Just like what i said, we are set to make 8 art projects this month. We are almost done!!! We already done with 7 out of this eight projects. Here's a short recap of our Art projects for this month.

Santa Hat

Recycled Lantern

Popsicle Stick Picture Frame

Improvised Maracas

Poinsettia Christmas tree Hanging Decor

Gift Box Christmas tree Hanging Decor
Miniature Christmas tree

Our last project is the high light of this month's theme. Now let me share you a photo to give you a hint!

Hair Care Products

There are many hair products today that promised you to achieve that beautiful and healthy looking hair but only few are said to be very effective. In buying hair products, you have to be very observant. Also beware of the fakes and imitations .They will do nothing onto your hair and will just make your hair condition much worst. You also have to be aware that not all hair products can be applicable for you. It depends upon your hair type. There are hair care products made specifically for a certain hair condition. There are hair care products made to remedy damaged and dry hair and there are also products made for oily hair. Be observant and be wise. It is much better if you consult a cosmetologist before trying a certain item or visit your nearest salon from time to time and let your hair be checked. They sure know what exactly the products you need for your hair.

Did you know that Joico makes a broad selection of
hair color products? Their salon-quality hair products such as their K-PAK Color Therapy shampoo and conditioner are world class.

Achieving a clean and beautiful hair is not as easy as what you think. It is more than just rinsing and using shampoo. Frequent using of shampoo may even damage your hair make its condition worst. Same thing goes with the conditioner. Well, i am not saying that you should not use both shampoo and conditioner; it’s just that you have to look first what your hair really needs. Using conditioner for example will depend upon your hair style and type. The hair conditioner is very essential and plays a very important role in keeping your hair smooth, clean and shinny. Buy if you have an oily type of hair, using conditioner will not harm your hair but will not do anything either. Those who have oily hair should use shampoo more frequently than conditioner but if you hair gets dry and frizzy, then that’s the time that you have to use conditioner more frequently than shampoo. Achieving a beautiful hair is not that hard if you are aware about the right products that will suit your hair needs.
Did you know that Joico makes a broad selection of
hair color products? Their salon-quality hair products such as their K-PAK Color Therapy shampoo and conditioner are world class.

General Cleaning

We had a general cleaning yesterday and we look for things at the storage room that we can give away or disposed.

Old Trophies

Ugly looking Dar and a Barbie

Another Scary Looking Porcelain Doll

Old Picture of my Mom

What Fairytale Are You?

Haha. I really love reading Fairytale and my mom used to buy use books and read it to use before we sleep when we were kids. Here i took this blog thing funny quiz and here's the result.

You Are Rapunzel

You are shy and a bit sheltered. You're curious about the world, and you want to break free!

You sometimes feel like you're waiting for your life to begin. There's so much you want to see and do.

You're still trying to figure out who you are and your place in the world. You're not sure what you who you want to be yet.

You are resourceful and brave. Once you are given a little freedom, you boldly go after what you want.

If you think that on old and badly damaged car of your will be useless forever and deserves no place other than the junk shop, then think again because this kind of car can become helpful again and turned it something useful. The parts of this car can be dismantled and make it useful again by selling those parts to those car owners that are looking for the same exact piece or spare part. This is exactly what Auto Wrecking Seattle Shop does. They are selling Japanese Automotive parts exclusively. They have head lights, back lights, engine, windshields and more. Name It! They got them all for you. See! Do not underestimate that old and badly damaged car of yours because you can turn it to something useful thorough this kind of Auto wrecking shop.

The Running Man

The Running Man is a science fiction novel by Stephen King, first published under the pseudonym Richard Bachman in 1982 as a paperback original. It was collected in 1985 in the hardcover omnibus The Bachman Books. The novel is set in a dystopian United States during the year 2025, in which the nation's economy is in ruins and world violence is rising.The story follows protagonist Ben Richards as he participates in the game show The Running Man in which contestants, allowed to go anywhere in the world, are chased by "Hunters," employed to kill them.The Running Man was loosely adapted into a film with the same name, which was released five years after the book in 1987. The film starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as Richards, MarĂ­a Conchita Alonso, Jesse Ventura, Erland van Lidth, Jim Brown, and Richard Dawson. The film was later made into a video game released on several different game consoles. Here's the Official 1987 Trailer of The Running Man top billed by Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Do you sometimes feel upset whenever you bring your car into an auto repair shop? Well we can't deny the fact that there are some repair shops that are taking advantage of their customers. They provide what so called "False alarms", giving the customer an exaggerated findings and results. They make simple car problems into a major disaster. In the end, the customer have no choice but to avail the service for the sake of having their car fixed. Well you are lucky if you have landed on a well trusted repair shop like that auto repair spokane has. They will sure give you the exact findings and provide immediate solution for it. They will no take advantage of you and they will provide nothing but premium and high quality of service,. So if I were you., i will check first whether the shop is something that i can trust with or something that will not take advantage of me or not before letting them fix my car.

