A Car Enthusiast

My Uncle Jerry is a certified Car Enthusiast. As far as I know, he used to upgrade his car every time a new model comes in. Actually, i really envy him, because he can make his car collection come true. Well, it is not a car collection actually, every time a new model arrives, he will soon look for a buyer and sell his car and then the money that he gets from it will be used to buy that brand new car. Well, what should you expect to a guy that is working on a very high compensated company right? hahaha Lucky him!
Oh well, there's no reason to be so envious since i am satisfied now on what i have and i am not planning to buy a brand new for at least 6 years from now. Having a Honda Civic is not bad at all. I am not desiring to have that automatic car like what my Uncle Jerry has now. Besides, what matters to me the most is the engine. It is really important that my engine works well that's why i used to bring my car on a auto repair shop for its regular check ups.
As for my Uncle Jerry, I wonder how much does it cost to maintain a high tech and expensive car like that. I think he should be very careful in choosing the right auto repair shop. We can't deny the fact that most auto repair shops today are taking advantage of their customers. They used to give false results and will charge their customers higher than the normal repair fee.
It is pretty rare to find something like that Auto Repair Hillsboro Shop in Oregon who provides honest and competent service to their customers. I just wish I could find a place like that here in my area. That's all for now guys, Happy Weekend!


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