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Have you been to I've been there last night after being referred to me by a friend. As what the site's name connotes, it surely bring fun while dealing and making bids to those highly innovative and highly desired products. You can Bid for a specific item and get a chance to win in in a very affordable price. From Laptops, mobile phones, smart phones, cameras, shirts and other signature clothes and items. Name it, the site has it all for you and what it all takes is to bid in order to get your desired price for a very low price.
Now, the thing is, is it reliable enough? Is there any proof that the winner bidder gets the prize? How reputable the site is? Well of course, Internet is such a large world and it is more like you're searching for a needle out of a huge corn field. You can never tell how reputable a certain website is unless you conduct your own observation. Before dealing with any site, it is advisable to get recommendations or suggestions from your friends or relatives or people who have tried such websites. Or better yet, check some reliable reviews online. As for the DealFun, there are also some reliable and non bias reviews to help you.
So far, I received nothing but positive feedbacks from this site. Actually if you're going to check the site, on the lower left corner of the webpage, you'll see a logo indicating how reliable and credible DealFun is so I guess that's good enough to tell that DealFun is something really worth visiting for.

If you're planning to remodel or renovate your house, will you consider using Vinyl Composition Tile (or simply Vinyl Tiles) for your flooring and kitchen countertops? If you're budget is quite limited, then most likely, you will absolutely include Vinyl as one of your top choice material alongside with other inexpensive finishing like Ceramic Tiles and Laminated Flooring. Vinyl is not a Linoleum nor a Ceramic finishing but it usually resemble the same appearance.
Vinyl is inexpensive indeed yet you have to buy a special adhesive to attach them. Tiles are typically waxed and buffed using special materials and equipment too. Well, unlike Ceramic Tiles, Vinyl are quite sensitive to heat and the colors easily fade away in a short period of time. And worst, the tiles will start breaking or popping up because of improper application of adhesive or by too much exposure to heat just like what happened to these tiles I saw last weekend. Check how Vinyl tiles lose their alignment and starting to popped up.(It may not be so clear in this picture but if you're going to look closer, you'll see thateach tiles are not aligned properly anymore which is a sign of improper installation or application of adhesive)

Well, in fairness to Vinyl tiles, you can easily replace them by taking out the damaged part and replace it with a new one. But of course, replacement can be very costly especially if you keep on doing it over and over again. If ever I will remodel my own house or kitchen, I would definitely not consider such material. I am not necessarily saying that it's not an ideal one but it's just that, I am considering the quality and durability than anything else. I may have a limited budget but I will definitely save my money just to make use of those high quality materials like Marble or granite most especially for my countertop. Having high quality Countertops like those countertops vancouver being offered by Floform. They are well known in this kind of industry and has been serving their costumers for five decades! If ever I'm residing in Canada, I will definitely gran that opportunity to get Floform's incomparable service.
How about you? Will you go for Vinyl which is very affordable yet not so satisfying quality or will you go for an expensive one yet highly durable?

This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am so grateful to received a call from the company that I am currently applying for. The agent told me that I was able to pass my Final interview which was held last Friday. This is definitely a good start for me as I am trying to enter a new career. As we all know, it's pretty hard to get a job nowadays and the increasing rate of unemployment here and abroad is quite alarming. With this time of crisis, we really have to be very wise most especially with our expenses. You might want to set aside those personal leisure of yours and save your money for your future needs. Buy only the things that you need. Just like in getting a phone plan for example, most of us are so crazy to acquire a post paid plan without realizing how much money we're wasting. Again, as I've said, you have to be WISE so why do you have to be in a postpaid plan and deal with their surprising and unreasonable bills if you can have all the services and features you need in a Prepaid plan.
Why should you waste your money and chained yourself with their contact if you can have Straight Talk amazing and affordable plans right? I really love the idea that Straight Talk can make you feel richer because they can definitely cut your cell phone bills into half. Keep in mind that aside from your phone bills, you also have to take care of the other bills you have at home including the electric bill, water, aircon, Internet and more. Switching to a prepaid plan is absolutely a great help for someone who's budget is quite limited.
Imagine the amount of money you could save switching to Straight Talk. You can save it for your future needs or you can also treat yourself by buying something you desire like a gadget or accessory maybe.
Again, There are no contracts, no surprise bills and no credit checks involved here so there's no reason for you to worry and to think of those monthly phone bills. Straight Talk offers great nationwide coverage and excellent reception/connectivity. They also uses trusted phone manufacturers like LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Nokia and Samsung.
You can have The power of Android phones with all the apps and games that you need using this very smart plan from Straight Talk. You can Have their unlimited service for as low as $45/month. Now who would have thought that someone can Feel Richer with Android!
They also have the "All You Need Plan" which has 1,000 minutes, 1,000 texts and 30 MB of web data. You can Feel Richer with Android indeed because if you're going to pay their Unlimited plan for  the whole year , it will just cost you $499.00 in which you can save up to 40$.
They Also offer International Long Distance Service with low rates.
You can check this video for more info about Straight Talk.

