I'm Ready for Tomorrow!

Yes! im ready for tomorrow! I'm done wrapping all my gifts to be given away to all my nieces, nephews and cousins and of course i have something for my mom and dad and for my siblings too!

Do not forget to offer prayers for our beloved Jesus Christ! Greet him as it is his birthday!
Merry Christmas Everyone!

I just wanna share you this Christmas song that each and everyone of us will surely love!

Photo Hunt

Water Purifier

New Puppy

Royal Glittering Celebration in MOA

Tv torrents for Glee

It took me a long period of time before i found the right torrent for my favorite movie. And now, i am looking for tv torrents for the my favorite tv series which is Glee. I'm very excited to watch their season finale and I wonder if they can really make it in to the Sectionals and i they will win or not over the other performaers. I wonder what will happen to Emma and Will. I guess Mr Schuster will forgive her wife and will have their own baby too. I guess Quinn will decided to keep her baby with her. Puck will show the softer side of him and will take his responsibily for Quinn and their baby. Rachel and Finn will be together while Kurt will accept the fact that Finn will never love him but will treat him as his friend. I just can't wait what will happen next and i hope there will be another season for Glee.

The wonders of YooStar

I remember when I was kid, I’m always dreaming to become a star. I would love to see my self acting on the big screen, lining up myself with all the Hollywood’s biggest stars. But of course, these are nothing but a dream and there would be nothing in this world will make these dreams possible. Last night, when I was surfing around over the Internet, I found a very interesting gadget that really took my attention. It is called “Yoostar”. Yoostar is a system that will allow you to insert yourself in any of your favorite famous movie scenes. You can insert yourself in different movies you love like The God Father, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Some Like it Hot, The Terminator, and a whole lot more!
Yoostar will give you a chance to be with your favorite stars like Marlon Brando, Marilyn Monroe, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Matthew Broderick and more. From its amazing price at $169.95, you can do a lot of wonderful things. This tool is very ideal for all movie lovers and aspiring actors and actresses who are dreaming to become a star someday. Start playing and having fun with your dreams and experience to see yourself in the big screen with Yoostar! You can check some YouTube Videos to know how this system works.

Press Release

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Health Insurance

Health is the most important factor that we have to prioritize in life. Especially in work, we have to secure our self by applying for a health insurance. Life is very uncontrollable and we will never know what will happen next so it is much better to have it before it’s too late. But if in case you don’t have this kind of insurance yet, I guess you better hurry and create your account now. There are many reliable and trust-worthy insurance available just like the cinergy health insurance that offers great insurance packages. If you want to know more about this insurance, you better check them out at http://www.lookhealthinsurance.com and learn more about the system an how will you benefit from it!

Work and Home

I really had a hard time yesterday facing our irate customer. The customer keeps on complaining about the product she purchased from us. I know it's our fault that we failed to check the item first before we give to her. As a part of our company policies, we must reach customer's satisfaction no matter what. I understand the customer and i know what she's going through knwoing that i am a customer myself as well. And if that would happen to me, i will feel the same way. Good thing, after that long hours of conversation and after my heavy and very stressful work, i was able to relieve all those stress after seeing a great ambiance in my house. I am not a perfectionist but i always make sure that my house is always clean and fresh so every time i went back after work, my irritating mood will change to calm and mild feelings. But there's one thing i have to fix in my house. I noticed lately that the air conditioner in my bed room is not working properly so as the air condition in my car. Hmmmm, i guess i have to contact a technician to fix this up. Maybe i need to upgrade something like the
AC compressor in order to achieve cool and relaxing air. Okay, time to go i have works to finish in my office. That,a all for now. Have a great day and happy blogging!

AC compressor

Pinoy Music Monday!!
For our Music Monday lets tune in with Aiza Seguerra's Muntik na Kitang Minahal


Aiza Seguerra (born 17 September 1983) is a Filipino actress, singer and guitarist. She traces her roots from Calauag, Quezon.

