A Risky Operation

I know you are all aware about the recent bombing incident happened at the De La Salle University where two female law students had the most horrible experience in their life. The first one lost both of her legs while the other one had to have one of her legs amputated. Reportedly, the tow are now in the good condition despite of the horrifying nightmare of losing their legs. I just don't know what kind of operation will be conducted on the two. There are news stating that they will undergon what so called Hip implant while others were saying that they will be using prosthetic legs instead. But if it is a Hip implant, i just found out how risky this operation is. A single mistake by the surgeon can lead to a disastrous and painful nightmare. I suggest that they should contact physician immediately to determine if the hip replacement device may put them at risk for medical complications. They can also ask for a DePuy hip recall attorney for legal advices. These lawyers will help you to fight for your rights if ever the operation fails. Anyway, i just want to grab this opportunity to say how proud i am for the braveness of these 2 female law students. May the blessings come with you. Have a great day and happy blogging.


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