Online Journey Gadget Review Special

Wear your goggles and get ready to watch a movie. Yes! A goggle called Myvu Crystal displays information directly from a portable media player, so you can watch movie right in front of your eyes. So even you are sitting on a chair, it feels like your watching a large tv across the room.
A tiny LCD screen is embedded on the glasses, with a set of lenses such that when you use the glasses, the image is correctly focused on both eyes. In-ear buds provide the sound. A battery located in a dongle that hangs down from the glasses can be charged through a standard USB Socket; a full charge should last around 4 hours. To control brightness and volume, use the dongle.

Cheap Insurance For you!

Almost everything has insurance. Your house, car, your self and any of your properties should be insured to hedge against the risk of a contingent loss. I wasn’t that so sure about the normal flow of how this insurance work, however, one thing I know for sure is that, this insurance will not leave you hanging after a possible devastating loss. Good thing there are available cheap insurance quotes online. If you drop by at, whether it is auto insurance, home insurance, health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, business insurance or burial insurance, name it, you can find all of these including cheap homeowners insurance online. So if you do not have any insurance yet for your business, car, home or for your self, you better do an action for this before it’s too late.

Place Your Bet Now!

I have never been in any kind of sports. I have never been involved in our school Varsity. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t like sports, it’s just that, I am not fit enough to play the actual game. Actually, I am certified sports fan especially when it comes to Basketball. Here in Philippines, Basketball is the most common sports and I’ve been an avid fan since I was a kid. I never missed to watch PBA (PBA stands for Philippine Basketball Association) Philippine’s version of NBA. I also watch it live if my time and my working schedule allow me. Before the battle begins, my friends and I were placing our bet first. I am proud to say that I always won over my friends! Haha!
Anyway, watching a basketball game live is more exciting and more thrilling. You can feel the intense from the audience and the scream from the crowd. Even though I can’t watch it live, I can still feel the excitement and that is by participating in some sport betting sites. However, I have to be very careful in choosing a sport betting sites knowing that I will be dealing with real money here. You don’t want to waste your sports bets by participating in an untrusted site right? To avoid being scammed, I recommend you to visit It provides a list of world’s top Sports betting site. It also provides the latest sport happenings and events to keep you updated. So go ahead! Start Placing your Bet!


Online Journey Gadget Review Special
Straight-up and boring flash drives are things of the past with the Mimobot flash drive. Made by Boston-based manufacturer Mimoco, the ninobots feature original patterns and designs that will blend in perfectly with your colorful pens and notebooks. Just don't get them mixed up with your kid's toys because you might have a tough time finding them. It also comes in Chewbacca and Darth Vader designs. The capacity can reach 256 to 2GB. With Optional Keychain accesories.

Buying a Car

Buying a car is not that easy. It is like buying a house where in you have to be very careful and observant in choosing the right one that will suit you well. Before buying a car, you have to be aware that it follows responsibility. You need to become responsible in taking care of your car. As a car owner, you should know all the safety rules in driving. A part of your responsibility as a car owner is also to insure your car. There are plenty of car models and brands but only few are said to be the best of their kind. The competitions between these car models take place on the style, performance, quality, specs and features of a car. It is advisable that before you buy a care, you seek for some advices first either from a friend or from an expert. Yesterday, while I am surfing the web, I found a site that offers car reviews. The site provides very detailed information about cars. Here are some car models that catch my attention while I am browsing their site.

If you like a mid size car, well you will definitely love to have this infiniti g37. Last year, a new convertible version of this car was introduced sporting a folding hardtop arrangement. This year, it offers some subtle changes for big differences, with new design inside and out and a whole lot more.

Meanwhile, this kia sportage is definitely perfect for your family. With generous seating for five, fuel efficient engines, this car is an excellent package for value-conscious buyers.

But if you want your car to look a little more current, you will definitely love this convertible chrysler sebring. This car will surely catch anyone’s attention and perfect for summer trip.
So there you have it. These are three of the lovely cars I found at If you’re interested, you can visit them too and see what more the site has to offer!