Aiza started out as a contestant in Eat Bulaga!'s Little Miss Philippines 1987 and later a child star. After a few years of acting and a string of movies under her belt, her appeal as a child star lessened. She later made a comeback with her single, Pagdating ng Panahon (When the Time Comes). She is openly lesbian.Aiza won the The Singing Bee (Philippine game show), on July 8, 2008 after Rachel Alejandro gave up her throne as defending champion due to other engagements. She defeated her co-contestant singer Bituin Escalante. Seguerra won P 1,040,000 for a second time on July 10, raising her total winnings now to P 2,080,000. Seguerra's new 10-track album features revivals of old hits - "Open Arms," "Time After Time," "Somewhere Over The Rainbow," "At Last," "Vincent," "Smooth Operator," "Home," "Journey," and "Longer." Aiza had also performed in Singapore for the Singapore Repertory Theatre presentation of the stage play "Avenue Q."

Relationship Laws

Relationship is one of the most important things that we have to prioritize in life. A good Relationship is very important in order to establish a good communication for both of you and your partner as a couple. Did you know that there are such things like relationships laws? This is what i discovered after reading a very informative article from Arina's Self Help Blog.
The Law of Responsibility is one of the ten Relationship Laws that was mentioned in the said article stating that in every relationship follows a commitment or responsibility. Both you and your partner are responsible to build a stronger foundation for your relationship to make it last forever. This is just one of the inspiring lesson i have learned from that article. If you want to know more about the rest of the important relationship laws, simply visit Arina at http://www.arinanikitina.com.

Mp4: Updated


Here's my new adde songs in my music player
  1. Jason Castro ~ Hallelujah
  2. Ohayo~ Bleach theme song
  3. Because you Loved me~ Celine Dion
  4. When you beleived~ Mariah Carey
  5. In My Life ~ Ramielle Malubay
  6. And i Love you so~ Dan Maclean
  7. Kanlungan
  8. The Climb~ Miley Cyrus
  9. Natutulog ba ang Diyos~ Lani misalucha
  10. Pokemon theme song
  11. The prayer~ Celine Dion
  12. Even If ~ Lea Salonga
  13. You Belong With Me~ Taylor Swift
  14. MMMbop~ Hanson
  15. Dragon Ball Theme song
  16. That's what friends are for~ stevie W., D. Warwick
  17. Ghost Fighter theme song
  18. Fushigi Yugi theme song
  19. Flame of Recca Theme song
  20. Vincent~ Don Maclean
  21. Ill never love this way again~ dionne Warwick
Most of the songs that ive downloaded this week are came from anime theme songs

Replica Handbags

Famous designer bags like Louis Vuitton and Gucci are what every girls dreaming about. However, these bags are pretty expensive and quite hard to afford especially now that we are experiencing a global financial crisis where each and every one of us are highly affected. In this case, it would be better to become more practical and it is much advisable to spend your money wisely. If you still want to have those designer bags like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and more, then why don’t you try using their replicas? It’s true that original is better than imitations but this is just a matter of being practical. Besides, Bags are not just for fashion statement, it is also used in some handy purposes. In fact, buying replicas are much better than buying the real thing because they are very affodable and durable as the original.
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Game Review # 9

For a GBA conversion, this game is fantastic! It captures the 3D visuals of its bigger console version perfectly, which is quite rare in all GBA Games. Although it's a bit cartoonish compare to its big brothers, this game still looks impressive on the small screen. You still get the same inertia-levels as before, where ninja, the brave blue-suited hero of the game, travels though elevated platforms that speed him up as he goes along. You'll spend a great part of the game mastering these levels, but they're really the most fun part of the game. Some of the interesting puzzleswe've seen before are here as well, which makes this game more challenging.
The background music is the mixture of funky and oriental music that really complements the martial art type battles. Ninja's cute battle taunts are fun as well. There's really not much you can do with this game after you're done, as it has no multiplayer offering with your GBA'a link up cables. But it's lenghtly enough for the first go. On a whole, it got everything we loved about I-Ninja~ in portable size.

Reality Wedding Video

I’m not getting any younger and I know that time will come and I’ll be married to someone and build my own family. I’m always dreaming to have a wedding which is very unique, unusual, and something remarkable. Wedding is a once in a life time event so it really deserves to be special. Wedding is one of the most exciting events in our life. It is the time when you and your partner bind together sacredly in the front of the holy Altar promising that you will be together through thick and thin.

