Milzon Needs A Dentist

I think Milzon needs to go to a dentist now after complaining about his aching tooth last night. Well Milzon has a such a sweet tooth. He just can't resist eating sweets like candies, ice cream, chocolates and a hole lot more. But when it comes to brushing his teeth, he really run away from use mkae some excuses just to avoid tooth-brushing. As a result he got this very ugly teeth. Actually we are all hopeless now that we can bring his clean and white teeth back because of this. And just like last night, he never stop crying complaining about his aching molar. I told him that i have to bring him to a dentist to keep those tooth aches away. Well good thing, he is willing to go with me and take him to a dentist that's why i am now looking for a good dentist like those Children Dentists Vancouver WA has. For sure after all of this, Milzon have learned his lesson and will start brushing his teeth regularly.


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