Online Journey Gadget Review Special

Criminals, beware! I found out while i am surfing the when that there's now a what so called Security Robot that can trap intruders in a flash. The prototype T-34 Robot moves up to 10 kilometers per hour. It is guided by a human controller who sees real time images of its location through video link to a security center or even a cell phone.
The small robot which weights 12 kilograms, has wheels and is equipped with sensors that can detect eh movements of intruders. Sensor can detect changes in temperature due to body heat; they can even pick up faint sounds. Amazing!

Online Journey Gadget Review Special
There's never a good place to leave your money or gadgets on the beach. Chances are they'll end up covered with sand wherever you leave them. Good thing the people at Mobile Wonders came up with this handy water proof cases for just about anything! There's one for your ipod or iphone, your mobile phone and music players, and yes, even for your keys and wallet. Now you can dive into the water without worrying about your valuables. Just don't let a stray turtle snatch them away from you LolZ just kidding!
This Mobile wonders can work as a neckband or an armband. They are triple-sealed and can work as an underwater case for digital cameras!


It is hard to accept that my friend Jenny is about to migrate in Canada. He’s father is working there and decided to take his wife and daughter with him. They are all done with the papers and important documents they need for migration. It is really hard for me to accept that my friend is leaving and I feel like my heart is broken down into pieces. I have heard that they will be staying there in Canada for good but she told me that she will keep our communication which sounds better to me. I really don’t know about the process of emigrating but I know the fact that there is a big possibility that we will be migrating soon knowing that my dad is also working abroad. And if he got a citizenship there, he will sure petition us and stay with him for good. This makes me so eager to know more about emigration and how it works. Just like last night when I found a site entitled “emigrate” that really helps me a lot. As what the site name suggests, it offers a lot of information emigrating including the “10 things you need to know before emigrating”, a free ebook I downloaded from their site last night. This site is said to be number one to UK when it comes to providing emigration advices. Well, I know emigrating is a long process but I am looking forward to it.


Online Journey Gadget Review Special

The world is getting awfully close to having real robot servants but for now, we'll have to settle for something just a bit short of the real deal. Introducing U-Robo, an R2-D2 look-alike that was designed to stay at home and help out with daily house chores.
While it still isn't clear what it can actually do, U-Robo is equipped with voice recognition, motion and light detectors, and an eight axis motor which makes it versatile enough to do simple tasks.
Some of its features include
  • Wi-Fi and RFID-equipped
  • 6.4 inch touchscreen
  • Programmable display below the "eyes"
  • Ethernet and USB 2.0
How i wish i could afford this state-of-the-art creation!


Online Journey Gadget Review Special

Here's another cool gadget. With the design flair in mind, the eggheads at NEC came up with the "Wacca". Wacca is a gadget, an accessory and a fashion statement that records the wearer's activities through out the day with pictures and videos. Think of it as recording your whole life in a digital format so you can access(or blog) it whenever you please. Amazing!

I have in which we will be calling in the name of “Jenny”. It’s not her real name because I don’t want to invade her privacy and as a matter of respect as well. Now here’s the story, Jenny is my former classmate in high school. We are not that close but we used to become seatmates. Jenny is a strong girl with a strong personality. You fight her and she fights back, that’s how Jenny is. However, in this strong personality lies a soft and gentle girl. Jenny is an overweight girl who makes her the center of attraction and jokes everyday. Everyone tease her but she never shows her weaknesses, she always fights back. Sometimes I felt pity for her and asked myself why everyone should be that rude to her. Five years later, when our batch decided to have a reunion, I saw Jenny again with a huge transformation. The overweight Jenny transformed to a sexy lady. It’s like a jaw-dropping moment as she walks on the stage as if everyone is asking “Is that Jenny?” She told everyone that she undergone medical operation called liposuction. She told us that she have done it not just to please everyone for her new look but also for herself. We saw her confidence boost which is so good for her.
Speaking of that liposuction, I have read a magazine yesterday talking about the increasing population of people who have taken plastic surgery. I search online and found out that most of the best surgeons in the world are in US. One of them is the Rodeo Drive. With their services including beverly hills liposuction and California tummy tuck, Rodeo Drive offers the best quality services and a very satisfying transformation just like what happen to my friend. With their five star services and facilities and with their well trusted Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, you’ll definitely feel like a celebrity! To check more about Rodeo Drive, just visit them at and see what the site has to offer!