It might be a great experience if you captured each of the precious moments of your wedding and share it to kids someday. As what they say, photographs do not just captured the images but it also saved memories.

Photos are good but Videos are much better. Through Video, you can see that actual events. That’s why most wedding organizers are advising their client or the couple to hire someone who will be responsible in taking video for wedding. But if you want your wedding to be remarkable, then don’t just hire someone, hire Professionals! Meet Buddy Gancenia, a professional wedding videographer in the Philippines

. Buddy Gancenia is a corporate, events, and wedding videographer and one of the first and only Reality Wedding Video producers in the country and in the world.

Have a wedding that is way far beyond your expectation and a wedding than you could never imagine in your life!

If you are interested and you want to know more about wedding video in the Philippines, just visit Buddy Gancenia at www.realityweddingvideo.tv! Be unique and have a Reality Video documentation of your wedding!


Book Review # 37


What promises to be one boring summer turns out to be a lot more eventful than 12 year old Midge in this children fantasy book written by Steve Augurde. Midge is sent to stay with her Uncle Brian at Mill Farm in Somerset while her mother is on tour with the orchestra. She comes across a small winged horse which is trapped and injured: her first introduction to the hidden world of the "Royal Forest", an impenetrable thicket on a hill within the farm boundaries. Meanwhile, all the tribes who live in the forest, the Ickri, Naiad, Wisp, Trogglers and Tinklers, unite to send a group to search for the missing horse, Pegs. The adventures of the group demonstrate the dangers posed to the Various by the Gorgi world, as Lumst is killed by the ferocious tomcat Tojo. While Midge is accepted by the queen and her advisers as the saviour of Pegs, despite the news she brings of her uncle's plan to sell the forest land, Scurl and his archers believe that she is herself a danger to the tribes and intend to kill her. At the climax of the novel the archers attack the farm when Midge and her cousins are there alone. Throughout the novel Midge senses another presence, the girl in the photograph on the kitchen wall: it is Celandine, who once lived at the farm and was thought mad for believing she had seen fairies.

Paid Surveys

Are you tired of making sponsored reviews? are you sick with advertiser who keeps on rejecting your posts? Are you completely upset with the status of your affiliate marketing as it works very ineffectively for you? Then why don't you try something new? something that you can earn without taking much of your time and less hustle for you.
We now have what we called online paid surveys in which advertisers will pay you by simply participating with their social surveys. Through this survey system, it will allow you to be connected not just with advertisers but also with other bloggers online.
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Book Reviews # 36

Its time for another Book Review
This time i would like to share you a book entitled

Contrary to the general perception that trolls are wicked, nasty creatures, Rollo is a friendly young troll who is commanded by Bonespittle's ruler, Stygius Rex, to held the building of a bridge that will connect their land of ghouls, gnomes, ogres and trolls to Bonny Woods, home of the elves and fairies. In the process, Rollo learns the dangerous art of flying and how to do magic and must face the difficult decision of defying Stygius Rex.

Photo Hunt

My theme for today is all about pictures edited in Adobe Photoshop!

Emo Girl

My little brother wearing a purple shirt and holding a black umbrella

FlyFF Character's Love Team

Princess Jane of Final Encounter

As i was searching over the Internet last night, there's one blog that really took my attention. The site is entitled Arina's Self Help blog. I've just read an article about The Three Biggest Investments that All Wealthy People Make . This really took my attention because i realize how important it was to know how should we spend our money wisely just like what wealthy people do. I've learned that most wealthy people invest their money rather than spending it. Well, maybe these are their secrets why they were able to maintain their life status despite of the global financial crisis that we're currently experiencing.
If you what to read the the entire article, simply visit Arina at http://www.arinanikitina.com
and learn some useful tips to become wealthy.

Music Monday


Lyrics | Vanessa Williams lyrics - Colors Of The Wind lyrics

Do you know what Adwords is? If you do, then do you know how Adwords works? Adwords introduces a system called Pay Per Click where in advertisers specify the words that should trigger their ads and the maximum amount they are willing to pay per click. When a user searches Google's search engine, ads for relevant words are shown as "sponsored links" on the right side of the screen, and sometimes above the main search results. In adwords, there is what we called Quality score which will measure how effective you are as an Adwords user. If you want to earn a bigger amount of money and want your Adwords works very effectively then try to read some Adwords Guide offered by http://www.1010adwordsqualityscore.com. Just drop by at their site and see how can you improve your quality score!

