I am a certified Movie-goer!

I really had fun watching “Clash of the Titans” yesterday. For me, it is one of the best movies of this year and probably one of the best movie remakes. I really love watching movies because it doubles the fun and excitement than watching it on DVD. I make sure that I am always updated about what movies are currently showing and what movies are about to be seen in the big screen. I also make sure that I will watch the movie in its premiere night and I get frustrated if I failed just like what happen to me before watching the “Clash of the Titans”. I got sick on its actual premiere day that’s why I failed to watch it on its first day of showing in cinemas. I am actually the spoiler in our group. I used to reveal the movie endings even my friends haven’t watch it yet. I am very choosing when it comes to movie. I can say that I am not a type of person who is after the movie actors. I don’t care if the star in that movie is not so famous as long as the story line is great and the actor can deliver his role so well. That’s why I tried to read some Movie Reviews online first before watching any movie. The more good feedbacks the movie has, the more I am eager to watch that movie. http://www.ivillage.com is one of my favorite entertainment sources. The site keep me updated on the latest happenings, keep me on the track as it provides latest upcoming movies and a lot of celebrity news. I just checked their site awhile ago and I found out some great movies to watch including the second installment of film Sex in the City. Check out iVillage and be updated with the latest entertainment trends.


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