Milzon Needs A Dentist

I think Milzon needs to go to a dentist now after complaining about his aching tooth last night. Well Milzon has a such a sweet tooth. He just can't resist eating sweets like candies, ice cream, chocolates and a hole lot more. But when it comes to brushing his teeth, he really run away from use mkae some excuses just to avoid tooth-brushing. As a result he got this very ugly teeth. Actually we are all hopeless now that we can bring his clean and white teeth back because of this. And just like last night, he never stop crying complaining about his aching molar. I told him that i have to bring him to a dentist to keep those tooth aches away. Well good thing, he is willing to go with me and take him to a dentist that's why i am now looking for a good dentist like those Children Dentists Vancouver WA has. For sure after all of this, Milzon have learned his lesson and will start brushing his teeth regularly.

Its time to reveal our upcoming Projects this month

Miniature Gift Hanging Decor

Popsicle Stick Lamp Shade

Popsicle Stick Doll House

Santa Elves

Christmas Tree

Her Newly Renovated Room

I just went to my Auntie's house yesterday and i found out that she's currently having an on going renovation in one of their bed rooms. Maybe this is also the reason why she failed to attend our family reunion last week. Well, we just got a call from her saying that she kinda busy and she cannot go with us. I went to her house yesterday to check her and i saw these mess inside her house. Look at those mess!

I assumed she finds it very irritating too. Well she also asked me whether she will be installing a jealousy window or a sliding glass window on her room.

I told her that sliding door looks nice and perfect for her newly renovated room. I told her to look for something like the Glass Replacement Portland services to receive a premium and high quality of repairing services

Construction Near School

There is an on going construction near the school where Milzon is in. Well it seems that they are renovating the school's stage and they are constructing a brand new building near the faculty area. I even saw a lot of trees being removed from the area just to give enough space for this ongoing construction. Anyway, i find it not so good and i felt pity for those trees because it seems that they were removed not in a proper way. I assumed right now, those trees were almost dying and it will be difficult for anyone to revive them. I just hope they ask some experts first like the one being offered by the Tree Service Portland company. This company has specialized equipments to lift those trees out from the ground while keeping them in a healthy condition at the same way!

Finally, i was able to launch my first ever Web Comic. Final Encounter is my first series and i just posted my first chapter on my comic site. Feel free to visit me here.

I made it! You heard that right guys! I was able to complete all the tasks given to me and i was able to submit them right on time. The classes were resumed last week and i was able to submit my thesis papers to my professor. Hopefully I'll get a satisfying grade for it. I think after all those hard works, i deserve my self a treat. In fact, my friends and I were planning to hang out tonight but i am not so sure if they can all make it today since we're all tired after school. If ever this plan will be postponed, maybe, i will just stay inside and visit my favorite Casinos online and play. Besides, i find those games enjoying as well. Right now, i am waiting for my friend's call to confirm if we are going tonight or not.

Internet Gaming

My favorite Internet Game, FlyFF (Fly For Fun) will be releasing its version 16. I'm sure all "flyffers" are looking forward to see this new version of the online game as it will open new jobs, quests, weapons, places and monsters which makes the game for me very interesting. I don't know why but i really love playing Internet games, maybe because they are more exciting than those games i played using my Playstation game set. I am also fascinated with Internet gambling because i feel like i am playing the actual game online. Aside from its entertainment factor, playing online casinos is also less time consuming because you only have to sit down in front of your PC and play.

The Purpose of the Bible

I have a friend whom loves collecting bibles. He has different versions of it. I remember i asked him before if he reads them all and he told me that he has his personal bible that he use everyday and those bibles he collected are kept inside his shelf for displaying purposes. According to "The Rapture of the Church" site, if you are going to stack all the bibles sitting in American homes, it would make a tower rising up to 29 million feet long , which is almost 1000 times the height of the Mount Everest. Bible is also considered as the world's most selling book which makes me think how many bible should an individual has or if it is really necessary to have multiple bibles in your house. According to our Pastor, Pastor Rommel Aurelio, a bible is such a powerful tool and it is useless if you are not using it properly and appropriately. Bible is not for collecting purposes. It is created to deliver and spread the divine words from God. It doesn't really matter how many bibles do you have as long as you are absorbing all the messages that the bible is intend to deliver.

