Book Review # 32


Are you looking for a perfect book to read this Halloween? well try to read FRANKENSTEIN which is written by Mary Shelly. Vistor Frankenstein is a brilliant but peculiar scientist obsessed with his mission to recreate life. Scavenging scraps from dead bodies in the cemetery, Dr. Frankenstein achieved his dream, but the creature that he reanimates is a monster! Now, he must relentlessly pusue the monster so he can destroy it. This horror classic is one book that teaches you to be careful with what you wish for.

You Gotta See This!

What causes an individual to have poor eyesight? One of the most important parts of our body is our eyes. Our eyes serve as the main guide in our everyday life but due to some other factors like aging or any type of eye diseases like cataract and glaucoma, it will just result to visual impairments, low vision, poor eyesight and even total blindness. It’s good to see that people are now getting more aware of this and doing preventive measures to avoid getting poor eyesight. There are many preventive measures that we can apply to avoid getting poor eyesight such as surgeries, wearing eye glasses, medication and wearing contact lenses. Contact lenses are not just used as a fashion statement but are also used to improve your vision. Some people make use of contact lenses as a replacement for their bulky eyeglasses. There are estimated hundred millions of people use contact lens world wide and most of the percentage is from the United States.
I’m also using contact lenses and I am one of the million people who benefit a lot in using them. That’s why I grab the opportunity to join the ongoing. iLASIK Video Contest. The contest invites all iLasik product users to make their own video showing the impact of improved vision. The contest was created by Abbott Medical Optics Inc. (AMO), a global leader in laser vision correction to know how better vision could improved or has improved people’s lives.
The contest is still open and accepting more entries. The rules are very simple, just submit your video, tell your friends to vote for your entry and get a chance to win fabulous prices. Grand prize winner will receive $5,000! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start submitting your video. Aside from the $5,000 grand prize, there will be three first prize winners who will win an HDTV package and three second prize winners who will receive a Flip UltraHD camcorder. If you are interested, just visit them at to know more about the details and other prizes!

Game Review # 7

ROSE Online was developed by Gravity and TriggerSoft and brought to us by Levelk Up! (the same guys who gave us Ragnarok), R.O.S.E Online is an MMORPG hit! Combining fantasy and science fiction, its players are tasked by the good goddess Arua to fight against the evil god Hebarn and save not just one world but seven1
R.O.S.E stands for "Rush On Seven Episodes" because the game unfolds accross seven unique planets:
  • JUNON, named after the patron God of adventurers
  • LUNA, a marvelous planet filled with mystery
  • SKA, a beautiful vacation resort planet whose names means "Love"
  • ELDEON, where it is said ancient legends sleep, waiting to be awakened
  • KAKIA, a planet known for its desolate wasteland
  • ORO, the prosperous planet of gold
  • HEBARN, the planet the God of Malice wrestled away pompously named after himself.
It is said in the old tales that the universe, called the Sea of Souls, was a vast ocean of darkness until the councils of Gods decided to settle down. It would be a great honor to be chosen as the creator of their new homes and the candidates were narrowed down to Arua and Hebarn. The council of Gods voted and Arua won. Arua drew in love and imagination to create the seven planets and their brilliance filled the Sea of Souls with wondrous light and life.
However, Hebarn's jealousy and anger threatened to consume the seven planets with darkness. He secretly sent Devil pests to the other planets , which turned friendly animals ito a deadly monsters~ Not knowing about Hebarn's treachery, Arua simply thaught that she made mistakes with the creatures, so she created a new race of beings called Visitors to fix the problems.

This is It!

Sad to say i missed out the cinema premier of Michael Jackson's "This Is it". However i have nothing to worry about it because the film is still running all over the cinemas. Good thing i still have my free cinema tickets that i've won few months ago! The film gained a high praise from MJ's fan. According to my friends who have watched the film already, they felt so sad as they see Michael doing his signature dance for hits like Billie Jeans and Thriller! The mood at simultaneous premieres around the world Tuesday and Wednesday was tearful yet celebratory. The film captures Jackson dressed with customary flamboyance, his fashion flourishes including military epaulets, sequins and gold-spangled pants. The film is nothing but spectacular!

