I felt pity for those who are victimized by the typhoon Ondoy. We once lost our property because of this natural calamity that's why i know what they're going through right now. As far as i know, Typhoon Ondoy is one of the worst typhoon calamity that our country had for the past decades. The typhoon brought a large volume of rains that causes extreme flash floods, overflowing of river banks, and series of landslides and mud slides.
I thank God that my family and I we're safe and not so affected by the typhoon. I just realized, who are we going to blame? Typhoon Ondoy affected many people and causes loss of billion properties and Death of many victims.
There's no one to blame but us who abused our environment too much. The non-stop illegal logging and other related practices is the main reason why we're experiencing this kind of threat.
I hope many of us learned our lesson. If you have time, please spend some minutes praying for the victims. Share some help even just through prayers. God has his reason for this. He maybe testing our faith to him and how long we can stand by him.
Here are some videos

I was talking with a friend last night via phone. He just migrated to U.K last year and we really missed each other that’s why we make sure that we’re keeping our communication via phone call or chat. He shared me some of his experiences and adventures in U.K. While we’re talking, he had mentioned that his dad bought him a brand new car with a personalized number plate. I find it very intriguing and ask him more about these personalized number plates. He asked me to drop by at www.northumbrianumbers.com to know more about the details and how to avail a personalized number plate. I have my own car so I found it very interesting and I realized that it would be great if I have one for my car too. As I stepped over the site, I was very amused knowing that you can make use of your initials, your name, your nickname or even your car model for your personalized number plate. A bunch of results will appear from their database then simply choose the number that you like and you are now ready for your new personalized number plate. Amazing!

Happy Birthday Cousin!!

Time really run out so fast and it seems that it was just yesterday. My cousin (The older one) will be celebrating his birthday this coming Thursday, October 2, 2009. He will be turning 15 and it seems that it was just yesterday that i was paying with him. I think we just really have to accept the reality that there's no such thing in this world as permanent.
Day by day, i realized that im not getting any younger and I've noticed a big change to my self. I realized that i becoming more mature the way i make decisions, the way i act and the way i think. But sometimes i wish i could turn back those times again.
So cousin, i would like to take this opportunity to greet you an advance happy 15th Birthday an may you have more birthdays to come!!

Gadget Review # 7


There's never a good place to leave your money or gadgets on the beach. Cahnces are they'll end up covered with sand whereever you leave them. Good thing the people at Mobile Wonders came up with this handy water proof cases for just about anything! There's one for your ipod or iphone, your mobile phone and music players, and yes, even for your keys and wallet. Now you can dive into the water without worrying about your valuables. Just don't let a stray turtle snatch them away from you LolZ just kidding!
This Mobile wonders can work as a neckband or an armband. They are triple-sealed and can work as an underwater case for digital cameras!

Music Monday

Everything~ by Michael Buble

Lyrics | Michael Buble lyrics - Everything lyrics

It’s true that Internet has become very useful to everyone. Almost all we need for our everyday life is now accessible online. With the use of Internet, you can watch games and television programs; surf and browse for the most important information you need in no time, find your desire job easier, purchase and buy products or services you want online and even starting your own business. Nowadays, it will be very risky for all entrepreneur “wannabe” to start their business all by their own. The competition in the business market is getting tougher and tougher especially now that they can use internet to promote their products and services.
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Photo Hunt # 2

Decorative Shells.

Rattan-made Ceiling Fan

Miniature Television for Kid's bedroom

Mango-flavored ice cream topped with gummy bears

Hair Loss Treatment

I try to change my hairstyle once in a while. I already tried different hairstyles and i even dye my hair. In order to protect my hair in some damages caused by the products im applying into it, i used formulated shampoos and conditioners. There are lot of products available in the market but i dont know the product that is right for me. Buying hair products will be very risky especially if you dont have enough knowledge about the product and the active ingradients included into it.
Yesterday, i noticed that there are some hair strands falling as i was combing my hair. I know that it could be a sign of Hair loss, so i try everything i can just to remedy the situation. Luckily as i was searching over the net, i found a site that is promoting a certain product called "Provillus". It is a kind of solution that can be very useful to prevent and stop hair loss. The Site offer comprehensive provillus reviews which includes the causes, effects and treatment it can provide for those people who's experiencing hair loss. I think i should start taking Provillus before anything get worst!