Photo Hunt # 7

Photo Fun Effects

Original Photo

Photo in Gray scale effect

Photo in Red Sepia Effect

photo in binary effect

Photo in Negative effect

Photo in invert colors effect

Win Online Freebies

Who would refuse free items? I guess every one of us would love to avail a certain product in no cost and free of any charges right? Did you now that there’s a site that will allow you to avail your most wanted product all for free? Yes! You heard it right! LikeIt, Win It! As the site’s name suggest, will allow you to win free stuffs by joining their daily contest. Win Online Freebies by simply registering an account for www.likeitwinit.com for free! Win handbags, jewelry all free from www.likeitwinit.com. Most contests are fun and quite simple so what are you waiting for? If you want to know more the details about this “Like it! Win it!” contest, just visit them at their site and see what the site has to offer for you! Encourage some of your friends too!

Gadget Review # 9

Finis Waterproof SwiMP3 Player


Imagine being able to listen to your favorite tunes while doing laps in the pool. Well, now you can with the Finis Waterproof SwiMP3 Player. It's perfect for swimmers and athletes who don't want their MP3 players floating every which way while they're swimming. It fits snugly on the back of your head and comes complete with a pair f waterproof headphones. Oh how i wish i could have this SwiMp3 player. It has 128 MB Memory, 4 hour Internal Battery and Plug and play compatible!

Proper Hair Care

I am so aware with what Hair product should I use for my hair as it was advised by my hair specialist! Hair Care should be done in a regular basis as much as possible! However, they differ according to one's hair type and according to various processes that can be applied to hair. In my case, my hair is exposed in too much heat because of my field work which results to hair breakage! I am afraid that this hair breakage will lead to hair loss or much worst ~ baldness!
I know I should do something about this that’s why I consulted a professional hair specialist to check my hair and to see what are those possible treatments or medical procedures that he can apply. According to him, in order to bring my hair back into its normal condition, there are hair products available in the market. However, choosing a hair product is highly complicated and it’s quite risky especially if you don’t know the product that you’re using! It is very advisable to use products that are well-tested and proven to be effective.
Luckily, I discover www.luxuryparlor.com. It’s an online shop that caters Professional haircare and skincare products like Kerastase, Aveda, Bumble and Bumble, CHI, Elnett, Davines, Mason Pearson and more!
And guess what? The site currently offers their product in highly discounted prices! If you are interested about their Discount Kerastase and other Professional haircare and skincare products, just visit www.luxuryparlor.com and see what the site has to offer for you!

Book Review # 35


Prudence Proovit is a girl raised by her practical no-nonsense parents to believe that Fairy tales are "for fools" and nursery rhymes are for "ninnies". When her parents enroll her in Miss Bliss' clas. Prudence begins her crusade againsts fairy tales aand starts receiving strange postcards from the Fairy Tale Forest. Find out how Prudence becomes a believer!

Music To Share

If you are a blogger, then you must know how hard it was to gain readers right? Aside from encouraging your friends, you have to join some social networking sites just to promote your blog and just to gain readers. No matter how unique you articles are, it doesn’t make any sense if you do not have any reader or visitor who will drop by to read your works. Good thing that there are site that offer Free Article Submission Service like PubArticles. PubArticles is a site that offer Free Article Submission Service and will instantly publish your article online! Is it that amazing! Go ahead and visit PubArticles and see what the site has to offer!

Game Revew # 8



Because of it's wireless multiplayer feature, it was only a matter of time before the N-Gage has a fighting game. The graphics are pretty much old school, meaning the game is shown in glorious 2D. King of Figthers is a solid beat'em up with a twist. The main game is a riotous 3-on-3 brawl. The last team standing is the winner. If you've played King of Fighters befiore on the console or on the arcade version, you'll find familiar chartacters such as Terry Bogard and Kim Kaphwan. The fighting system id pretty deep, and because of the N-Gage's wealth of buttons, you can execute combo moves with ease. If you love fighting in 2D anywhere and everywhere on N-Gage, i recommend King of Fighter Extreme!

