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I have never been in any kind of sports. I have never been involved in our school Varsity. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t like sports, it’s just that, I am not fit enough to play the actual game. Actually, I am certified sports fan especially when it comes to Basketball. Here in Philippines, Basketball is the most common sports and I’ve been an avid fan since I was a kid. I never missed to watch PBA (PBA stands for Philippine Basketball Association) Philippine’s version of NBA. I also watch it live if my time and my working schedule allow me. Before the battle begins, my friends and I were placing our bet first. I am proud to say that I always won over my friends! Haha!
Anyway, watching a basketball game live is more exciting and more thrilling. You can feel the intense from the audience and the scream from the crowd. Even though I can’t watch it live, I can still feel the excitement and that is by participating in some sport betting sites. However, I have to be very careful in choosing a sport betting sites knowing that I will be dealing with real money here. You don’t want to waste your sports bets by participating in an untrusted site right? To avoid being scammed, I recommend you to visit It provides a list of world’s top Sports betting site. It also provides the latest sport happenings and events to keep you updated. So go ahead! Start Placing your Bet!


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