Music To Share

Korean girl roups are continously invading the country
I DONT CARE by 2ne1

Lyrics | 2NE1 lyrics - I Don't Care lyrics

Book Review # 24

Here's another book that you should not missed.
The story is all about Mandy White, a good girl who really hates bad girls. They're the girls who wait for her after school, make fun of her clothes and hair, and make her life very miserable. But when Mandu meets a bad girl who really likes her and cares for her like a big sister. She have learned that behind most bad girls is a lonely, sad, nice girl who can even be a great friend.

Music Monday

It's Music Monday, haha sorry for being late.
Here's my Music Monday entry hope you like it


Lyrics | Fm Static lyrics - Tonight lyrics

Gadget Review

My dad bought me a new car last month. He gave it to me as his birthday gift and I’m very happy about it. I remember how excited I am at that time. It’s been a month now and I never encounter any problems with my car so far. Most of my friends are telling me to upgrade my car and make it more appealing. They told me that cars are like houses because you have to clean and decorate them to make it more attractive.
It may not be the latest model for a car but I know I could do something about it. Most car owners are decorating the outer part of their cars by applying colorful paints onto it that will surely catch everyone’s attention. Nowadays, car owners are decorating the inner part of their car not with paint but with the use of high tech gadgets like Car Dvd Players. Nothing can be more exciting in putting audio or music in your car and what’s more if you can watch videos too? Your friends will surely be more entertained if you place additional Car Speakers for streaming music.
You can also add some GPS Devices which are very essential for car navigation
I know my dad will be surprised if he will see my car on its new look. I will also encourage him to do the same thing with his own car. I will tell him to place Audio and Video in his car. I guess I will encourage some of my friends too. Decorating your car is very easy and besides, there are online shops where you can purchase cool gadgets for your car. How about you? How do you manage your cars? How do you decorate them to make it more appealing? Do you consider these gadgets as a great way to give your car a new look?

Book Review # 23


101 ways to use a dead man's body, written intelligently and very engagingly by journalist Mary Roach. Features exhaustive research and showcases the author's determination to get to the bottom of the topic. it is also compelling argumaents in favor of donating one's body to science.
The book is off to the rolling start with visits to plastic surgeons who need practice cadavers, the changing attitude of medical schools when dealing with the dead. There's also a trip to the research facility where a cadaver is subjected to crush forces to measure how much damage car impacts can inflict on a human body. It also explore the realm of the "beating heart cadaver". organ donors kept alive after brain death. My personal favorite was the trip to a body farm where various cadavers are studied in their differing states of decomposition. Roach's lively writing keeps the pace going, even when reading becomes a an uphill struggle in the latter chapters; readers who manage to finish the book will feel the sense of accomplishment, maybe even closure.
Great reading for pragmatists who don't need to know if there's a life after death, but the possibilities can happen to your body after you've departed the physical realm.

Game Review # 5


Since this game is a rehash of the older Harvest Moon title, the graphics of the game can look a little dated. But they're just right for this sort of game, and the cute(and often comical) facial expressions on the characters and animals will definitely win you over.

It is also cool how the game manages to go from day to night and even from season to season pretty convincingly.
A farmer's duties are varied enough to keep you from getting bored. Managing your farm involves making your farm prosper, tending your crops, caring for the land, watering the soil, gathering resources, feeding the animals, selling vegetables and dairy products and doing other farming chores. Harvest moon also has an RPG element that lets you interact with the villagers, who have their own stories to tell and advice to give. As the villagers go about their business, you can drop by regularly-scheduled activities in the community, and even get married along the way!


Unavoidable in any game simulation game is the repetitive background music, but in this game it's actually quite pleasant and soothing while you're hard at work on the farm.

Being a sim game, the way the game ends depends on you and how easily you get bored. The main goal is to improve life on your farm. As long as there is something that needs to be done on your land, you can keep coming back to work on it. And there are tons to do in Harvest Moon. If you get sick of tending to your crops and animals, you can always head to town and mingle with the townsfolk instead. The possibilities are endless!!

If you're tired of the usual hack-and-theslashers and want a different kind of challenge, give this game a try!

Pearl Necklace

Are you looking for a perfect Christmas gift for your wife? Well there's nothing could perfect than giving her a necklace. Jewelries especially necklaces are very ideal and very common as a Valentines Day gift. They are usually given by those men who are proposing marriage to the woman they love. However, these jewelries are also an ideal gift for those couple who are celebrating their anniversary. If you will give her a necklace, it would be better if you will give her a pearl necklace because pearl symbolizes beauty and elegance. If you are interested, well you must go and drop by at www.orientalpearls.net to find out what is the perfect pearl necklace for your beloved wife. Now, would you consider pearl necklace as a perfect Christmas gift for your wife?