I am no longer happy in my Community Service.For a year now, i've been serving in a community of children. Lately, though, i no longer feel happy with what i am doing. I am losing my enthusiasm in the out reach program i chose. I want to leave the ministry because I believe that it is important to be happy with what i am doing. I am beginning to realize that my heart really goes to the elderly. I grew up with my grandparents on both side of my mother and father. I am not an emotional type of person but seeing abandoned elderlies breaks my heart. How will i break this dilemma to my co-volunteers who are my friends now?

I just can’t help but to laugh with the replay episode of the hit comedy series “Scrubs”. I just love how Zach Braff played his funny role as JD. I really love watching medical-related shows like Grey Anatomy, General Hospital and Private Practice. I was just amazed to see how the process is going on in a hospital and how they open the door for us to see the relationship of doctors and nurses inside and outside their work. To be honest, I am a frustrated nurse. I was actually confused if I will be taking a Nursing or an Education course at that time but since nursing course is quite demanding, I decided to take the Education course. But if only I could turn back the time, I will definitely choose the Nursing course rather than the Education. I was like “passionated” by these medical drama shows and I am always dreaming that someday, I could wear one those nursing scrubs and experience an actual medical operation.
I wonder how I will look like wearing that Nurse uniform. I felt envy with my former high school classmates who took Nursing course. Maybe they are working now in a real hospital to practice their profession. Anyway, I am not necessarily saying that I hate to become a teacher, teaching has always been my passion and I love to deal with kids and share my knowledge to them. It’s just that, I was very intrigue with the Nursing course and I wanted to find out how exactly their job works. In addition to that, we all know how in-demand the nursing course in abroad and it offers bigger opportunity to all nursing students here in the country.
Anyway, It doesn’t really matter if I will have a chance to wear that scrub clothing or not. In fact, I should be very thankful that I was given a chance to step on college. Not everyone is given this opportunity especially now that we are experiencing global financial crisis. So I am very thankful to God for giving me such a wonderful blessing. And I will promise my self to fulfill my duty as a teacher well. I will practice professionalism in my work and do all my best to excel on such field.

A Risky Operation

I know you are all aware about the recent bombing incident happened at the De La Salle University where two female law students had the most horrible experience in their life. The first one lost both of her legs while the other one had to have one of her legs amputated. Reportedly, the tow are now in the good condition despite of the horrifying nightmare of losing their legs. I just don't know what kind of operation will be conducted on the two. There are news stating that they will undergon what so called Hip implant while others were saying that they will be using prosthetic legs instead. But if it is a Hip implant, i just found out how risky this operation is. A single mistake by the surgeon can lead to a disastrous and painful nightmare. I suggest that they should contact physician immediately to determine if the hip replacement device may put them at risk for medical complications. They can also ask for a DePuy hip recall attorney for legal advices. These lawyers will help you to fight for your rights if ever the operation fails. Anyway, i just want to grab this opportunity to say how proud i am for the braveness of these 2 female law students. May the blessings come with you. Have a great day and happy blogging.

Projects for November

We're set to make 8 art projects this month and they are all related to Christmas. If you enjoyed our Halloween projects(Check them here), you will surely have fun with our upcoming projects. We're currently working with the other four, but here's a glimpse to the first four art project for this month.

Using empty egg shells, colored papers and googly eyes, we can make an amazing art work!

With red colored papers, sprinkle some golden glitters, you will surely feel the spirit of Christmas!

Using assorted colored papers, cardboard and colorful laces and ribbons... you will surely love to create more!

Using a card board from an empty aluminum foil and green crepe paper, we can make a nice art project that can be very useful this coming Christmas day!

Effective Weight Loss

There are many ways developed to promote weight loss but only few are said to be effective. It is very easy to gain weight but it so so damn hard to cut those calories off and get your shape back. The key to an effective weight loss is to practice self discipline and learn how to control your self. With discipline and self control, you will be able to resist those tempting dishes on your table and avoid unhealthy appetite as much as possible. Regular exercise can also help you to tone up your muscles and give you a firm body build. However, diet will take time before you can see the actual result so you have to be very patient about it. But if you want quicker results, you can try other way like taking dietary supplements and appetite suppressants. However, they are risky because of their possible side effects. You can also try those safe and natural way of losing weight like going to a sauna. Especially now that there's infrared sauna that is more effective than the traditional one. These infrared saunas can help you to burn more than 350 calories per sauna session. This will definitely help you to get rid of those unwanted flabs and cellulite and will get you back in shape in a short period of time.