Algebra help

As a working student, it’s really hard for me to manage everything. It’s not that easy to balance your study and your work as well. You don’t know where to focus yourself. It’s hard for me to give up my job because my job helps me a lot in supporting my educational needs and expenses. Thanks God! All my grades are doing well in all of my academic subjects except for one which is Mathematics. I consider Mathematics as my weakest subject. I don’t know why but I really had a hard time understanding and solving such things like Algebraic expression, Math problems, formulas and more!
I remember the last time our Math Teacher gave us an exam which involves Algebra word problems; It was such a shame because I failed the exam and I got no correct answers. I just hate these Math word problems because aside from solving some mathematical equations, you have to analyze the whole problem or the actual indicated situation. Mathematics will require you to have critical mind thinking because in solving an equation, one single mistake will lead you to a wrong answer.
This is the reason why a friend advised me to visit and see how the site could help me out. The site offers online Algebra Tutor, Algebra Tutoring and Algebra help specifically for K-12 and college student like me. You just have to submit your Math questions and then they will be providing you all the Math answers. They will provide you all the necessary information you need for your home work. From different type of equations like Linear and Quadratic, Polynomial functions and relations to basic and intensive factorization. Name it! They got them all! The site also offers Algebra 2 help and tutoring.
So in case you are having a hard time analyzing and solving Mathematical problems, is the perfect place for you. Always remember that this online tutoring site will serve only as our guide and we should not be too much dependent on it. We should also learn how to solve it all by ourselves.

Book Review # 31

All aboard! The creators of Fergus Crane have come up with another amazing adventure about a young girl who travels in an old dhip called SS Euphonia. Corby Flood gets to mingle with all sorts of people, like strange men in bowler hats who clam they are the brotherhood of Clowns. There's also a mysterious sound coming from within the ship and upon investigation, Corby discovers a crate in the ship's hold. Discover how Corby uncovers the secret of the crate and journeys through the seven seas.

Rapid File Seek
Are you having a hard time looking for Mp3 files? Old and rare files are really hard to find no matter how much you search it over the internet. In my case, I am a type of guy who can’t live without my MP3. I love music especially classic songs from the 80’s. However, these songs are really hard to find that is why i am very thankful that there are sites where i can download all my favorite classic songs. I am happy to discover the new rapidshare search. Rapidshare Search is one of the popular online sources not just for music but also for movies, video and a whole lot more!
Just type in the keyword in their website and then they will be providing you the results from their database. They have a special search engine which is very effective for giving out fast and quick results. The site is the perfect place to look for those hard-to-find and rare files, movies and music to download!

Photo Hunt # 5

Granite Counter top

Miniature Television Set

My Bed Room

Yummy Adobo

Amazing Photo Effects

Sometimes, being creative is fun! If you think you are creative enough to show your talent in photography, then don’t be afraid to show it to everyone. But if you really had a hard time looking for the perfect shot or perfect angles for your photo or even placing some effects onto it, well is the perfect place for you. will make your photos from scratch to professional-looking images. is a new service where you can upload your photo and make a lot of different amazing effects in less then one minute. Currently, they have more than 100 photo effects available and they are updating it everyday and add new effects daily. Here let’s have some photo fun and let me share you some of my photos edited from Their photofunia features will allow a single photo to transform into many looks and designs.
I like this one and i think it's ideal to place together with the real bouquet of flowers for your wife or girl friend.

Be an instant celebrity with this kind of photofun effects from
Here's another funny photo effect from

Estbalish your own billboard with PicJoke!!
Start uploading your photo now and add some great effects using PicJoke!

Music Monday


Lyrics | Wonder Girls lyrics - Nobody lyrics

Gadget Review # 10


This furry little creature is a lot smarter than it looks. Navirobo, as its name suggest, is a navigation robot that guides you through the city streets. But instead of the usual verbal instructions, Navirobo Does something cooler: It points you in tjhe direction you are supposed to go. And if you happen to miss a turn, it turns around and points to where you missed it!
Navirobo is a 9.8 inches tall. It does a happy bear dance when you arrived at your destination. It can sit on your car's dashboard amd it is GPS-enabled too! Amazing.