Chinese Cuisine

My mom loves to cook different kind of dishes. Oriental dishes are her specialty. I love her Kung Pao chicken, it’s a classic Chinese dish that my mom loves to prepare. She mixed diced chicken in a marinated sauce, seasoned it with chili peppers and wok! She stir fried the chicken along with the vegetables and peanuts. She’s also pour a little amount of Shaoxing wine to enhance the flavor of her dish. Aside from this classic Chinese dish, my mom usually prepares some stir friend noodles and yummy wonton dumplings! I just love her wonton dumpling as she filled it with minced pork or shrimp and oysters! And then I will dip my mom’s prepared dip sauce! Oh and before I forgot anything else! I also love her Congee that she usually served as our said dish!
However, these Chinese dishes are not that easy to prepare because you have to gather all the necessary ingredients which are really hard to find. That’s why my mom and I were very thankful that we found EfoodDepot.com. It is an online grocery shopping site where you can find over 10,000 various ethnic food products. They provide Fast Shipping, Free shipping on orders over $75.00, and has a flat rate shipping of $4.99. It is the largest ethnic super market online with lists over 4000 recipes for various food dishes. They offer hard to find food products such as, snacks, sauces, spices, cooking mixes, sweets, cookies, beverages, etc and they even provide some cooking videos on how to make yummy dishes! Amazing!

I really had so much fun in our Halloween costumed party that was held last week. It’s an all out fun of drinking, eating and dancing celebration. We even held some contest for the best and worst Halloween costume. Sad to say, I failed to get the prize. I wore a character in the movie entitled “Scream”. It’s just a plain black coat with a creepy white mask. I bought it last year that’s why its quite old and its color are starting to fade. And I think this costume is very common that’s why I failed to win. But I did not worry or felt so much regrets after the winner has been declared and besides I went there just for fun!
It was my first time to attend a Halloween costume party that’s why I am very excited about it. I help my friends in organizing the event and help them out in decorating our venue. We do not have a specific theme for the party so everyone can wear what they want. No matter if it’s too creepy like a bloody monster, ghost, vampires, Frankenstein or wolf; or they wear something cute and magical like fairies or princesses. My friends take the contest seriously and they even buy new clothes and pilgrim Halloween costumes just for the Halloween party. I remember when I was a child, my mom always buy a Halloween costume for me so that I can go out with my friends and have a trick or treat. We knock from one house to another and they’re giving us sweet candies. Oh what a childhood memory! I wish I could turn back those times again. As far as I know, there will be another Halloween costume Party and it will be held in the same venue. I guess I should prepare for these and I will buy a new Halloween costume. I’ll make sure that I will win next year!!

Book Review # 34

Jake Carpenter was only ten years ols when his father, a dcotor, decided that he should see more of the world first before taking up medicine and thrusted him into the care of his Uncle Will, a seaman. Jake's journal details his experiences at sea, an how, when, pirates raid his ship, he gets separated from his Uncle Will and becomes a pirate in training. The book's also got a list of cool pirate words, an indez, notes about pirate life, and profiles of famous pirates, such as Bleackbeard!

Free Press Release

Are you looking for a site where you can find the latest and the threndliest gadgets? How about the most advance and newly launch software?
As i was searching over the internet last night, i just found free press release. The site gives all the information you need about the newly released product, services, gadget ans software online!. If you find it interesting, just feel free to drop by at free press release site by typing this URL on your address bar, www.free-press-release.com and be updated with everything!

Gadget Review # 8

Sony PlayStation 3

Sony waves goodbye to its wildly successful PS2 as its flagship console as it introduces the ultra high tech PlayStation 3. From its "untested" Cell processor to its motion-detecting SIXAXIS controller, almost every part of the PS3 is engineered to render every other game console obsolete.
Other features of Sony PlayStation 3 :
  • Blue- Ray Player
  • Wireless/wired controller
  • Full high-definition graphics

Photo Hunt # 6

A Shot from the Baywalk
A Party

Menudo, A famous Filipino Dish

Jazz and Jane from Final Encounter

Book Review # 33

Here's another Book that is ideal for Halloween

Fulton Snodde-Brittles, who is second-in-lint to Helton Hall, has conjured up a wicked plan to claim the fortune of a wicked plan to claim the fortune he thinks his rightly his. He contacts the Adopt-a-Ghost agency to hire the scariest, most gruesome ghosts to scare off his cousin Oliver Smith, heir to Helton Hall. Due to a miz up, however, the ghosts who come to Helton Hall are Wilkinsons. Think all Ghost are ghastly? Think again. The Wilkinsons is a family of gentle ghosts. Cheer and laugh out loud as Oliver and the wilkinsons team up to protect Helton Hall from fulton.

