Book Review # 9

Spoiler warning read it at your own risk!
Today's book review will be
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by no other than J.K Rowling. This Installment of Harry Potter series leaves us with more clues and questions on what will happen next to Harry and his friends, and more importantly, in his inevitable final encounter with Lord Valdemort. And there's a lot more drama too! Harry discovers the identity of the Half Blood Prince, confronts the ministry of Magic, learn something about the Dark Lord's past, discover something troubling with Professor Snape, and gets his second Kiss (with whom?)
If you're going to watch the film, i will suggest that you bring lots of tissues because there will be a big drama. A beloved character dies, leaving Harry more orphaned than before (sob!). the sixth book leaves us hanging to find out what happens in Book seven. I am pretty sure J K Rowling has plenty surprises up her sleeves.


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