All Saints Day

Yesterday is All Saints Day and we all went to our Grandparents' mound at the Libingang Lungsod ng Cavite Memorial park. It was rainy All Saints day yesterday but the countless crowd still coming in at the cemetery. All Saints day also serve as our family reunion. Here i took some photos.

Brother Milzon

My Grandparent's tomb

Tita Thess, Tachit, Counsin Christian and Milzon

Tita and Ichan
Tita, mom, dad, milzon and Mirasol

Tita and Mama

Grandparents' tomb

Careless Surgeons

Are you satisfied with your figure? Are you confident enough with what you have right now? Nowadays, people who are not satisfied with their body undergone a procedure called cosmetic surgery. This cosmetic surgery has many forms depending on the part of the body that you want to improve. There’s rhinoplasty, liposuction, tummy tuck and more. Cosmetic or plastic surgery plays a very important role for any individual’s life mainly because plastic surgery can boost someone’s confidence and can increase self esteem. It can give you a new life and a new way of living. However, not everyone can afford cosmetic surgery because of its expensiveness. It can also be very risky especially when you landed on a wrong surgeon. I suggest that you conduct your own observation and whether the surgeon that you will be dealing with is well trusted or not. Cosmetic surgery is such a very sensitive medical operation and any single mistake can lead to a disastrous outcome. In fact, in Tacoma, Washington, they have specialized Medical Malpracice Attorney and lawyers to fight for those victims of these careless surgeons. When it comes to your health, never ever take the risk or you’ll regret it in the end.

Halloween Party

Happy Halloween everyone! Just here to share the event that i attended early this afternoon. I went to a Halloween Costume party together with my friends. We really had so much fun there. I met some of my friends there too! Since it is a costume party, i saw a lot of spooky yet funny costumes at the event. Some of them are wearing fairies, superheroes and other creepy costumes. It's weird but i also saw some who wore a Lady Gaga inspired outfit. But of course, it is very expected to see some of the immortalized horror character like Medusa, Witches, Werewolves, Frankenstein, and the most famous Dracula! I remember when i was in college, i was really addicted to dracula movies. I remember that award winning brad pitt dracula movie, Interview with the Vampire where in he portrayed the role of Louis de Pointe du Lacand tell the story about his past life. It is so amazing and really a breathe taking movie. I also had a chance to watch a classic andy warhol dracula movie online. Anyway, here are some of the photos taken from the Halloween costume party this afternoon. Happy Haloween!

Virgin Galactic!

Just got a text message from a friend last night stating that we will have a high school reunion this coming November 20. This will be the second time that our batch will organize a very special gathering and i am so excited to meet my high school classmates especially my best friend. I remember, when i was in high school, Aries and I are the most active students especially in our Astronomy class. Astronomy really took my interest ever since i was a kid. It's funny but i actually dreaming to become an astronaut before. My mom used to buy me books related to astronomy such as planets, galaxies and the complete compilation of constellation. Even now, at the age of 22, astronomy related news never fails to amaze me. I still enjoy reading those books and keep my self updated. Just like the recently reported news about the planet found at the Goldilocks Galaxy which is said to be similar to Earth. I have also heard about the new space launch system to operate at Spaceport America. They called it Virgin Spaceport America or simply Virgin Galactic. I went to voteroll.com, an online Voting site, and have read about the controversial $300 million investment for the said program. Voteroll is a site that provides a web function to vote and support a certain topic online. Now it gives me an idea what to share with my classmates on this upcoming Reunion. I'm sure Aries will love this one!


