The Purpose of the Bible

I have a friend whom loves collecting bibles. He has different versions of it. I remember i asked him before if he reads them all and he told me that he has his personal bible that he use everyday and those bibles he collected are kept inside his shelf for displaying purposes. According to "The Rapture of the Church" site, if you are going to stack all the bibles sitting in American homes, it would make a tower rising up to 29 million feet long , which is almost 1000 times the height of the Mount Everest. Bible is also considered as the world's most selling book which makes me think how many bible should an individual has or if it is really necessary to have multiple bibles in your house. According to our Pastor, Pastor Rommel Aurelio, a bible is such a powerful tool and it is useless if you are not using it properly and appropriately. Bible is not for collecting purposes. It is created to deliver and spread the divine words from God. It doesn't really matter how many bibles do you have as long as you are absorbing all the messages that the bible is intend to deliver.


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