What a boring Weekend!

This is such a boring weekend! Almost everyone in the house is so busy for some reasons! Mom and dad are so busy in cleaning the front yard. Well, dad's car is already fixed as he got a call yesterday from the repair shop stating that he can now take his car home after that major damage. They are now busy clearing the front yard and emptying the garage. Mirasol and Milzon, on the other hands are so damn busy with their new toys bought to them by our Auntie last week. Well, i guess I have no choice but to entertain myself by playing my favorite video games. I just wish Milzon will not interrupt me again while playing my favorite online casino! Seriously! This kid will distract me while I am busy on my game! And since i cannot concentrate because of him, I will end up losing the game and losing my money as well! Sobs!
Well, if that is the case, then i better start playing those iPhone casinos! Here, i will never be interrupted by anyone unless the battery of my cellphone run out! I am really intruigued about these mobile casinos and I wonder if they can offer the same kind of pleasure and excitement that any online gaming can provide. Actually, actually playing these casino games for mobiles is such a great idea especially if you are at at the office and looking for some way to keep you away from getting too bored or maybe if you are in an out of town trip and you forgot to bring your laptop!
Hayst! I never expected that my weekend would be this boring!!!


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