They said that the best way to stay out of the blues is to get socialized. I'm not sure if all of you will agree but I am highly in favor with the socialized thing here. Socializing means getting friends and getting along with people that you love and people that you like.

If you're the type of guy who always on the state of solitude and prefer not to mingle with others, then it's time for you to change your lifestyle because isolating yourself to others will bring no good to you. It will just worsen your depression, making it too difficult for you to overcome it.
Depression is a mental disorder and the person who has serious depression should seek for guidance from experts psychiatrist, psychologist or any related field. It is a mental disorder indeed but it doesn't been you should compare it to insanity. But if you're going to let your depression within you, then you might end up reaching that point. Suicidal attempt is also a big threat for a person who has serious depression.
Through expert Counseling, these worst case scenarios can be prevented and depression can be cured.
If you have a problem right now, do not keep it all by yourself. You have friends and you have families that you can always count on. Tell them your problems and I'm sure they can help you and give you right advices to help you get rid of it.Just be with other people and your feelings of isolation will fade.


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