

I was a bit shocked when i have read this news in a magazine stating that PSP is used as a school tool. It was said that student in Great Britain may soon find themselves going to chool with nothing but a Sony PSP in their pockets? Oh my how i wish that im residing in great Britain too.


Here’s the story behind this, thirty students and a set of PSPs are part of a pilot test that aims to uncover if the hanheld marvel has any educcational benifits to offer. The student were provided soft copies of their textbooks neatly stored away in the units’ memeory sticks. If the test proves successful, the testting maybe expanded nationwide. The students, however are prohibited to use PSPs for gaming purposes. Bummer!

This yummy and very nutritious recipe is from my mom. She serve this to us last Sunday. Ampalaya or bitter gourd is very much advisable to diabetic people. Ampalaya or Bitter melon is a tropical and subtropical vine of the family Cucurbitaceae, widely grown for edible fruit, which is among the most bitter of all vegetables.
Bitter melons are seldom mixed with other vegetables due to the strong bitter taste, although this can be moderated to some extent by salting and then washing the cut melon before use.
A traditional way to cook bitter melon curry is to peel off the skin and cut into thin slices. It is salted and exposed to direct sunlight for few hours to reduce its bitterness. After a few hours, its salty, bitter water is reduced by squeezing out the excess by hand. Then it's rinsed with water a few times. Then fried in cooking oil, with onions also fried in another pan.

The Best of Satellite TV

I am happy to be one of the million subscribers of DIRECT TV. I am very well satisfied with their services especially their customer support. I’m enjoying my time watching my favorite cable and TV channels with my family and friends. Now, it seems that everybody is talking about the newest cable system which is what they called “Satellite TV System”. This kind of Satalite television seems to be very interesting as it eliminates the use of cable cord and make use of satellite disk instead. As of today, many Satellite TV Providers like Directv and Dish Network were offering this kind of services.
Now, if you want to know more about the best deals on Satellite Television and other related services from either Directv or Dish Network, then you may want to step over at Kaptain Satellite. It would be a perfect place to find who the best Satellite TV provider is. They will give you the much comprehensive and detailed information which can serve as your guide before purchasing any services.

Book Review # 15


Here's another great story to keep you up at night, The story revolves around the twin Eric and Clive. Eric and his twin brother Clive are sick of being sent off to live with Gran while their dad works on a luxury cruise liner, so this time they got a plan. All they have to do is sneak on board. Their Dad's ship, The Mona Lisa, and a mysterious thing, Its a summer full of adventure on the high seas! Tag along as the first mate on this fun ocean voyage to Egypt, filled with sun, sand and maybe even a pirate or two.

Book Review # 14

Are you a big fan of R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps? Let me share you one of my favorites Goosebumps stories,



Do you hate monsters? Do you you stay up in bed at night, clutching a flashlight and listening for weird noises coming from your closet, or worse, from under your bed? If you do, than you would not like Lucy Dark! Lucy has an ability to see monsters everywhere (Or at least she says she does). She sees them crawling over their neighbors’ backsyard and some monsters hiding among the branches in trees, and there’s nothing she loves more telling her six year old brother, Randy, all about those scary stuffs. She finds it pretty funny everytime his little brother gets scared. But now she’s seeing a real monster and no one try to believes her~ will he find out that Lucy knows her secret?

Book Review # 13


Have you read the book “The Secret order of the Gumm Street Girls”? It was written by Elise Primavera. The story starts from 3 young girls Franny, Pru and Cat.

