Today, i will be sharing some tips on how to defeat the first eight Colossi from the game "Shadow of the Colossus"

Colossus 1 - Go behind the colossus' right leg and stab it so it falls to it's knees. Climb to the top of its weak point.

Colossus 2- When the Colossus rears up, shoot the soles of its feet. It will crash down allowing you to climb up to it's head and to its butt, where its weak points are located.

Colossus 3 - This Colossus holds a giant stone club. Find the Stone platform and stand on it, and roll out of the way when the colossus tries to hit you. The impact will break its left arm armor. Let it try to hit you again. When the Club is stuck, climb up to it and shimmy up the armor break on its arm to reach its weak points on the top of it's head and its belly.

Colossus 4- Find the tunnels and go inside it. The colossus will bend over the entrance and try to sniff you out. Go out the back entrance of the tombs and climb over its tail while it's still looking for you in the other entrance. Its weak point is at the top of its head.

Colossus 5- Swim to the stone tower nearest the colossus and shoot arrows at it until it flies off. Find the three floating stone platforms near any tower and stand on one. Shoot more arrows at the colossus until it dives at you. before it hits you, jump up to its wing. Remember to move across the Colossus' back only when it's flying calmly. Make your way to the tip of its wings and tail for its three weak points.

Colossus 6 - Run! Run all the away to the opposite end of the room and hide inside the alcove where it can't see you. Once it ducks down to take a peek, run and climb up to its beard. Its weak points are the top of its head and its lower back.

Colossus 7- Swim around until you see the Colossus head straight for you. Position yourself so that it passes right under you, then grab onto its tail when it breaks the surface. MAke your way from the tail to its head, making sure to grab on when you go underwater. Stay clear at the spikes as they balst electricity when they hit water. Stab the weak points near the spikes, then go for killing the blow on the Colossus' head.

Colossus 8- Go down to the second floor and shoot some arrows at it to attract the colossus' attention. Once it starts climbing the walls to look for you, avoid its attacks and shoot two of its glowing feet. It will falls down on its back. Jump down to the arena , get on its underside and stb the two weak points you'll find on its chest and its belly


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