Holiday Expenses

Time is really running so fast and I just can't imagine that we are just few weeks away from the much awaited holiday of the year. Christmas is indeed here and I bet you guys already came up with your very own Christmas list. Unfortunately I haven't done with my list yet and i really felt so bad that I am rushing myself now. I should have made this list a lot earlier and I should have list down all my friends' desired gifts so that I am not as clueless as I am right now. Anyway, I guess it is too late for me to regret such negligence but I believe it's not too late yet to catch things up.
I don't have the Christmas bonus yet but I am fortunate enough to get an installment loan from a lending company. Applying for a loan is actually a good idea but I try to make it a point that I am doing it only if I really need it so bad. Special occasions like this is actually a good time considering the fact that it follows a lot of unexpected expenses. My budget is quite tight this year especially now that we also have an ongoing reconstruction in our house I really have to budget my money and I thank God that i can still go for such loans to help me with my expenses. I am fortunate enough that my mom taught me how to become responsible especially in paying my debts and I am so proud that I have a good credit history on my record which is a bid advantage to me.
Although I have heard that most lending companies today approve those lenders who have bad credit history . Interestingly this bad credit loan is also applicable online which is way far easier than going directly to a lending company. I am not aware yet about the entire process but that is something I really want to consider pretty soon.

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