Flash Game # 1: Nightmare

I am addicted to Flash Games. Too childish isnt? You might want to check what y8.com has to offer. They got tons and huge collections of flash games separated in different category. These games were written using a combination of CSS, JavaScript and the Document Object Model, collectively termed as dynamic HTML (DHTML). Normally used for drop down menus and simple image rollovers. You can even paste or add this flash games in some of your social networking site like friendster!Let me share you one of my favorite flash games. It was entitled

It is a short role playing game and the story revolves around a young boy's adventures in his own dream.The rules for this game was very easy, all you need to do is to solve hidden puzzles, tricks and more and your mission is to protect this little boy in getting a nightmare. Within his dreams you will meet different scary creatures and goones and you have to defeat them not in your own strength but your thinking ability to solve puzzles.


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