Back Pain Relief

Have you encountered the word “Chiropractic?” I first heard this word after I joined my mom in visiting our family doctor to get her back checked. We noticed that our mom kept on complaining about her back aches. We were very worried so we asked her to contact her doctor and get her back checked before it’s too late. The reason why I was so worried was because I remembered what a teacher of mine told us about a medical condition called Scoliosis. It is a kind of a body disorder that is associated with the skeletal system of our body especially the spine. I don’t know much about this condition and all I know is that it is a condition that needs special treatment. After my mom’s check-up, we are very thankful as my mom doesn’t have this kind of condition. A Chiropractor is who she could have used as they specialize in this field. I did a lot of research about this condition and the chiropractors who treat it and other injuries. I found out that this condition often occurs in people who actively participate in sports like football and wrestling or with people who struggle with pain and posture. This condition and others is what exactly what is treated by Dr Vince Hassel, a Des Moines chiropractor. When he was in high school and experienced injury, he became more eager to learn about the chiropractic field of medicine, in order to help others. I just found the website for his practice which offers chiropractic Des Moines treatments. Dr Vince Hassel together with another chiropractor Des Moines expert, Dr Ross DeBoer, will ensure you that after undergoing their chiropractic treatment, you’ll feel little or no back pain and better yet learn how to maintain recovery and prevent further injury. They will sure open a door for you towards a brand new and healthy life!

The Ecobutton

Online Journey Gadget Review Special

Who said computers can only harm our ecosystem? You can actually think greeen with computers. There's now the "ecobutton", a laptop and PC energy saving device. Perfect as we are now celebrating Earth day. by simple pressing the ecobutton before you leave your PC or laptop for lunch or dinner break, you leave your computer in an energy saving ecomode. In other words, your PC or laptop only uses very small amount of energy. Its easy to see ans easy to use so you won't miss pushing that button. It is also fitted with a software that recored how many carbon units, power and money you save everytime you switch over to ecomode. Nice and eco-friendly gadget. Recommendable to everyone. Help save our world from global warming in your own simple way!

I really had fun watching “Clash of the Titans” yesterday. For me, it is one of the best movies of this year and probably one of the best movie remakes. I really love watching movies because it doubles the fun and excitement than watching it on DVD. I make sure that I am always updated about what movies are currently showing and what movies are about to be seen in the big screen. I also make sure that I will watch the movie in its premiere night and I get frustrated if I failed just like what happen to me before watching the “Clash of the Titans”. I got sick on its actual premiere day that’s why I failed to watch it on its first day of showing in cinemas. I am actually the spoiler in our group. I used to reveal the movie endings even my friends haven’t watch it yet. I am very choosing when it comes to movie. I can say that I am not a type of person who is after the movie actors. I don’t care if the star in that movie is not so famous as long as the story line is great and the actor can deliver his role so well. That’s why I tried to read some Movie Reviews online first before watching any movie. The more good feedbacks the movie has, the more I am eager to watch that movie. is one of my favorite entertainment sources. The site keep me updated on the latest happenings, keep me on the track as it provides latest upcoming movies and a lot of celebrity news. I just checked their site awhile ago and I found out some great movies to watch including the second installment of film Sex in the City. Check out iVillage and be updated with the latest entertainment trends.


