My Dreams Are Warnings

I used to have recurring dreams and most of them are kinda scary. I wish I know what does it mean and what message my dreams are trying to tell me.
Anyway, got his very interesting quiz from Blogthings. It's exactly what i am looking for.
What does your Dream Means?

Your Dreams Are a Warning

Your dreams seem to show that you're very preoccupied with your fears and problems.

These bad dreams indicate that you need to spend more time on your issues during the day.

You tend to be a very productive thinker.

Your dreams tend to reflect your insecurities.

Somehow, all of the things said above are true. Gosh! I should start fixing my own issues.

What keeps me busy right now are my kiddie students. I am doing series of tutorial sessions with my niece and nephews and so far, everything is doing well. I hope to see more improvement to them before the School starts.
Want to meet them?

This is Jessica

Jessica with twins, Vernadette and Veronica


Of course, my dearest Milzon

And Kiko!

If I Ran the Circus

If I Ran the Circus is a children's book by Dr. Seuss, published in 1956 by Random House. Like The Cat in the Hat, or the more political Yertle the Turtle, If I Ran the Circus develops a theme of cumulative fantasy leading to excess. The overt social commentary found in the Sneetches and the Zax demonstrates that Dr. Seuss was fascinated by the errors and excesses to which humans are prone, and If I Ran the Circus also examines this interest, though more subtly and comically, given its earlier genesis.
Behind Mr. Sneelock's ramshackle store, there's an empty lot. Little Morris McGurk is convinced that if he could just clear out the rusty cans, the dead tree, and the old cars, nothing would prevent him from using the lot for the amazing, world-beating, Circus McGurkus. The more elaborate Morris' dreams about the circus become, the more they depend on the sleepy-looking and innocent Sneelock, who stands outside his ramshackle store sucking on a pipe, oblivious to the fate that awaits him in the depths of Morris's imagination. He doesn't yet know that he'll have to dispense 500 gallons of lemonade, be lassoed by a Wily Walloo, wrestle a Grizzly-Ghastly, and ski down a slope dotted with giant cacti. But if his performance is up to McGurkian expectations, then "Why, ladies and gentlemen, youngsters and oldsters, your heads will quite likely spin right off your shouldsters!"

On Beyond Zebra

On Beyond Zebra! is an illustrated children's book by Theodor Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss. This book fits into the genre of literary nonsense. The young narrator, not content with the confines of the ordinary alphabet, invents additional letters beyond Z, with a fantastic creature corresponding to each new letter. The creatures include favorites such as the Floob-Boober-Bab-Boober-Bubs, large buoyant heads which float serenely in the water. These naturally serve as the example for the letter "FLOOB".

Most of his letters look like monograms of their names. In order, these are named YUZZ (Yuzz-a-ma-Tuzz), WUM (Wumbus), UM (Umbus), HUMPF (Humpf-Humpf-a-Dumpfer), FUDDLE (Miss Fuddle-dee-Duddle), GLIKK (Glikker), NUH (Nutches), SNEE (Sneedle), QUAN (Quandary), THNAD (Thnadners), SPAZZ (Spazzim), FLOOB (Floob-Boober-Bab-Boober-Bubs), ZATZ (Zatz-it), JOGG (Jogg-oons), FLUNN (Flunnel), ITCH (Itch-a-pods), YEKK (Yekko), VROO (Vrooms), and HI! (High Gargel-orum). The book ends with an unnamed letter that apparently is a monogram of all 26 letters in the existing Latin alphabet. It is left as an exercise in naming for the reader.

A Car Enthusiast

My Uncle Jerry is a certified Car Enthusiast. As far as I know, he used to upgrade his car every time a new model comes in. Actually, i really envy him, because he can make his car collection come true. Well, it is not a car collection actually, every time a new model arrives, he will soon look for a buyer and sell his car and then the money that he gets from it will be used to buy that brand new car. Well, what should you expect to a guy that is working on a very high compensated company right? hahaha Lucky him!
Oh well, there's no reason to be so envious since i am satisfied now on what i have and i am not planning to buy a brand new for at least 6 years from now. Having a Honda Civic is not bad at all. I am not desiring to have that automatic car like what my Uncle Jerry has now. Besides, what matters to me the most is the engine. It is really important that my engine works well that's why i used to bring my car on a auto repair shop for its regular check ups.
As for my Uncle Jerry, I wonder how much does it cost to maintain a high tech and expensive car like that. I think he should be very careful in choosing the right auto repair shop. We can't deny the fact that most auto repair shops today are taking advantage of their customers. They used to give false results and will charge their customers higher than the normal repair fee.
It is pretty rare to find something like that Auto Repair Hillsboro Shop in Oregon who provides honest and competent service to their customers. I just wish I could find a place like that here in my area. That's all for now guys, Happy Weekend!