Franny, Pru and Cat have lived in the same place all their lives: Gumm Street in the picture perfect town of Sherbet, where it rains for 45 minutes every summer day at 4pm, followed by perfect rainbow. Sherbet also has a candy store called Colossal candy Bar and an ice cream parlor that is a five stories high. Everything is perfect except for the girls relationship to each other. Franny, Pru anf Cat made a habit of avoiding one another as much as possible. Until a girl named Ivy moves in, and suddenly there’s a big storm(and lots of trouble) looming on the horizon. In the end, the girls pull themselves together to save their town

Darna Animated


hey guys look at this Animated Darna, im just wondering how if Marvel Comics adopt our Philippine Super hero like Darna, that would be a big greak to our comic artist knowing that Filipinos are very artistic and creative

Music to Share

Music to share
this is one of my favorite song and one of the best Music video i ever watch so far from Taylor Swift

Lyrics | Taylor Swift lyrics - You Belong With Me lyrics

It seems that i was addicted in watching movies lately, and iam looking forward for some great movies to come this month of August
Ofcourse im done with Harry Potter which is still showing in most cinemas. Im done with the Ice Age: the dawn of dinosaurs too in which i found it a little bit boring compare to the previous Ice Age film series but there were some scenes that will really make you laugh out loud.
Moving forward to local films, I just watched Villa Estrella last Sunday and know im looking forward to Ogie Alacasid and Judy Ann Santos movie entitle " Oh My Girl". OMG looks so familiar to me, hopefully they will make an original filipino concept for this comedy film and not basing it to Robin William's Mrs Doubtfire
Another Ogie Film to look forward is the Yaya and Angelina: The Movie. It seems that it will be more fun and enjoying knowing that Michael V is the one who protray the role of Yaya.
Another Comedy (i guess) is the Wapakman, i wonder how Manny Pacquiao will look like if he's wearing a superhero suit.
Another film to look forward to is the upcoming Erap-AiAi movie which is also a film debut for Aling Dionisia who will portray a mother role in the said film(no confirmed title yet)
Well going back to foreign films, im so excited to see the newest movie of Sandra Bullock entitled "The Proposal"
And i dont want to miss out "The Orphan" and im curious with the film "ALIVE"

For sure, my lil bro will love to watch "ASTRO BOY" knowing that it was recreated with higher and more enhance graphic than ever. Oh i should recommend you to watch "The Princess and the Frog" as Disney brought back one of their classic cartoon film. Amazing. Speaking of the COme back, here's Buzz light year and his cowboy partner in the upcoming "TOY STORY 3"
oh my there were so many films to watch i better buy Cinema tickets in advance.

Value of a Car

My friend and I were arguing about how much effort we have to exert to prove that we really value our own car. He loves to add more colors and design to his car to make it more unique and he add some high-tech gadgets inside like portable DVD and other cool stuffs to make it more appealing. It seems that we are garnishing our favorite dish. But of course, the most important factor to consider first is to ensure that your car is into a good condition. It should not be just good outside but also with the inner parts of it too. Replacing your auto parts is very advisable but make sure that you will replace them with a high quality parts. You may go and start upgrading your car battery, the exhaust system, and even the air compressor for your internal engine or commonly known as Super Charger. Upgrading these parts no matter if it’s a buick supercharger, pontiac supercharger or a mercedes supercharger, what important is you replace them into a good and high quality products! A Value of a car cannot be measure by how elegant and how colorful it was outside but how good and well-conditioned the inner parts are.

Lady Gaga deserves to be considered as the year's biggest pop sensation. With her fantastic vocal quality and style, boundless energy and faboulous avant garde costumes, she undoubtedly created an innovative and enticing act that broke new grounds in pop music and culture.
This new, trend-setting standard captivated millions around the world , spawning a frenzy of excitement and ecstasy that reached fever pitch with huge success with her mega hits "poker face" and Just Dance"
With her overnight success, Lady gaga has evolved into true embodiment of today's pop icon who helped define pop culture with their authentic and distinct sound and style that reflects the spirit, mood and attitude of the times.
It will be the turn of the thousands of local fans to blown over the Lady gaga phenomenon when sensational pop singer and artist invades Manila this coming August 11 at the Araneta Colosseum in Cubao, Quezon City
Im so excited and looking forward to it as everybody are going crazy over Lady Gaga

