I am no longer happy in my Community Service.For a year now, i've been serving in a community of children. Lately, though, i no longer feel happy with what i am doing. I am losing my enthusiasm in the out reach program i chose. I want to leave the ministry because I believe that it is important to be happy with what i am doing. I am beginning to realize that my heart really goes to the elderly. I grew up with my grandparents on both side of my mother and father. I am not an emotional type of person but seeing abandoned elderlies breaks my heart. How will i break this dilemma to my co-volunteers who are my friends now?

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  1. Mel Alarilla said...
    Blue, you are exactly where the Lord wants you to be. It is not a matter of personal happiness or accomplishment but a matter of wholehearted service to the Lord through the ministry you are serving. Children have a special place in the heart of the Lord and we will never enter the kingdom of God if we will not be as little children. Learn to do everything for the glory of the Lord and you will be happy and fulfilled wherever you maybe. Remember, it's not all about us but it's all about Him. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

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