I need To Replace Her

Last night, it was a problem with my desktop and now, it is my laptop causing trouble. It is really irritating when your computers start giving you headache because of these hard to resolved technical issues. Well good thing i managed to fix the discolored screen of my desktop monitor yesterday after Milzon accidentally placed a magnet on top it. And now, my biggest problem is my beloved lappie. I tried all my best to fix it but it won't really turn on. So right now, i am using my desktop and left my laptop as is. I will just contact my friend technician to fix this issue. I want to let you know that this is not the first time that i had an issue with this laptop. Calling a technician over and over again is a bit stressing and also ruining my budget since i have to pay for the repairs. Not to mention the amount of money that you will be using to buy a brand new spare in case something needs to be replaced.

Oh well, maybe i should follow now my auntie's advise. According to her, it is much better to buy a brand new one instead of paying for the repairs almost every month. It really makes sense to me now since i realized that i am just wasting my money for the repairs. Maybe it is true that my lappie needs to get rest and i should buy a new one to replace her.
Well if that's the case, i better start applying for a Payday Loan Online to be added with my savings. My current savings is not enough to buy a laptop so maybe a payday loan can help me to make that purchase possible. And besides, i will just be borrowing a small amount so that it will not be so hard for me to pay those debts on time.
Gosh! I should have done this before! Anyway, i wonder what brand of laptop should i take. Any suggestions?


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