The popularity of the so called Chiropractic Therapy is continuously growing over the years. In fact, many techniques are being developed to perform the said therapy more effectively. One of this techniques is known as "ART".
Yup! ART! This ART stands for Active Release Technique which is also being used by most of those Chiropractors Olympia in Washington. ART has proven really effective to treat problems related to muscles, tissues, back pain, head pain and more. Unlike any other Chiropractic procedures, ART is said to be more effective and can guarantee you faster results which is really great especially for those who are aiming for faster and complete recovery.
So you might ask me, why do we need this Chiropractic therapy on the first place? Well, if you are a hard working guy and you tend to spend most of your time doing that heavy duty jobs, then you may failed to realized that you are overusing your muscles. And as a result, you will start feeling some pain on your lower back and it feels like you are being beaten by a huge crowd of gangster outside. You will ended up losing all your strength and energy which is a very unhealthy kind of lifestyle. Through this Chiropractic Therapy, you can regain all those strength and energy and they can keep all those pain away from you, giving you a healthy and stress-free lifestyle.

Summer is about to end now and classes will soon be resumed though it is not too late yet to do some outdoor activities with your family. Actually, this is a perfect time to do some camping adventure knowing that some camping sites are not that occupied especially when the summer season is almost about to end. I'm sure many of them are kinda busy right now preparing for the upcoming school year so you better grab this opportunity while your free.
However, if you're planning to have a camping adventure this summer, before you hit the location, make sure you have all the items you need for your camping activity. Well the first thing that you should have in your check list should be the first aid kit.That's a basic camping necessity since emergency comes unexpectedly and hospital centers are quite unreachable. Of course, what is camping without your portable tent right? Just make sure that your tent is wide enough to accommodate you and your family. Much better if you have Campers Vehicle because less preparation is being required here. You do not have to set up the tent or find a space to place your things since you got them all in one vehicle. Lucky you if you find campers for sale in a very low and affordable price.
Bring flash lights, repair kits, extra batteries, Maps and compass too. Also bring emergency foods and i suggest you bring those high energy survival snacks.Happy Camping guys!

I am in a Celine Dion Mode today LOL. Anyway, this song is one of my favorites from Celine. Not too soft yet not to loud as well. Just right for my ears haha.
Mom and I will hit the mall tomorrow to buy some school supplies for Milzon and Mirasol so I better go to bed now. See yah!

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Proper Lawn Care

We all want the best for our house right? We want to make it more appealing as much as possible. The more appealing our house is, the more relaxing it is not just for us but also for our friends or relatives who used to visit us. Same thing goes with our lawn. It doesn't matter how wide or small your lawn is as long as you keep it well maintained and clean.

Lawn Care is not just all about watering and mowing! Even you water your plants in a regular basis, you still have so many things to consider before you can confidently say that your lawn is properly cared. Actually, there are several Proper Lawn Care books that you can buy that provides certain ideas and tips that you can use to achieved your desired Lawn but of course, it takes a lot of time and hard work before you can learn and absorb those techniques and Skills.
If you do not have that patience, then the best choice that you can have is to take a Lawn Care Service. It is always the best option to let the professionals do the jobs.
Just like that Md Lawn Care Services i found online yesterday. Well, it just so happened that i was looking for some easy Lawn Care tips online and i found the site from one of the results provided by the search engine. I went over the site and checked what else the site has to offer. Md Lawn Care provides standard and high quality services which usually includes mowing, trimming of grass, removing weeds and more. And of course, they make use of premium quality equipments to provide a very satisfying result to their customers.
So if you guys live near Hagerstown Maryland and you are interested to know more about this Md Lawn Care Services, you better check their site and see what else the site has to offer for your beloved lawn!
Have a great day Everyone!

Horton Hears a Who!

Horton Hears a Who! is a 1954 book by Theodor Seuss Geisel, under the name Dr. Seuss. It is the second Seuss book to feature Horton the Elephant, the first being Horton Hatches the Egg. The Whos would later make a reappearance in How the Grinch Stole Christmas!.

