Harvest Moon Review


Since this game is a rehash of the older Harvest Moon title, the graphics of the game can look a little dated. But they're just right for this sort of game, and the cute(and often comical) facial expressions on the characters and animals will definitely win you over.

It is also cool how the game manages to go from day to night and even from season to season pretty convincingly.
A farmer's duties are varied enough to keep you from getting bored. Managing your farm involves making your farm prosper, tending your crops, caring for the land, watering the soil, gathering resources, feeding the animals, selling vegetables and dairy products and doing other farming chores. Harvest moon also has an RPG element that lets you interact with the villagers, who have their own stories to tell and advice to give. As the villagers go about their business, you can drop by regularly-scheduled activities in the community, and even get married along the way!


Unavoidable in any game simulation game is the repetitive background music, but in this game it's actually quite pleasant and soothing while you're hard at work on the farm.

Being a sim game, the way the game ends depends on you and how easily you get bored. The main goal is to improve life on your farm. As long as there is something that needs to be done on your land, you can keep coming back to work on it. And there are tons to do in Harvest Moon. If you get sick of tending to your crops and animals, you can always head to town and mingle with the townsfolk instead. The possibilities are endless!!

If you're tired of the usual hack-and-theslashers and want a different kind of challenge, give this game a try!


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