Dragon Ball : Budokai Tenkaichi

When making a Dragon Ball game, it’s hard to get a lot of things right. There’s the Supersonic flying, the massive energy blast, the crasahing giant mountains and watching them topple to the ground. Can Budokai Tenkaichi nail it all down? Budokai Tenkaichi means “World’s Best Martial Arts Tournament” in english.

The graphics of the game maybe a little bit blocky, but no mistake: Budokai Tenkaichi moves and looks exactly like the anime. Battles are just as fast and furious as any you would see in the show, with the amazing cell-shaded characters pulling off all those special attacks and craxy finishing moves. The Graphics had me in the action so deep that i were screaming, “Kamekamehaaaa!” along with our onscreen Goku.

With the gigantic 3D arenas, this fighting game gives you all the freedom to take your battles to the next level. You can Dragon Rush forward and get up close and personal, or you can fly up and let loose with the string of “Ki Blast”. But with all the nifty moves at your command, this game is hard or should i say merciless?^^ Gamers looking for a dandy time will end up butting their heads against some frustratingly powerful foes which would be fine if we were all “Super Saiyans” but come on! We’re just humans here!^^

With sound effects and voice acting lifted straight from the show, it’s not hard to get hyped up for the battle. Too bad the tasteless, repetitive music isn’t up to snuff.

The game replay all the greatest DBZ battles, from the arival of Raditz all the way to Goku’s final journey in the Kid Buu episodes. Plus, you can unlock over 60 characters from the entire saga! And that’s just in “Z Battle mode.” Character evolution, ranked tournament, and a 100-fight long challenge make for one jam-packed game!

The fighting system may look simple, but don’t be fooled: your training will be so punishing. Don’t be surprised if you end up throwing your contoller in your Tv screen^^. But if you have the patience to work through it, you’ll find the most complete and exciting Dragon Ball Z experience there is!

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