Friday Photo Hunt #1

Green Veggies!


My Sister's Doll

My Dad's Old coin Collection

My Mom's Pocketbooks

Book Review # 22


What's a roach clip and how in hell can someone mistake it for a hair ornament? Thanks to this book, you won't have to suffer the same mistake.
With a Psychedelic and simple yet lovely illustrations by Lia Miternique, this is delightfully trippy. The former commune child's humorous short narratives about her life with the "back-to-the-lander" parents will keep you from mocking bizarre hippie behavior like anthropomorphizing inanimate objects (a coffee jealous of a tea cup?) or organizig "dig a hole" parties for the outhouse where dudes "fill in" the "old hole and dig another"

From your average "How To's (starting a commune, composting, when to flash a peace sign) to the downright useful (what to do when teargassed, panhandling, "oregano brownies recipe) to amusing information (hippie speak, hippie names, jobs for hippies), you'll find yourself being down with this one. Its funny, insightful, and tremendously helpful, Cain has made "The Hippie Handbook" invaluable for the "dude" or even for "the square"

Game Review # 4

Online Casino Games

Why Choose Online Gaming?

I love online games especially casino games. I used to play Poker during my free time. Good thing that there's a site that offer online casino news. They got the most detailed and the most useful information about casino on line. They got a huge collection of online casino games and all the latest news including newly released games.

Music Monday~ Take A Bow

Take A Bow~ by Rihanna

Lyrics | Rihanna lyrics - Take A Bow lyrics

Spices Of my Life # 2

I love Saint Cinnamon!
You must try it too

Cleanse and Detoxify

Most companies are not accepting applicants who cannot present any medical certification and documents that will prove that they are really fit to work. Applicants should pass their medical documents which includes the results of their urine examination, stool, blood and even saliva examination results. There’s a big possibility for an applicant to the job if ever he or she failed either one of the exams. In order to pass drug test, there are products available in the market that will help you to detoxify toxic substances from your body. If you dropped by at Passadrugtesting.com, you will see their detoxification products that will help you pass any drug test. If you buy a detox kit, you have nothing to worry about losing your desired job!

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It is Official! Katy Perry will be having a one-night-only concert in the Philippines! She become very popular with her hit “I kissed a girl”
“Katy Perry Live in Manila” is scheduled on Oct. 3, 2009, at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.

After being proclaimed as the best new artist by readers of Rolling Stone Magazine and perezhilton.com, Katy soon released her debut album called “One of the Boys,” which spawned hits that were all catchy and boasted of candid lyrics: “Hot N Cold,” “Thinking of You,” and her latest, “Waking Up In Vegas.”

Apart from great songs, another reason to love Katy is her unmatched energy when she’s performing onstage. Oh, let’s not forget her crazy outfits, too. She wore a carousel skirt one time, and then a Christmas tree dress during another.

Joining the talented artist, who shall be appearing as a guest judge on “American Idol,” is pop rock band Boys Like Girls, who released their second studio album called “Love Drunk” last Sept. 8.

Gadget Review # 6


The world is getting awfully close to having real robot servants but for now, we'll have to settle for something just a bit short of the real deal. Introducing U-Robo, an R2-D2 look-alike that was designed to stay at home and help out with daily house chores.
While it still isn't clear what it can actually do, U-Robo is equipped with voice recognition, motion and light detectors, and an eight axis motor which makes it versatile enough to do simple tasks.
Some of its features include
  • Wi-Fi and RFID-equipped
  • 6.4 inch touchscreen
  • Programmable display below the "eyes"
  • Ethernet and USB 2.0
How i wish i could afford this state-of-the-art creation!

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Make money in blogosphere

Book Review # 21


Bet you did'nt know that a group of hippos is called bloat, or that there are about 13 kinds of stinky chesses, or that the Boston Celtics have won the most NBA Chanpionships (16 wins) since th NBA started in 1948. If you love knowing cool facts about all kind of subjects like pop culture, language, history, sports and more, then you've got to add this book to your reading list.

Pick Up Lines

Communication is the most important thing to consider in almost every relationship. Each of them should talk and express what they feel no matter if it is anger, happiness or sadness. Everyone should be careful with their words. Some words can be offensive while others can be pretty much impressive.
To avoid any kind of misunderstanding, you have to make a proper choice of words. In order to achieve it, you better consult experts or any pick up artist to help you out. Good thing that there is a Pickup Artist Site where you can gather different information and pick up line tips that can make your relationship grow stronger.
Words are used to express our thoughts and we have to make use and deliver them properly.