I know that most of find political advertisements on TV quite annoying especially now that the Election 2010 is getting nearer and nearer. But among all the political advertisements, NoyNoy Aquino's Commercial is one of the best knowing that almost all the biggest celebrities from two giant tv satations are united in one advertisemet aiming fro Noynoy's candidacy for the 2010 presidential election. The celebrities involve in the said commercial are; Kris Aquino, Boy Abunda, Regine Velasquez, Ogie Alcasid, Marian Rivera, Ding Dong Dantes, Mariel Rodriguez, Bea Alonzo, Anne Curtiz and more!
Here's the Commercial

Music To Share

Lyrics | Hugh Grant lyrics - Way Back Into Love lyrics

I just love this song and the movie as well. Music and Lyrics is one of the best Romantic films i have ever watched. Drew Barymore and Hugh Grant delivered their roles so well and they have chemistry to each other which made the film more interesting. Hope you enjoy tuning in with this song "Way back into love", the official Theme song of the movie with the same tittle.

Book Review # 32


Are you looking for a perfect book to read this Halloween? well try to read FRANKENSTEIN which is written by Mary Shelly. Vistor Frankenstein is a brilliant but peculiar scientist obsessed with his mission to recreate life. Scavenging scraps from dead bodies in the cemetery, Dr. Frankenstein achieved his dream, but the creature that he reanimates is a monster! Now, he must relentlessly pusue the monster so he can destroy it. This horror classic is one book that teaches you to be careful with what you wish for.

You Gotta See This!

What causes an individual to have poor eyesight? One of the most important parts of our body is our eyes. Our eyes serve as the main guide in our everyday life but due to some other factors like aging or any type of eye diseases like cataract and glaucoma, it will just result to visual impairments, low vision, poor eyesight and even total blindness. It’s good to see that people are now getting more aware of this and doing preventive measures to avoid getting poor eyesight. There are many preventive measures that we can apply to avoid getting poor eyesight such as surgeries, wearing eye glasses, medication and wearing contact lenses. Contact lenses are not just used as a fashion statement but are also used to improve your vision. Some people make use of contact lenses as a replacement for their bulky eyeglasses. There are estimated hundred millions of people use contact lens world wide and most of the percentage is from the United States.
I’m also using contact lenses and I am one of the million people who benefit a lot in using them. That’s why I grab the opportunity to join the ongoing. iLASIK Video Contest. The contest invites all iLasik product users to make their own video showing the impact of improved vision. The contest was created by Abbott Medical Optics Inc. (AMO), a global leader in laser vision correction to know how better vision could improved or has improved people’s lives.
The contest is still open and accepting more entries. The rules are very simple, just submit your video, tell your friends to vote for your entry and get a chance to win fabulous prices. Grand prize winner will receive $5,000! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start submitting your video. Aside from the $5,000 grand prize, there will be three first prize winners who will win an HDTV package and three second prize winners who will receive a Flip UltraHD camcorder. If you are interested, just visit them at www.GottaSeeThisNow.com to know more about the details and other prizes!