America is currently experiencing a global financial crisis and it really sounds very alerting knowing that this may affect the entire global community including those countries that belongs to a third world society. That is the reason why most American gave their whole support and trust with President Obama last Election, hoping that he could do something to remedy the situation.
If you watch News on TV or read newspaper regularly, well for sure, you knew some of Jargons and other terminologies that are used to express the Economic status, growth and development of a certain country. We as a citizen must be aware and must be informed of the current status of our economy.
Many Businesses went down because of the global financial crisis and this makes me realize that every individual should have at least a brief knowledge about basic Economics as much as possible so that they will have the ability to know what’s really going on with the economy. When I was in fourth year High school, we tackled a lot about basic economics in which our mentors taught us about the effect in product’s prices base on the Market’s demand and supply. They also teach us how to understand such thing as “stock market”. I really learned a lot from them but I guess my knowledge wasn’t that enough to understand every details about Global financial crisis that is why I try to search over the internet until I step over at Dr. marc faber’s site where in he discusses everything about business and economy and how you can survive from the financial crisis. Through this extensive, comprehensive and very much detailed information and opinion from Dr Marc Faber, I can say that I am well prepared and ready to face the crisis with full of courage and determination and a strong belief that there’s always a key and a way to remedy this global financial crisis.

Cory Aquino Day!

Senator Mar Roxas filed a resolution declaring January 25 , the date of birth of former President Corazon Aquino, as " Cory Aquino Day"
President Cory who passed away on August 1, deserves to be honored yearly for her crucial role in the revival of democracy in our country. According to the senator, everyone should look up to Cory as a symbol of he fight against corruption.
Former President has demonstrated in the clearest terms that steep moral values and strength character are what our nation need in times of unabated corruption and political and social decay.
During her Administration, Corazon Aquino , endearingly called as "tita Cory" by the people, took on the mission to run after the riches stolen from the nation during Martial Law years!
The House of Representative were also expected to pass a similar resolution!
Well, i think President Cory deserves it!
















Be like Cory

I just watched the news today, and everyone is talking about the former President.
Who's CorY to us? Why do we felt extreme sadness as she passed away?
Why are we so affected?
Im not yet born at the time of Corazon Aquino's administration, but we tackled about her a lot when i was in school.
We are very proud that we are under Democratic Country because we have our voice to fight over what we consider anomalies. Knowing that Cory is one of the main tool why we have now what we called Democracy, i think i is the main reason why we are so affected by her Death.
As i watch the President's Convoy, i felt so sad and it seems that i, somehow, connected to her.
President Cory may not be here Physically, but her heart for our country remains and will try to reminds us that there's been an EDSA revolution or People Power that opened our heart to fight for what we know is right.
Farewell Cory, may we be like you and may you be with us for every fight that we are about to enter for our Country ,Peace , Unity.


Book Review # 12


Ever since i was a kid, my mom keeps on telling me some short stories before going to bed. I think that’s one of the reason why i am pretty much addicted in reading some short story books. Just like “THE WORST WITCH” authored by Jill Murphy.

The story revolves around a girl named Mildred Hubble. Mildred Hubble has never had an easy time fitting in. Her spells usually turn out completely wrong (Just imagine how Ron Weasley of Harry Potter film cast his spells), her potions are always a disaster, and even her kitten cannot balance on her broomstick!

She’s only in her first year at Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches (Is there really such thing as “schools fro witches?”), and already she’s been to headmistress’ office more times than you can count. But it is not because she doesnt try. Infact, sometimes she tries so hard, things don’t quite go according to plan. Like time that she and her best friend Maud, had to make a laughing potion but ended up becoming invisible instead! And now her class is involved in the school’s big holloween celebration. Will she be able to join everyone that she won’t mess up, or are they going to call her the Worst Witch forever?

Sweet and Sour Tilapia!

My Mom's Specialty

I really dont know the exact ingredients here but im happy to share what my mom served last dinner.
It is a Sweet and Sour Tilapia garnished with celery
Lolz, im not so sure what Tilapia is in english
here have some!!

