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After my lola passed away, i noticed lately that i am a bit moody and wanted to be alone. It is qite depressing too.
here's what i got after taking this fun Blog Things Stuff

You Could Use Some Green

You feel like your life is a bit dramatic and intense these days.

You just wish that everyone would calm down a little - yourself included.

Tap into some green energy to find balance and stability in your life.

Only you know what you need. Take time by yourself, especially in nature, to figure out what that is.

It is so true! i better take these advises.

Blogging has always been my passion. No wonder why i end up handling 20 blogs. And out of these 20 blogs four of them have their own domain. In my three years of blogging, I learn a lot of wonderful things that is beyond my expectation. I started to blog from scratch until a lot of my friends thought me about techie stuffs including html editing, changing my layout, placing JavaScript widgets in my sidebar and even owning a domain and how to deal with a web hosting provider.
Choosing a Webhosting provider is quite risky especially if you do not have any idea on the website that you are dealing with. Just like what my friends told me, you better check some webhosting reviews online. It would be great if you found a Web Hosting Provider that offers cheap Web host and Domain while providing tons of great features and bonuses.
Actually, I am now thinking of buying a brand new domain. I just checked yesterday fro a domain provider site if my desired domain is still available and I am lucky enough to found out that it is still available. I’ve been hearing about this windows web hosting lately, so I think I should give it a try and check what else this site has to offer and how much I can benefit from it.
I used to check some online webhosting review sites and visit some forum as well before dealing and purchasing anything. You can also check to see what web hosting provider will suits your budget and needs. Happy blogging everyone.

Suikoden V Review


Suikoden games having coming out left and right, but a lot of fans of the series have been miffed that their cool factor’s been dropping lately.

Apart from some cut scenes, you could mistake this for a PS1 title. The Camera is fixed at a third-person angle that looks down on the characters. This would fine, except there’s no way to rotate it, creating a lot of “blind spots”. Some rune effects and co-op attacks look great, but you know they could’ve done a lot better.

The story line has more twists and turns than a rollercoaster! The battle system is the same as in the first two games in the series, but with the new twist: formations. The key to winning fight is to find the right set of people to fight together , using form skills well, and changing formations depending on the situation. the real time duel and war battles add some spice to the mix. Each of the 108 stars of destiny has also been fleshed out as well, making each one interesting.

The character voices in this game are tops! The music, a tribute to Suikoden 1’s theme, is kay at first but hearing the same loop being repeated over and over again could get pretty tiresome.

Recruiting all 108 characters could be pretty tough the first play through, so the game has a new game+ function that allows you to keep items, money and skills from your final save. Playing the game again can be pretty boring, though, since there’s no way to skip cutscenes.

One of the deepest and immersive RPGs we’ve seen in a long time. If it weren’t for the humdrum graphics and the slow loading timeduring battles, this game would have gotten a perfect dcore. Even with its drawbacks, though, this game should be played be anyone and evryone who loves a good RPG.

Are you the type of guy who is fond of replacing his cellphone every time a new model has been released? Well, i am not that type of guy and i only change my Cellphone if it is necessary or if i find a very interesting feature from that phone. I started using Nokia 3210 then changed it to a Colored nokia. Then i changed it to another cellphone that has a camera. And the latest one i have right now is a cellphone that has a TV and dual sim.

Now, here's what i've earn! 4 cellphones not in use!

All my cousins and nephews have their own cellphones. So i have no idea where to give these phones.

Luckily, i have found a site where you can sell your cell phone online. You can create your own auction and gain bidders. Finally, there are now a place for this used Cellphones! is a new auction site specially made for your cellphones. And Guess what, i also found out that there are no basic listing fees here and unlike eBay, sellers only pay if their item sells. The Site offer Free basic listings with photos & video
niche site just for cell phones & accessories to help divert billions of unused cell phones from landfill.

My First Time

I never drink alcoholic beverages. All my friends, every occasion or gatherings, always tease me because i never drink beer. they even encourage me to take even just one shot. And yesterday, My cousin's birthday, for the first time in history.......
I drank a glass of Brandy...

errrr.. the taste is so bitter and i could just take it... from then on, i promised my self not to drink nor even just a sip of any wines and other related beverages.... Period!!!