Book Review # 20


If you've ever wanted that super cool new toy or game your friend has, you'll know how the boy in this book felt when jis best friend Nathan shows him his two new goldfish. But Nathan won't trade them for baseball cards or a punching bag, or even a realy cool robot. But he will take one very good dad. I dont want to be a spoiler here so you must read it on your own risk! (lolz) . Read this twisty little story then hug your dad and promise you would not swap him for anything.

Game Review # 4

Spider Man 2 ~ PLAY STATION 2

The PS2 and the XboxVersion of Spiderman 2 was a blast. It finally gave tired superhero games a fresh shotin the arm with its free roaming gameplay. Unfortunately the PSP version of Spiderman 2 doesnt let you to explore Manhattan as freely. Instead, the game is more likely the first Spiderman game on the PS2 where you are given specific missons that you have to complete. Going anywhere elese means an instant failure.
Most of the enemies are set indoors with the focus on fighting several enemies at once. Controlling Spidey feels a bit iffy since you use d-pad to move and adjust the camera at the same time. Spidey still has his arsenal moves like web swinging, charged jumps, dives and web zips, and you can earn points to upgrade some of your moves.
For his part, Spiderman moves as well as his console counterpar. Its just weird as he moves accross buildings, his webbing seems to cling on to thin air. My main complaint thought, is how easy and short everything is. It will take you less than three hours to finish the entire game.

Finally, the newest LCD TV has released. It is the Sony Bravia kdl40w5500 and I am so excited to have this flat screen television in my room. However, i can’t decide immediately because i am not so familiar with the prices and which company or TV provider should i purchase it. Good thing that there’s a site designated for this latest Sony Bravia kdl40w5500 where i can check and compare their prices. Among all the other companies and TV providers, Amazon.co.uk got the lowest price for their Sony Bravia. Now, i have nothing to worry and decided to purchase it in Amazon.co.uk knowing that they are the most reliable online retailer in the UK today. Oh my! Im so excited about it and i can’t wait to replace my old and bulky television set.

Game Review # 3


There's nothing like Ape Escape. A mad monkey named Specter has unleashed an army of monkeys to take over a TV station. His diabolical plan? Broadcast dull and insane TV shows that will have everyone glued to their TV sets, leaving Specter free to take over the world. That's where you came in. You play either as Kei or Yumi, both monkey catchers who are armed with a net and other zany gadgets that will help them catch Specter's Monkeys

For Graphics, i must say that all the monkeys looks cute and funny, and each of them have very unique personalities. The levels also sport some kind of movie theme that make them all more interesting. When all is said and done, though, there's nothing special about the graphics. The many camera issues don't help either.

The game is absolutely fun to play. Catch 400 different monkeys in over20 different levels. There are some pretty cool boss fights as well. What's new to the series is the ability to morph into different characters with different abilities. You can transform into a knight armed with a magic shield, a ninja who can run faster and catch monkeys more quickly, and many others.

Some monkey squeaks and cutesy sound effects; the voice acting can get a bit lame, but these guys are trying to make like catching monkeys is a serious plot!

There's an incredible amount of items, mini games, and more collectibles to unlock. Wile some of these may not be very interesting, the mini games are definitely worth a look~ epecially the Ape Escape version of Metal Gear Solid.
Overall, the game is as silly as ever, but that's what we love about it. This is easily the best Ape Escape yet. If you love the series, then pick this one up. If you have never played Ape Escape yet, then now's the time to start.

Book Review # 19


Maurice is a conniving kitty greedy for fortune. From the day he awoke intelligent and able to talk, he and his gang of rats have victimized the human's towns with a pied Piper scam. The rats create a :Plaque" and the townspeople hire a piper (part of Maurice gang of course) to get rid of the rats. Its worked before, bringing in lots of gold and silver., so why shouldn't it work again. But there's something different, sinister in the town of BlitZ

Book Review # 18



A love for all things Egyptian is what brings Melanie, April, Elizabeth, Marshall, Tobey and Petey together in the yard of A-Z Antiques and Curio Shop. In the secrecy of the inner circle, they play the Egypt game. As a part of the game, they wear Egyptian costumes, put together a secret code and hold rituals and ceremonies whenever they can.
It is fun to role play and there's enough magic and mystery about Egypt to keep your kids enthralled for hours.

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