bOOK rEVIEW # 11

Have you ever read a book that talks about Dragons? Just like Lord of the Rings. But this time i would like to share you this book written by Christopher Paolini, entitled “ELDEST”. I guess you are familiar with the movie “ERAGON” right?

Eldest is the second book in the Inheritance trilogy. It will take you into the world filled with dragons, elves, and sorcerers~ one you can be a hero, no matter how young you are. In this epic tale, Eragon is a young boy from the distant land of Alageasia.

rrrAlong with his dragon, Saphira, he is people’s last hope against eveil empire Galbatorix, but he must frist develop his knowledge of magic and improve his battle skills under the watchful eyes of wise, experienced Oromis. read this book when you have lots of spare time, because like “The Lord of the Rings” its got a long story, a big cast of characters and its very own language( for which there’s even a pronuncuiation guide!)


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