10 Times Better than RPG

I love playing RPG Games. Well I am not like my uncle who is very addicted to Online casinos. I remember the day my uncle encouraged my dad and I to play Casinos online. Well, I have no choice but not to refuse his offer and say yes since he really insist me to try it and besides, the money to be used is he’s money so I have nothing g to worry of losing the game haha! Anyway, I really enjoyed it. I played Slot machine games and Poker! I do believe that this is not my last time to try playing this game! It’s really fun and enjoying. To be Honest, the excitement offered by these games is 10 times bigger than what other RPG games can offer. By the way, if you’re planning to play online casino and if it is your first time to play such game, you better make sure that you are dealing with a trusted site. You should also not be tempted to play and bet more than what you can afford. Just Play it for fun!

Night Mare Flash Game

I am addicted to Flash Games. Too childish isnt? You might want to check what has to offer. They got tons and huge collections of flash games separated in different category. These games were written using a combination of CSS, JavaScript and the Document Object Model, collectively termed as dynamic HTML (DHTML). Normally used for drop down menus and simple image rollovers. You can even paste or add this flash games in some of your social networking site like friendster!Let me share you one of my favorite flash games. It was entitled

It is a short role playing game and the story revolves around a young boy's adventures in his own dream.The rules for this game was very easy, all you need to do is to solve hidden puzzles, tricks and more and your mission is to protect this little boy in getting a nightmare. Within his dreams you will meet different scary creatures and goones and you have to defeat them not in your own strength but your thinking ability to solve puzzles.

Fantastic 4 Review


Almost all of the scene in the movie are in the game, from our heroes getting their powers in outer spce to confronting the tunnel-dwelling Mole Man and their arch-nemesis, Doctor Doom.The Film’s actors even have digital counterparts in the game, and they’re wonderful to watch in the cut scenes between missions. The in-game action though, is’nt as amazing, and the repeated use of the team’s powers in beating up hundreds of bad guys can get boring pretty fast.

It more fun to play Fantastic 4 with a friend since the game supports cooperative play, but if you prefer going solo, you can switch control of team members while the rest fight along side you as backup, controlled by the computer. While there are some mini puzzles and quite a number of power upgrades to look forward to, the game’s focus on non-stop, repetitive action can easily wear you out.

The Film sound track is used in the game and all the actors do the character voices. Most of the cut scenes sound good, but in the actual game, hearing our heroes repeating the same lines over and over is more irritating than enduring.

The game takes over six hours to finish and you can unlock a whole bunch of goodies like movie trailers, actor interviews, comic book covers, concept art and more. The Arena Fight mode also lets you test your skills against computer or fellow players.

While Fantastic 4 is okay for a quick game with a friend, it probably won’t keep you interested long enough to finish the game. While it’s cool to play as the “Thing” not being able to bash down walls or throw trucks around can be very frustrating- and not able to fly more than a high foot as the “Human Torch” is just as bad.

Lord of the Rings Online


LotRO (or more properly, The Lord of Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar) may not change the way MMORPG’s are played, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s a combination of the World of WarCraft’s Combat, Cities of Heroes deed system, Final Fantasy XI’s group manouvers, and a whole lot more! What sets Lord og the Rings Online apart from the pack is the music system. This allow your characters to play an instrument through the use of the keyboard’s numeric key pad like a piano. You can even make your own songs and jam with other players. On the minus side, character creation is a bit limited, and i wish it would have a PvP that did’nt limit you to just sending high-level monsters against players.

You can choose one from four available races in the game. This races includes:

Race of Man

Because humas get bonuses lie better melee damage an Morale regen during combat, its good to choose a class that plays to these strengths. While this race allows you to choose from any of the classes available, Humans can make Good Champions and Captains

Race of Elves

Though they have the lowest Morale among all the races, Elves can make good Hunters with ther hgh agility. Plus , a radical accomplishment somewhere down the leveling line increases Elves’ damage using bows.

Race of Dwarfs

Dwarfs are built for combat so choose a class like Guardian or Champion to take advantage of this. Avoid the Hunter class because you wuill be shooting a lot of arrows while putting up with decreased Agility. There are no female character available for Dwarfs.

Race of Hobbit

We’d say Frodo… but Frodo wasnt really a burglar. Hs uncle Blbo though is the aster burglar, which is an exellent class choice frp hobbits. With low Might but with high Vitality, though, practically any of the non -combat classes are Hobbit-worthy.

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In the game, you can choose either a part of the Sentinels or Scourge.


