Back Pain Relief

Have you encountered the word “Chiropractic?” I first heard this word after I joined my mom in visiting our family doctor to get her back checked. We noticed that our mom kept on complaining about her back aches. We were very worried so we asked her to contact her doctor and get her back checked before it’s too late. The reason why I was so worried was because I remembered what a teacher of mine told us about a medical condition called Scoliosis. It is a kind of a body disorder that is associated with the skeletal system of our body especially the spine. I don’t know much about this condition and all I know is that it is a condition that needs special treatment. After my mom’s check-up, we are very thankful as my mom doesn’t have this kind of condition. A Chiropractor is who she could have used as they specialize in this field. I did a lot of research about this condition and the chiropractors who treat it and other injuries. I found out that this condition often occurs in people who actively participate in sports like football and wrestling or with people who struggle with pain and posture. This condition and others is what exactly what is treated by Dr Vince Hassel, a Des Moines chiropractor. When he was in high school and experienced injury, he became more eager to learn about the chiropractic field of medicine, in order to help others. I just found the website for his practice which offers chiropractic Des Moines treatments. Dr Vince Hassel together with another chiropractor Des Moines expert, Dr Ross DeBoer, will ensure you that after undergoing their chiropractic treatment, you’ll feel little or no back pain and better yet learn how to maintain recovery and prevent further injury. They will sure open a door for you towards a brand new and healthy life!


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