The book tells the story of Horton the Elephant who, in the afternoon of May 15 while splashing in a pool located in the Jungle of Nool, hears a small speck of dust talking to him. It turns out the speck of dust is actually a tiny planet, home to a city called Whoville, inhabited by microscopic-sized inhabitants known as Whos and led by a character known as the Mayor.

The Mayor asks Horton (who, though he cannot see them, is able to hear them quite well, because of his large ears) to protect them from harm, which Horton happily agrees to do, proclaiming throughout the book that "even though you can’t see or hear them at all, a person’s a person, no matter how small." In doing so he is ridiculed and forced into a cage by the other animals in the jungle for believing in something that they are unable to see or hear. His chief tormentors are Vlad Vladikoff, the Wickersham Brothers and the Sour Kangaroo. Horton tells the Whos that, lest they end up being boiled in "Beezelnut Oil", they need to make themselves heard to the other animals. The Whos finally accomplish this by ensuring that all members of their society play their part. In the end it is a "very small shirker named JoJo" whose final addition to the volume creates enough lift for the jungle to hear the sound, thus reinforcing the moral of the story: "a person’s a person, no matter how small."

Now convinced of the Whos’ existence, Horton’s neighbors vow to help him protect the tiny community.

Horton Hears a Who! was made into a feature-length film in 2008, using computer animation from Blue Sky Studios, the animation arm of 20th Century Fox. It was released on March 14, 2008.[4] Jim Carrey voices Horton, Carol Burnett voices Jane Kangaroo, and Steve Carell voices the Mayor of Who-ville.

Here check the trailer

What a boring Weekend!

This is such a boring weekend! Almost everyone in the house is so busy for some reasons! Mom and dad are so busy in cleaning the front yard. Well, dad's car is already fixed as he got a call yesterday from the repair shop stating that he can now take his car home after that major damage. They are now busy clearing the front yard and emptying the garage. Mirasol and Milzon, on the other hands are so damn busy with their new toys bought to them by our Auntie last week. Well, i guess I have no choice but to entertain myself by playing my favorite video games. I just wish Milzon will not interrupt me again while playing my favorite online casino! Seriously! This kid will distract me while I am busy on my game! And since i cannot concentrate because of him, I will end up losing the game and losing my money as well! Sobs!
Well, if that is the case, then i better start playing those iPhone casinos! Here, i will never be interrupted by anyone unless the battery of my cellphone run out! I am really intruigued about these mobile casinos and I wonder if they can offer the same kind of pleasure and excitement that any online gaming can provide. Actually, actually playing these casino games for mobiles is such a great idea especially if you are at at the office and looking for some way to keep you away from getting too bored or maybe if you are in an out of town trip and you forgot to bring your laptop!
Hayst! I never expected that my weekend would be this boring!!!

I am addicted to Flash Games. Too childish isnt? You might want to check what has to offer. They got tons and huge collections of flash games separated in different category. These games were written using a combination of CSS, JavaScript and the Document Object Model, collectively termed as dynamic HTML (DHTML). Normally used for drop down menus and simple image rollovers. You can even paste or add this flash games in some of your social networking site like friendster!Let me share you one of my favorite flash games. It was entitled

It is a short role playing game and the story revolves around a young boy's adventures in his own dream.The rules for this game was very easy, all you need to do is to solve hidden puzzles, tricks and more and your mission is to protect this little boy in getting a nightmare. Within his dreams you will meet different scary creatures and goones and you have to defeat them not in your own strength but your thinking ability to solve puzzles.

Finally It's Weekend!

Finally it's Weekend! A perfect time to relax and to unwind. Whew! That was a very stressing week and I noticed that my boss is becoming so demanding lately. Anyway, i have to bear with all this stress and should face them all professionally in any other way. Well, i think i should stop talking about my work here because thinking about it is giving me so much stress.
I think it is much better if i focus more now on my remodeling plan! Yup! I was thinking of remodeling my room. I want it to look more spacy and I want to have my own bathroom inside too! I never got a bathroom of my own and i have to go downstairs every time i will use the shower. So i guess it is about time! What do yah think guys? Good idea right?
I was gazing over some Interior Designing Magazines yesterday so that i can get some creative ideas for my bathroom. Of course, i want a modern style bathroom. Not big but wide enough to place all my stuffs inside.
And how about placing a very stylish vessel sink inside? That would be awesome. I used to see these vessel sinks in most of the finest hotels here! Oh! Even in the magazines! They are so popular today and you can match them up in any themes or motives you want for your room.
If you are interested, you can check some stylish and fashionable vessel sinks offered at, a great source of stylish sinks and faucet online. They got huge collection of different sinks for different styles and themes. All their products are made from high quality materials in which you can purchase at a very affordable price. Feel free to check their site or call them at (877) 946-5725.