Sentinels are the good guys and are separated into clans: the Tavern, Morning Tavern and Sunrise Tavern.

Here are some great heroes you can choose from,


Rhasta is the shadow shaman from the Tavern Clan. He is a hero with a powerful range magic abilities. His skills include Forked Lightning, Mass Serpant Ward, and Voodoo.


We’ve seen this guy before in the original Warcraft III. With his brute force, Zeus makes a great frontliner for your team. from the clan of the Morning Tavern, his abilities include ThunderGod’s Wrath, Static Field, and Arc Lightning.


Azwraith has great powers og illusion and decpetion. Azwraith can trick enemies by summoning copies of himself or even disappearing. His powers include Dopplewalk, Phantom Edge, and Spirit Lance.


The Scourge heroes are those on the Dark side of the team. Their clans are cold the Evening Tavern, Midnight Taverm and the Twighlight Tavern.

Here are some of the characters you can choose from the Scourge heroes.


Viper is an agile hero from the clan of the Evening Tavern. He is genius in wearing enemies down in his talent in archery. He uses skills like Frenzy, Poison Attack, and Vipe Strike.


This creepy-looking character is a powerful wolf hero of the Midnight Tavern. He is a great in tearing enemies to bits. This tough guy uses spells like Summon Wolves, Shapeshifter, and Feral Heart.


Pudge the buthcher is back and he’s as ugly ans fat as ever. This guy is strong in melee powers which can deal damage as high as 128. From the Twighlight Tavern, Pudge can learn skills like Meat Hook, Flesh Heap, and Dismember.

When making a Dragon Ball game, it’s hard to get a lot of things right. There’s the Supersonic flying, the massive energy blast, the crasahing giant mountains and watching them topple to the ground. Can Budokai Tenkaichi nail it all down? Budokai Tenkaichi means “World’s Best Martial Arts Tournament” in english.

The graphics of the game maybe a little bit blocky, but no mistake: Budokai Tenkaichi moves and looks exactly like the anime. Battles are just as fast and furious as any you would see in the show, with the amazing cell-shaded characters pulling off all those special attacks and craxy finishing moves. The Graphics had me in the action so deep that i were screaming, “Kamekamehaaaa!” along with our onscreen Goku.

With the gigantic 3D arenas, this fighting game gives you all the freedom to take your battles to the next level. You can Dragon Rush forward and get up close and personal, or you can fly up and let loose with the string of “Ki Blast”. But with all the nifty moves at your command, this game is hard or should i say merciless?^^ Gamers looking for a dandy time will end up butting their heads against some frustratingly powerful foes which would be fine if we were all “Super Saiyans” but come on! We’re just humans here!^^

With sound effects and voice acting lifted straight from the show, it’s not hard to get hyped up for the battle. Too bad the tasteless, repetitive music isn’t up to snuff.

The game replay all the greatest DBZ battles, from the arival of Raditz all the way to Goku’s final journey in the Kid Buu episodes. Plus, you can unlock over 60 characters from the entire saga! And that’s just in “Z Battle mode.” Character evolution, ranked tournament, and a 100-fight long challenge make for one jam-packed game!

The fighting system may look simple, but don’t be fooled: your training will be so punishing. Don’t be surprised if you end up throwing your contoller in your Tv screen^^. But if you have the patience to work through it, you’ll find the most complete and exciting Dragon Ball Z experience there is!

I am so happy about the success of the Blog Idol Season 3. At least now, everything is clear. I am happy that the Idol game is now more transparent, more accurate, and more fun. We just done figuring out our Final 6.
All idol participants are promoting their songs and exerting their effort. And as a matter of appreciation, i will be giving additional prizes for the game. Each idol will receive a prize from me.

Here's now the new list of Blog Idol prizes

Top 11- Top 7 will receive this cute Capiz Box

Top 6 - Top 4 will also receive a Capiz Box and a Key Chain

Top 3
Will get a 10$ Cash via Paypal

Top 2
Will get 15$ via Paypal

and the Winner will get
35 $ cash via Paypal

To Summarize it all
Blog Idol Commenter - Blog Idol Tshirt
Top 11 -Capiz Box
Top 10 - Capiz Box
Top 9 - Capiz Box
Top 8 - Capiz Box
Top 7 - Capiz Box
Top 6 - Capiz Box And Key Chain
Top 5 - Capiz Box And Key Chain
Top 4 - Capiz Box And Key Chain
Top 3 - $10
Top 2 - $15
Blog Idol 2010 - $35

I ordered the Capiz Boxes from Soloden of You can contact him by visiting his page here. Each Boxes is worth 4.5$. He also got a 4x6x4 Inches Capiz box.