Im so excited for GMA's newest remake of Darna. Marian Rivera looks good and sexy wearing the Darna costumes. For sure many Tv critics will gonna compare Marian Rivera to Angel Locsin who played Darna before in GMA.
One thing that i am really amazed of about this new Darna series is that they bring back some of the original concept of Darna just like bringing out four of its classic villains like Babaeng Impakta (played by Nadine Samonte), Babaeng Tuod (by Francine Prieto) Babaeng Lawin (by Ehra Madrigal) and Babaeng Linta (played by Maggie Wilson)
Unlike to the previous Darna, Valentina is the childhood friend of Marian and it seems that it is pretty ovbious that Valentina (played by Iwa Moto) is hiding something behind her bandanna.
Darna will be starting this August and i just cant wait to watch its pilot episode!

By the way here the official Darna teaser


I guess I am a man who can’t live without a computer. I just can’t take a day without peeking out some of my online stuffs especially my blog. I spend, at least, two to three consecutive hours for updating my blogs and then after I go to bed, I make sure that I buzz out my friends in chatting. Chat is my only way to keep in touch with my grandparents who are residing in Oklahoma and of course virtual chat is also a great way to make new friends online! Besides, I have nothing to worry about signing in for an account because there were sites who offer free virtual chat for their users which also includes free video cam viewing! Just go and join free virtual chat rooms and start meeting new friends online!


Every other week, i try to download new song for my MP4
here's my new list of songs added in my Music player

  1. FROM A DISTANCE ~ by Bette Midler
  2. Anime Song "Ohayo"~ Hunter x Hunter OST
  3. Man in the Mirror~ Michael Jackson
  4. WHEN YOU BELIEVED~ Mariah Carey
  5. YOU RAISE ME UP~ Westlife
  6. HEAL THE WORLD~ Michael Jackson
  7. IKAW SANA~ Ogie Alcasid
  8. I WANT YOU BACK~ Michael Jackson
  9. ITS MY TURN~ Diana Ross
  10. ONE DAY IN YOUR LIFE~ Michael Jackson
  11. YOU ARE NOT ALONE~Michael Jackson
  12. ROCKIN ROBIN~ Jackson Five
  13. TRULY, MADLY DEEPLY~ Savage Garden
  14. CANT CRY HARD ENOUGH~ William Brothers
  15. TO WHERE YOU ARE~ Josh Groban
  16. YOU BELONG WITH ME ~ Taylor Swift
  17. AGAINST ALL ODDS~ Mariah Carey
  18. KAHIT KAILAN~ South Border
  20. LEAN ON ME~ Michael Bolton
  21. WIND BENEATH MY WINGS~ Bette Midler
  22. THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR~ Stevie W., Dionne Warwick, W. Houston, L. Vandross
  23. MUSIC AND ME~ Michael Jackson

I try to collect all the Michael Jackson songs even those songs when he was in Jackson Five

Its been a month that i haven't heard anything about the progress of the "Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho" scandal issue. I remember how the issue impacted the public in which even the senates take an action to resolved the issue. There are many people involved including Katrina Halili, Hayden Kho, Vicky Belo and other victims who was caught in the sex videos. Katrina sued a libel lawsuit case against Hayden and his mom. She even request to unlicensed Dr. Hayden for being a medical practitioner. I wonder how the young actress handle the issue despite of it's risky, costly and highly complicated consequences that she had to face. I wonder if she tried to involved her self in a Lawfirm Funding to help her all through out the process. But whatever the outcome is, I'm hoping that the truth will come out in the end and the there will be a closure for this issue.

Losing a Former President is not easy to accept especially if she've done something for you and for your country. I was a bit surprised as i heard that Former President Corazon Aquino died. She marked out a History for being the first woman president of the country and she's very notable for her deeds in the first People Power Revolution.
The former president died at 76. She was diagnosed to have Colon Cancer and the main reason of her death.

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