Will give you some updates about the renovation.For the meantime, let us enjoy this weekend! Happy Blogging

I am A Democratic Leader

I am a Democratic Leader! And I guess that's the right thing! Listen to the majority.

You Are a Democratic Leader

As a leader, you try to make decisions that benefit as many people as possible.

You know that you can't please everyone, but you do like to get everyone's input.

You are good at facilitating compromise and consensus. You meet people half way.

You may have the final say, but you don't want anyone to feel like you made an unfair decision.

If I Ran the Zoo

If I Ran the Zoo is a children's book written by Dr. Seuss in 1950.

The book is written in anapestic tetrameter, Seuss's usual verse type, and illustrated in Seuss's trademark pen and ink style. The book is likely a tribute to a child's imagination, because it ends with a reminder that all of the extraordinary creatures exist only in McGrew's head.

If I Ran the Zoo is often credited with the first printed modern English use of the word "Nerd", in the sentence "And then, just to show them, I'll sail to Ka-Troo/And Bring Back an It-Kutch a Preep and a Proo/A Nerkle a Nerd and a Seersucker, too!"

In the book, Gerald McGrew is a kid who, when visiting a zoo, finds that the exotic animals are "not good enough". He says that if he ran the zoo, he would let all of the current animals free and find new, more bizarre and exotic ones. Throughout the book he lists these creatures, starting with a lion with ten feet and escalating to more imaginative (and imaginary) creatures, such as the Fizza-ma-Wizza-ma-Dill, "the world's biggest bird from the island of Gwark, who eats only pine trees, and spits out the bark." The illustrations also grow wilder as McGrew imagines going to increasingly remote and exotic habitats and capturing each fanciful creature, and brings them all back to a zoo now filled with his wild new animals. He also imagines the praise he receives from others, who are amazed at his "new Zoo, McGrew Zoo".

Some of the animals featured in "If I Ran the Zoo" have been featured in a segment of The Hoober-Bloob Highway, a 1975 CBS TV Special. In this segment, Hoober-Bloob babies don't have to be human if they don't choose to be, so Mr. Hoober-Bloob shows them a variety of different animals, including ones from "If I Ran The Zoo", such as Obsks, Bippo-No-Bungus, a Tizzle-Top-Tufted Mazurka, the helicopter bug, the chugs, the hen that roosts in the top of each other, and an Elephant-Cat.

Scrambled Eggs Super!

Scrambled Eggs Super! is a 1953 book by American children's author Dr. Seuss. It tells of a boy named Peter T. Hooper, who makes scrambled eggs prepared from eggs of various exotic birds.

Peter T. Hooper doesn't like to brag, but he may be the most creative, adventurous cook in children's literature. Searching for ingredients for his Scrambled Eggs Super, he's off on a series of egg-collecting expeditions. Wacky Seussian birds roost in every imaginable nook and cranny, and the rollicking, rhythmic text is bursting with names like Ham-ikka-Schnim-ikka-Schnam-ikka Schnopp.
SCRAMBLED EGGS SUPER! is much more than a mere list of invented avians. Dr. Seuss dreams up a different habitat for each bird, such as Mt. Strookoo (home of the Mt. Strookoo Cuckoo) and the sheer cliffs and bluffs where Ziffs and Zuffs nest. He creates special egg-collecting vehicles and tools such as Squitsches: long, retractable grippers used for grabbing ice-cold eggs laid by mournful-looking fowls perched on pointy icebergs.

Wacky Shots

Time for some Wacky shots. I gathered some photos fro my folder to share with you guys. Have fun!

Me and Cousin Ichan doing wacky face

Milzon funny shot

This is Milzon 3 years cute

My Auntie doing her wacky pose

Mom doing a"japorm" pose LOL

So Lindsay Lohan starts her Community Service huh? I have heard that headline from the news 2 days ago. She has to complete her 480 hours of Community service so that her DUI or Driving Under Influence Cases will be ceased. However she will still be under probation because of her theft case. I just wish Lindsay will take this community service seriously this time. And how i wish she would realized how much she ruined her career because of her unwanted behavior and alcohol dependency.

