Benefits of massage chairs

My father suffered from mild stoke last 2001 and until now, he still under medication and series of medical therapies. We were very much affected of what happened to him especially my mother. We try to consult some medical specialist to help our father to recover immediately. One of the doctors told us that our father must undergo series of reflex therapy. We never waste our time so we contact a reflexology and a physical therapist to help my dad.
According to the Physical Therapist, some of his nerves are not functioning properly and it is very advisable to have an expert like him to massage my dad. Through physical massage, there will be a big possibility for my dad to recover and to bring back his previous condition.
He also referred us to buy use massage chair so in case his not around, we can still maintain our father's regular therapy. These Massage Chairs are very interesting and very useful as well. It has a human-like massage that replicates the rolling, kneading, compression and percussion techniques of massage professionals. It also provide a full-body massage from neck to foot. Sometimes, i am thinking that embracing advance technology is not bad at all and in fact, this technology will be vary useful just like for my dad.


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