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Order Custom Essays

Are you having a hard time building a nice and well-written essays? If yes, well, we are on the same boat. Just like you, i really have a hard time creating and writing essays. Most of my works have lots of grammatical errors. One thing that i am worrying about is that, next week, is the red letter day. In that day, school report cards will be given and our parents will see our grades. I am not doing well with my English subject specially when it comes to essay writing. A friend encourage me to visit hoping that this could help. The site offers custom written essays which perfect for me. I also saw their ads in Youtube. You can watch it here,

I guess this is the start of a new dimension to me. I promise to work better in the next school year and with the help of, i have nothing to worry!

Today, i will be sharing some tips on how to defeat the first eight Colossi from the game "Shadow of the Colossus"

Colossus 1 - Go behind the colossus' right leg and stab it so it falls to it's knees. Climb to the top of its weak point.

Colossus 2- When the Colossus rears up, shoot the soles of its feet. It will crash down allowing you to climb up to it's head and to its butt, where its weak points are located.

Colossus 3 - This Colossus holds a giant stone club. Find the Stone platform and stand on it, and roll out of the way when the colossus tries to hit you. The impact will break its left arm armor. Let it try to hit you again. When the Club is stuck, climb up to it and shimmy up the armor break on its arm to reach its weak points on the top of it's head and its belly.

Colossus 4- Find the tunnels and go inside it. The colossus will bend over the entrance and try to sniff you out. Go out the back entrance of the tombs and climb over its tail while it's still looking for you in the other entrance. Its weak point is at the top of its head.

Colossus 5- Swim to the stone tower nearest the colossus and shoot arrows at it until it flies off. Find the three floating stone platforms near any tower and stand on one. Shoot more arrows at the colossus until it dives at you. before it hits you, jump up to its wing. Remember to move across the Colossus' back only when it's flying calmly. Make your way to the tip of its wings and tail for its three weak points.

Colossus 6 - Run! Run all the away to the opposite end of the room and hide inside the alcove where it can't see you. Once it ducks down to take a peek, run and climb up to its beard. Its weak points are the top of its head and its lower back.

Colossus 7- Swim around until you see the Colossus head straight for you. Position yourself so that it passes right under you, then grab onto its tail when it breaks the surface. MAke your way from the tail to its head, making sure to grab on when you go underwater. Stay clear at the spikes as they balst electricity when they hit water. Stab the weak points near the spikes, then go for killing the blow on the Colossus' head.

Colossus 8- Go down to the second floor and shoot some arrows at it to attract the colossus' attention. Once it starts climbing the walls to look for you, avoid its attacks and shoot two of its glowing feet. It will falls down on its back. Jump down to the arena , get on its underside and stb the two weak points you'll find on its chest and its belly

My Dream Vehicle

Last month, my auntie and I went to a car exhibit. The exhibit showcased different expensive and vintage cars. We really had so much fun and we grabbed the opportunity to take some photos.

(my auntie and the expensive limousine being showcased at the exhibit)

(vintage car from the exhibit)
I think almost all of us are wishing to own a car, right? Well, aside from helping us in saving money from any transportation expenses, car is also a great investment.
The most exciting part of owning a car is when you try to personalize it. I have a cousin who is fond of buying car accessories and design his own car. He has some cool gadgets inside and upgraded most of its parts.
It may sound weird but my first dream vehicle is a truck. I just love to imagine driving big wheeler vehicles. Trucks are mainly used for business purposes and that is what makes me really eager to have one. We have a small catering business and I realized that it is so perfect to have a truck to make it easy for us to transport all our catering equipments in no time. And I guess, we can save a huge amount of money because we do not have to rent a car every time we have service.
Besides, trucks and cars are almost the same. There are truck accessories available in the market. You can also customize your truck to make it more appealing to everyone. There are some sites that showcase truck accessories and one of them is the, a perfect place to find all types of car and truck accessories. From dash kits, grilles, wheels, lights, liners, mats and more! Name it! got them all for you.

