Virgin Galactic!

Just got a text message from a friend last night stating that we will have a high school reunion this coming November 20. This will be the second time that our batch will organize a very special gathering and i am so excited to meet my high school classmates especially my best friend. I remember, when i was in high school, Aries and I are the most active students especially in our Astronomy class. Astronomy really took my interest ever since i was a kid. It's funny but i actually dreaming to become an astronaut before. My mom used to buy me books related to astronomy such as planets, galaxies and the complete compilation of constellation. Even now, at the age of 22, astronomy related news never fails to amaze me. I still enjoy reading those books and keep my self updated. Just like the recently reported news about the planet found at the Goldilocks Galaxy which is said to be similar to Earth. I have also heard about the new space launch system to operate at Spaceport America. They called it Virgin Spaceport America or simply Virgin Galactic. I went to, an online Voting site, and have read about the controversial $300 million investment for the said program. Voteroll is a site that provides a web function to vote and support a certain topic online. Now it gives me an idea what to share with my classmates on this upcoming Reunion. I'm sure Aries will love this one!


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