Firestarter is the story of Andrew and Charlie McGee, a father-daughter pair on the run from a government agency known as The Shop. During his college years, Andy hadparticipated in a Shop experiment dealing with "Lot 6", a drug with hallucinogenic effects similar to LSD. The drug gave his future wife, Victoria Tomlinson, minor telepathic abilities, and him an autohypnotic mind domination ability he refers to as "the Push". Both his and Vicky's powers are physiologically limited; in his case, overuse of the Push gives him crippling migraine headaches and minute brain hemorrhages, but their daughter Charlie developed a frightening pyrokinetic ability, with the full extent of her power unknown. After a mistake was made by Shop agents, Vicky was killed and Charlie was taken, but Andy, using the Push, managed to reclaim her and the pair have been on the run since.Using a combination of the Push, Charlie's power, and hitchhiking, the pair escape through Albany, New York and are taken in by a farmer named Irv Manders near Hastings, New York. However, they are tracked down by Shop agents, who attempt to kill Andy and take Charlie at the Manders farm. At Andy's instruction, Charlie unleashes her power, incinerating the entire farm and fending off the agents, killing a few of them. With nowhere else to turn, the pair flees to Vermont and take refuge in a cabin that had once belonged to Andy's grandfather.With the Manders farm operation disastrously botched, the director of the Shop, Captain James Hollister, or "Cap", calls in a Shop hitman named John Rainbird to capture the fugitives. Rainbird, a Cherokee and Vietnam veteran, is intrigued by Charlie's power and eventually becomes obsessed with her, determined to befriend her and eventually kill her. This time the operation is successful, and both Andy and Charlie are taken by the Shop.The pair is separated and imprisoned at the Shop headquarters. With his spirit broken, Andy becomes an overweight drug addict and seemingly loses his power, and is eventually deemed useless by the Shop. Charlie, however, defiantly refuses to cooperate with the Shop, and does not demonstrate her power for them. Six months pass until a crucial blackout provides a changing point for the two: Andy, sick with fear and self-pity, somehow regains the Push, and Rainbird, masquerading as a simple janitor, befriends Charlie and gains her trust.By pretending to still be powerless and addicted, Andy manages to gain crucial information by Pushing his psychiatrist. Under Rainbird's guidance, Charlie begins to demonstrate her power, which has grown to fearsome levels. After the suicide of his psychiatrist, Andy is able to meet and Push Cap, using him to plan his and Charlie's escape from the facility, as well as finally communicating with Charlie. Rainbird discovers Andy's plan, however, and decides to use it to his advantage.Andy's plan succeeds and he and Charlie are reunited for the first time in six months. Rainbird then interrupts the meeting at a barn, planning to kill them both. A crucial distraction is provided by Cap, who is losing his mind from a side effect of being Pushed. Andy Pushes Rainbird into leaping from the upper level of the barn, breaking his leg. Rainbird then shoots Andy in the head. Rainbird then fires another shot at Charlie, but she uses her power to melt the bullet in midair and then sets Rainbird and Cap on fire. A mortally wounded Andy then instructs Charlie to take revenge with her power and inform the public, to make sure the government cannot do anything like this ever again, and dies. A grief-stricken and furious Charlie then sets the barn on fire. She exits the barn and people start going after her. She uses her pyrokinesis to kill the employees and blow up their getaway vehicles. People try to flee and some do. Military men are called, but Charlie blows up their vehicles and when they fire at her she melts their bullets. Charlie blows up the building, shooting it sky-high. She leaves Lot 6 burning and almost all workers dead.The event is covered up by the government, and released to the papers as a terrorist firebomb attack. The Shop quickly reforms, under new leadership, and begins a manhunt for Charlie, who has returned to the Manders farm. After some deliberation, she comes up with a plan and leaves the Manders, heading to New York City. She decides on Rolling Stone magazine as an unbiased, honest media source with no ties to the government, and the book ends as she arrives to tell them her story.
I remember the film adaptation of this novel with the same title top billed by Drew Barrymore. Here's the theatrical trailer of this film adaptation:


We only have 2 weeks left before the much awaited Fiesta! We usually invite our relatives from the province to come with us and celebrate the day of out beloved patron. My mom used to cook her specialties most especially our favorite "home made macapuno". Every year our city officials always held some fun activities like colorful street parade, mini concerts, beauty pageants, and the most exciting paintball competition. This kind of sport was just recently introduced in our country and became one of the most popular games in town in such a short period of time! It's like you're playing a real action game. In fact, because of its popularity, avid players can now buy their own paintball guns on the market. It is also purchasable online! Now, i am getting very excited about the upcoming fiesta. I wonder where will be the venue of the paintball competition this year. We better register names as early as possible before it's too late for us to join. Have a great day everyone and happy blogging.

SM Manila Halloween 2010

Happy Halloween Everyone! We attended SM Manila Halloween 2010. We really had so much fun seeing those Avatar Inspired costume and more! Here i took some photos for you to enjoy!

The avatar guy at the Hyper market!

Avatar and more!

Happy Halloween!

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