Look at this Hummer 2003 and see how well it improves after placing those cool and easy-to-install chrome trim accessories which are purchasable at You can visit their site and see what more the site has to offer for you and for your car!

Photo Share of the Day


Old Children Books

My New Avatar and Me

My Auntie's Mini Booth

My Brother's Action pose

Harvest Moon Review


Since this game is a rehash of the older Harvest Moon title, the graphics of the game can look a little dated. But they're just right for this sort of game, and the cute(and often comical) facial expressions on the characters and animals will definitely win you over.

It is also cool how the game manages to go from day to night and even from season to season pretty convincingly.
A farmer's duties are varied enough to keep you from getting bored. Managing your farm involves making your farm prosper, tending your crops, caring for the land, watering the soil, gathering resources, feeding the animals, selling vegetables and dairy products and doing other farming chores. Harvest moon also has an RPG element that lets you interact with the villagers, who have their own stories to tell and advice to give. As the villagers go about their business, you can drop by regularly-scheduled activities in the community, and even get married along the way!

Unavoidable in any game simulation game is the repetitive background music, but in this game it's actually quite pleasant and soothing while you're hard at work on the farm.

Being a sim game, the way the game ends depends on you and how easily you get bored. The main goal is to improve life on your farm. As long as there is something that needs to be done on your land, you can keep coming back to work on it. And there are tons to do in Harvest Moon. If you get sick of tending to your crops and animals, you can always head to town and mingle with the townsfolk instead. The possibilities are endless!!

If you're tired of the usual hack-and-theslashers and want a different kind of challenge, give this game a try!

I am Sunny Day

I am Sunny day

You Are Sunny

You are an upbeat, positive person who refuses to get too down in the dumps.

You realize that life is short, and you know you're going to try to have as much fun as possible!

You try to laugh, play, and love every day. You believe that happiness is a choice.

You take your responsibilities seriously, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourself in the process.

Rail Trip To Europe

Visiting Europe has been always been a dream for me. Europe has been a tourist destination especially for couples who want to give way for their honeymoon and of course it is also perfect families get away. Of course, once we said Europe, we always think of the Eifel tower found in Paris, France. There are so many places to visit once you step in Europe that is why most travelers are buying Euro Train ticket and have some rail travel in Europe and explore the wonders of this continent. Through this rail travel offered by Euro Trains, all passengers will have a chance to view great scenery and cities each Europe country has to offer. I think I better start packing up my things and take advantage of my vacation and buy Euro tickets now. Europe here I come!!

Spider Man 2 ~ Review

Spider Man 2 ~ PLAY STATION 2

The PS2 and the XboxVersion of Spiderman 2 was a blast. It finally gave tired superhero games a fresh shotin the arm with its free roaming gameplay. Unfortunately the PSP version of Spiderman 2 doesnt let you to explore Manhattan as freely. Instead, the game is more likely the first Spiderman game on the PS2 where you are given specific missons that you have to complete. Going anywhere elese means an instant failure.
Most of the enemies are set indoors with the focus on fighting several enemies at once. Controlling Spidey feels a bit iffy since you use d-pad to move and adjust the camera at the same time. Spidey still has his arsenal moves like web swinging, charged jumps, dives and web zips, and you can earn points to upgrade some of your moves.
For his part, Spiderman moves as well as his console counterpar. Its just weird as he moves accross buildings, his webbing seems to cling on to thin air. My main complaint thought, is how easy and short everything is. It will take you less than three hours to finish the entire game.

Fast Search

Music has been a part of my life. I guess I can’t live a day without listening to any music. I am a certified music lover especially old songs from the 80’s and 90’s. I love listening from different music genre like jazz, pop, ballad, light rock, alternative and more. For me, listening to Music can help us in so many ways. Listening to a happy music can help you overcome depression; it can also serve as your stress reliever. It can also be an energizer that is why If there's one thing i can't live without, that would be my MP3. I love music especially classic songs. However, these songs are really hard to find that is why i am very thankful that there are sites where i can download my favorite songs. You can download MP3 files anywhere online but the problem is, sometimes, the files are broken and you cannot do anything about it. I just found a File Search engine sites,, that offers fast search for depositfiles and a perfect place where I can search and download my favorite Movies, Music, Games, Applications, Books and more! is never failed me. I got the right files completely. Actually, right now, I am planning to download 4 new songs to be added on my play list. Happy Downloading everyone!

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