Roald Dahl's Collection
Online Journey's Book Review Special

This is the last book from Roald dahl.Little Billy is forbidden by his mother to enter the Forest of Sin behind his house. She tells him of the Whangdoodles, Hornswogglers, Snozzwanglers and Vermicious knids that live in the forest. Worst of all is the Terrible Bloodsuckling Toothpluckling Stonechuckling Spittler, which chases its prey while glowing clouds of hot smoke pour out of his nose, and then swallows them up in one gulp. Little Billy doesn't believe his mother, and the Devil tells Little Billy that the monsters don't exist, and there is a plethora of luscious wild strawberries in the forest. Soon, Little Billy is walking through the forest when he hears something coming after him, and runs to escape it. As he looks back, he sees puffs of orange-red smoke catching up with him. He escapes what he is sure must be the Spittler by climbing up a tree as high and as fast as he can. When he comes to a rest, he notices windows opening all over the branches, and discovers a whole city of little people, the Minpins, living inside the tree. The leader of the Minpins tells Little Billy that the monster waiting under the tree is the Red-Hot Smoke-Belching Gruncher, who grunches up everything in the forest. It seems that there is no way for Little Billy to safely get down from the tree and return home. But upon learning of the close friendship between the Minpins and birds, Little Billy devises a plan to rid the forest of the Gruncher: Little Billy flies on the back of a swan and uses his scent to lure the Gruncher into a lake. The water of the lake puts out the fire in the Gruncher's belly, killing him. The Minpins are grateful to Little Billy for ridding the forest of their tormentor. They reward him by sending the swan to serve as Little Billy's own personal transport every night, which he uses to explore the world and to continue his newfound friendship with the Minpins.
Next theme will be all about gadget reviews! Watch out fore it. Hope all of you enjoyed recapping all of Roald Dahl's creations!

Proper Dog Care

Meet Kito, he’s my beloved dog! He is given to me by my Uncle after his dog gave birth to five cute little puppies. Since it is my birthday at that time, he gave me Kito as his birthday gift. I treat my dog as my best friend already and I love playing with him. He helps me a lot in relieving my stress brought to me by my work. Whenever I’m depressed, Kito helped me to overcome it! Kito is such a playful and noisy dog. He used to bite everything he sees around him like our slippers, shoes and more which leaves a big mess. Nevertheless, I still love my dog and because of his unbreakable loyalty and sweetness, I as hi owner, in return, is responsible to take care of him and provide everything he needs. I try searching some online articles and guidelines to learn more about proper owning and taking care of dogs. Luckily I found an online buying guide that offers a very useful dog care buying guide. I really learned a lot from that site especially when it comes to my dog’s biting habit. I never thought that there are toys specifically made for dogs. This dog toys will help to lessen your dog’s aggressiveness. A friend also advised me to provide my dog a regular veterinary care. This will help to endure my dog’s health. I used to buy Kito a dog food than providing him leftover foods. As an owner, I give what my dog needs. I give them dog foods than left over foods; I provide them regular hygiene care; I bought shampoos, powder and soap specifically made fore dogs, and a whole lot more. So far I can say that I am a responsible Dog owner. Dogs are man’s best friends. They are always ready to protect us whenever we’re in danger. And we as their owner should give them proper attention, love and care.
Since I have mentioned something about Online guides, my cousin brought his Play Station 2 in our house yesterday. He brought some cool games to play too! I love video games especially those RPG games. Speaking of RPG, I must say that Resident Evil 4 is my favorite. I’ve been a fan of Resident Evil game series. Resident Evil 4 is probably the greatest version of the game when it comes to graphics and game play. My favorite character from Resident Evil 2, Leo Kennedy is the playable character in the new game. Aida Wong from Resident 2 also will accompany Leon to save Ashley , president’s daughter who was kidnapped. Anyway, I am not yet done with the game so I can’t share the whole details. I used to check some PS2 Games buying guide before buying the actual game. I also visit some online forums and check feedbacks about a certain game whether it’s good or not.
Okay, that’s all for now, will give you updates about my dog Kito and about my Resident Evil 4 journey soon! Have a great day and happy blogging

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