I am not sure if she can manage to bring her self back to the limelight again because of these legal cases that she's facing today that created negative image to her fans but i'm sure that her alcohol classes and rehabilitation programs will help her to recover completely from her addiction which is definitely a good thing.
Rehabilitation center is not a place to isolate yourself from the others, it is a matter of of keeping yourself away from those temptations and other negative influences. Just like in Florida drug rehabilitation Center, you will undergo series of therapies and and psychological counseling towards full recovery. They have different Florida drug rehab programs to address specific cases to help you reducing your cravings or withdraw from it effectively.
Florida drug rehab program almost act the same as those alcohol rehab centers. It's just that they are focusing more into drug addiction treatments.

Diet and Exercise

For some reason, i started to find Yoga as a very interesting way to exercise your body. Yoga has simple yet very effective body movements that strengthens your back, increase you endurance and improve your flexibility. Yoga is also effective for toning muscles, lubricating the joints, and of course, weight loss. However, i am not so sure if this kind of exercise is effective for everyone. And i am not sure if i can execute those meditation movements perfectly and effectively.
Well, right now, i am in a "No Rice Diet" but aside from keeping rice away from my meals, i try to do some work out routines too to keep my self fit. Too many people believe that as long as you don’t eat the “forbidden” foods, you’ll naturally lose weight which is definitely and scientifically not true because our body needs a lot of exercise before you achieved your desired figure or shape though minimizing food plays a vital role for effective diet.
But it is quite disappointing to see that after all those hard works and efforts, it seems that my body is not improving at all. And the worst, instead of losing weight, i gained much weight lately which is so depressing.
I really don't know what to do now. Maybe it's time for me to try something else, like those weight loss program offered by Fat Burning Furnace Ebook. I have heard many good things about this book however, there are also rumors about the fat burning furnace scam circulating around the web. So to find out the truth behind these rumors, i checked some reliable fat burning furnace review online. Well, it seems that these rumors are nothing but hoax. In fact, this kind of weight loss program don't have any risk at all since you will not be dealing with any pharmaceutical products and more. It's all about exercise and healthy diet.

I Need A Vacation

I've been working really hard these past few months. My job is starting to become more demanding lately which turned out really stressing. I just can't handle all these stress and pressure and i think i need to take some break. Yup! I guess that's all what i need to keep all these stresses away. Sometimes, we really have to unwind and relax to freshen up our minds and soul. Hmmm, i guess i better talk to my supervisor and ask for a vacation leave. I'm sure they will allow me this time since they already found a new guy to replace my partner who just filed a resignation last month. Well, that means, it is okay for me to take my vacation since there will be someone to take over my place when i am not around. I just have to use my convincing power so that my bosses will allow me.
Anyway, I guess it would be great to have an out of town trip. It's been awhile now since i visited my relatives in Alaminos Pangasinan so i will definitely grab that opportunity to visit them again. However, i will be needing some extra funds to make this vacation possible. I'm not sure if i will get paid for my Leave or if they will allow me to take cash advance but if they won't, then i have no choice but to apply for Fast Cash loan from a lending company. I would love to take one of those No Credit Check Cash Loans online offered by Capital Finance Web, one of the leading service providers for online Payday or Fast cash loans. This will help me a lot to cover all my vacation expenses.
Now i am so excited for this upcoming vacation. Alaminos Pangasina, here I go!!

I need To Replace Her

Last night, it was a problem with my desktop and now, it is my laptop causing trouble. It is really irritating when your computers start giving you headache because of these hard to resolved technical issues. Well good thing i managed to fix the discolored screen of my desktop monitor yesterday after Milzon accidentally placed a magnet on top it. And now, my biggest problem is my beloved lappie. I tried all my best to fix it but it won't really turn on. So right now, i am using my desktop and left my laptop as is. I will just contact my friend technician to fix this issue. I want to let you know that this is not the first time that i had an issue with this laptop. Calling a technician over and over again is a bit stressing and also ruining my budget since i have to pay for the repairs. Not to mention the amount of money that you will be using to buy a brand new spare in case something needs to be replaced.

Oh well, maybe i should follow now my auntie's advise. According to her, it is much better to buy a brand new one instead of paying for the repairs almost every month. It really makes sense to me now since i realized that i am just wasting my money for the repairs. Maybe it is true that my lappie needs to get rest and i should buy a new one to replace her.
Well if that's the case, i better start applying for a Payday Loan Online to be added with my savings. My current savings is not enough to buy a laptop so maybe a payday loan can help me to make that purchase possible. And besides, i will just be borrowing a small amount so that it will not be so hard for me to pay those debts on time.
Gosh! I should have done this before! Anyway, i wonder what brand of laptop should i take. Any suggestions?

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