The getting richer effect has expanded... by LittleBard95

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They said that the best way to stay out of the blues is to get socialized. I'm not sure if all of you will agree but I am highly in favor with the socialized thing here. Socializing means getting friends and getting along with people that you love and people that you like.

If you're the type of guy who always on the state of solitude and prefer not to mingle with others, then it's time for you to change your lifestyle because isolating yourself to others will bring no good to you. It will just worsen your depression, making it too difficult for you to overcome it.
Depression is a mental disorder and the person who has serious depression should seek for guidance from experts psychiatrist, psychologist or any related field. It is a mental disorder indeed but it doesn't been you should compare it to insanity. But if you're going to let your depression within you, then you might end up reaching that point. Suicidal attempt is also a big threat for a person who has serious depression.
Through expert Counseling, these worst case scenarios can be prevented and depression can be cured.
If you have a problem right now, do not keep it all by yourself. You have friends and you have families that you can always count on. Tell them your problems and I'm sure they can help you and give you right advices to help you get rid of it.Just be with other people and your feelings of isolation will fade.

How do you see yourself 10 years from now? Do you still work under the supervision of your employer or are you going to be the boss of your own business? For someone who is not familiar with the business industry like me, I find starting a business very interesting and fun. I am aware about the risk but just like what they said, you'll never know if you are going to succeed in such field unless you try it.
You just have to courage and the confidence in order to start your business successfully. It may take time and it may require a lot of your patience, but with the hard work and determination, I'm sure all these sacrifices will paid off.
Speaking of Business, have you heard about the "Import Export" trading business? I heard a lot of positive feedback about this nature of business from most of my blogger friends. They used to have these online shop, showcasing their products imported from foreign country.
I find the business really intriguing and I might consider trying it in the future.
If you guys are interested, you can also check Perry Belcher's " Import Export Book" to learn more about this field and to absorb some of the secret formula towards success. Who knows, you might be hailed as one of the successful businessman in the future?

Marble Vs Granite

There has been an on going argument comparing both Marble and granite finishing. Which of them is considered as the best medium? Which is more economical and which is more practical? Let's make an analogical comparison between the two and let's find out which is much better and which is just okay.
There are major differences between the two even though they are somewhat similar, Granite and Marble are extremely different materials.
Durability - It is very important to find out how durable the material is. Keep in mind that if ever you choose to have a material that is not so durable, chances are, you will be replacing them over and over again which is really costly. In fairness with Marble and Granite, both of them are highly durable however Granite seems to be better than marble countertop because it is highly resistant to scratch unlike marble which is quite sensitive and would not even allow you to chop, slice or cut on top of it.
Maintenance - Both of them are immensely beautiful but how hard they are to be maintained? With sealer and special cleaning solution, you can clean both material with no ease however Marble seems to be more porous than granite which means it is very prone to stain most especially if you failed to clean the coutertop on a regular basis. But nevertheless, both of them are highly recommendable.
Heat Resistant - Granite is more resistant to heat. You can place hot pots on top of it without damaging it's appearance or leaving any stain. Unfortunately, you can't do that with marble countertop because they can't take much direct heat and they tend to get discoloration if you keep on doing that repeatedly.
I don't mean to be so bias here but it seems that granite is more recommendable than marble but it doesn't necessarily mean that marble is not an ideal material. Both of them are perfect as long as you know how to maintain them properly.
And just in case you're looking for a high quality granite san jose countertops, you can check Marble City on their official webpage at They have wide variety of countertops to offer that will absolutely suits your kitchen.

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