Dreaming to Become a Nurse Someday

I just can’t help but to laugh with the replay episode of the hit comedy series “Scrubs”. I just love how Zach Braff played his funny role as JD. I really love watching medical-related shows like Grey Anatomy, General Hospital and Private Practice. I was just amazed to see how the process is going on in a hospital and how they open the door for us to see the relationship of doctors and nurses inside and outside their work. To be honest, I am a frustrated nurse. I was actually confused if I will be taking a Nursing or an Education course at that time but since nursing course is quite demanding, I decided to take the Education course. But if only I could turn back the time, I will definitely choose the Nursing course rather than the Education. I was like “passionated” by these medical drama shows and I am always dreaming that someday, I could wear one those nursing scrubs and experience an actual medical operation.
I wonder how I will look like wearing that Nurse uniform. I felt envy with my former high school classmates who took Nursing course. Maybe they are working now in a real hospital to practice their profession. Anyway, I am not necessarily saying that I hate to become a teacher, teaching has always been my passion and I love to deal with kids and share my knowledge to them. It’s just that, I was very intrigue with the Nursing course and I wanted to find out how exactly their job works. In addition to that, we all know how in-demand the nursing course in abroad and it offers bigger opportunity to all nursing students here in the country.
Anyway, It doesn’t really matter if I will have a chance to wear that scrub clothing or not. In fact, I should be very thankful that I was given a chance to step on college. Not everyone is given this opportunity especially now that we are experiencing global financial crisis. So I am very thankful to God for giving me such a wonderful blessing. And I will promise my self to fulfill my duty as a teacher well. I will practice professionalism in my work and do all my best to excel on such field.


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