Game Review # 7

ROSE Online was developed by Gravity and TriggerSoft and brought to us by Levelk Up! (the same guys who gave us Ragnarok), R.O.S.E Online is an MMORPG hit! Combining fantasy and science fiction, its players are tasked by the good goddess Arua to fight against the evil god Hebarn and save not just one world but seven1
R.O.S.E stands for "Rush On Seven Episodes" because the game unfolds accross seven unique planets:
  • JUNON, named after the patron God of adventurers
  • LUNA, a marvelous planet filled with mystery
  • SKA, a beautiful vacation resort planet whose names means "Love"
  • ELDEON, where it is said ancient legends sleep, waiting to be awakened
  • KAKIA, a planet known for its desolate wasteland
  • ORO, the prosperous planet of gold
  • HEBARN, the planet the God of Malice wrestled away pompously named after himself.
It is said in the old tales that the universe, called the Sea of Souls, was a vast ocean of darkness until the councils of Gods decided to settle down. It would be a great honor to be chosen as the creator of their new homes and the candidates were narrowed down to Arua and Hebarn. The council of Gods voted and Arua won. Arua drew in love and imagination to create the seven planets and their brilliance filled the Sea of Souls with wondrous light and life.
However, Hebarn's jealousy and anger threatened to consume the seven planets with darkness. He secretly sent Devil pests to the other planets , which turned friendly animals ito a deadly monsters~ Not knowing about Hebarn's treachery, Arua simply thaught that she made mistakes with the creatures, so she created a new race of beings called Visitors to fix the problems.

This is It!


Sad to say i missed out the cinema premier of Michael Jackson's "This Is it". However i have nothing to worry about it because the film is still running all over the cinemas. Good thing i still have my free cinema tickets that i've won few months ago! The film gained a high praise from MJ's fan. According to my friends who have watched the film already, they felt so sad as they see Michael doing his signature dance for hits like Billie Jeans and Thriller! The mood at simultaneous premieres around the world Tuesday and Wednesday was tearful yet celebratory. The film captures Jackson dressed with customary flamboyance, his fashion flourishes including military epaulets, sequins and gold-spangled pants. The film is nothing but spectacular!

Algebra help

As a working student, it’s really hard for me to manage everything. It’s not that easy to balance your study and your work as well. You don’t know where to focus yourself. It’s hard for me to give up my job because my job helps me a lot in supporting my educational needs and expenses. Thanks God! All my grades are doing well in all of my academic subjects except for one which is Mathematics. I consider Mathematics as my weakest subject. I don’t know why but I really had a hard time understanding and solving such things like Algebraic expression, Math problems, formulas and more!
I remember the last time our Math Teacher gave us an exam which involves Algebra word problems; It was such a shame because I failed the exam and I got no correct answers. I just hate these Math word problems because aside from solving some mathematical equations, you have to analyze the whole problem or the actual indicated situation. Mathematics will require you to have critical mind thinking because in solving an equation, one single mistake will lead you to a wrong answer.
This is the reason why a friend advised me to visit TutorVista.com and see how the site could help me out. The site offers online Algebra Tutor, Algebra Tutoring and Algebra help specifically for K-12 and college student like me. You just have to submit your Math questions and then they will be providing you all the Math answers. They will provide you all the necessary information you need for your home work. From different type of equations like Linear and Quadratic, Polynomial functions and relations to basic and intensive factorization. Name it! They got them all! The site also offers Algebra 2 help and tutoring.
So in case you are having a hard time analyzing and solving Mathematical problems, TurorVista.com is the perfect place for you. Always remember that this online tutoring site will serve only as our guide and we should not be too much dependent on it. We should also learn how to solve it all by ourselves.

Book Review # 31

All aboard! The creators of Fergus Crane have come up with another amazing adventure about a young girl who travels in an old dhip called SS Euphonia. Corby Flood gets to mingle with all sorts of people, like strange men in bowler hats who clam they are the brotherhood of Clowns. There's also a mysterious sound coming from within the ship and upon investigation, Corby discovers a crate in the ship's hold. Discover how Corby uncovers the secret of the crate and journeys through the seven seas.

Rapid File Seek

Are you having a hard time looking for Mp3 files? Old and rare files are really hard to find no matter how much you search it over the internet. In my case, I am a type of guy who can’t live without my MP3. I love music especially classic songs from the 80’s. However, these songs are really hard to find that is why i am very thankful that there are sites where i can download all my favorite classic songs. I am happy to discover the new rapidshare search. Rapidshare Search is one of the popular online sources not just for music but also for movies, video and a whole lot more!
Just type in the keyword in their website and then they will be providing you the results from their database. They have a special search engine which is very effective for giving out fast and quick results. The site is the perfect place to look for those hard-to-find and rare files, movies and music to download!

Photo Hunt # 5

Granite Counter top

Miniature Television Set

My Bed Room

Yummy Adobo

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