Debt Consolidation

Our Economy is still suffering under the global financial crisis. Most banks, business establishments and companies are under the state of bankruptcy. Until now, there is no assurance for what will happen next to the status of our economy. Most people nowadays are running short of cash and needs money to afford their basic necessities like food, water. Their also running short of cash and needs money to pay their daily and monthly expenses like bills, taxes, tuition fees, mortgages, car repair, credit card dept and more. Aside from these daily and monthly payments, we are also facing some unexpected expenses.
The best way to lower these bills is to apply for a bill consolidation. There are companies that are willing to help and lower your monthly payments through the process of debt consolidation. This process will also help you to save money in interest rates. Good thing that we can now apply for debt consolidation online. By visiting and signing up an account for, you will learn a lot about how debt consolidation can help you to lower your bills and they will also share you some tips about credit counseling and give you some information about credit card debt consolidation for free.

Book Review # 30


Twelve-year old Blake is drawn to a strange old book in an Oxford library. Its pages are completely blank but the book seems alaive. What Ancient mystery Blake stumbled upon? Who is Endymon Spring and what is his secret? And what has this got to do with Johann Guttenburg, the inventor of the printing press. Love your self in the pages of this book and follow the clues, left in the present and preserved in the past, to answer this question. The book halted as the "The Da Vinci Code" for kids, this book will have you hooked from the beginning to the end.

Im happy to tell you guys that I'm done posting 12 pages of my newest web comic series entitled "Final Encounter" This Webcomic is open for all my Filipino readers. Dont forget to leave your comment.
Just visit me at or simple click HERE

Music to Share


Lyrics | Miley Cyrus lyrics - Party In The USA lyrics

Owning a Domain

It’s been two years since I have learned such thing as “blogging”. I never imagine my self reaching this point where I manage my own blogs with continuously growing readers. I have learned so many things from blogging, things which are completely beyond my expectation. From blogging, I’ve learned how to deal with html codes, java script, customizing my blog templates and a whole lot more!
Blogging has become a passion to me that’s why I’m setting up goals for my blogs. I know that it would be better if I will own a domain for my site. These domains will help my blogs to establish more popularity and help me to gain more readers and followers. However, owning a domain will be very risky especially if you do not have enough knowledge about web hosting. Choosing the right domain and the right domain provider are the most important factors to consider before buying a domain. That’s why I’m highly recommending you to try yahoo domains.
Why use Yahoo as your domain name registrar?
Well, aside from carrying the well-trusted name of Yahoo, Yahoo! Domains is one of the leading domain registrars in the world. They are very reliable and your domains are in good hands! For new customers, you can purchase your domain for as little as $1.99 for you first year! Amazing!
What other services does Yahoo offer to e-businesses?
Aside from domains, you can also register an account under Yahoo! Web Hosting. Their web hosting services will provide you unlimited disk storage, data transfer and email storage. You can save up to 25% and purchased their Web Hosting Services for as low as $7.46/ month.
So for those who desire to own a domain, Yahoo! Domains is surely a great start!!

Gadget Review # 9


Straight-up and boring flash drives are things of the past with the Mimobot flash drive. Made by Boston-based manufacturer Mimoco, the ninobots feature original patterns and designs that will blend in perfectly with your colorful pens and notebooks. Just don't get them mixed up with your kid's toys because you might have a tough time finding them. It also comes in Chewbacca and Darth Vader designs. The capacity can reach 256 to 2GB. With Optional Keychain accesories.

As a Car owner like me, I know how much I should value my car. I know what my car needs and I know what are the parts that should be replaced. I’ve been using my car for more than four years and I think it’s the right time for me to upgrade it by replacing some of its part. I m planning to make a total make over for my car from its outer covering up to its inner accessories. I guess it would be better if I’ll be upgrading my audi turbocharger too! This will make my car faster and will make my ride more enjoying!
If you are interested to upgrade your car and willing to know more about turbochargrs and the advantages of using it for your car, you better drop by at TurboChargerPros would be the perfect place to find the best turbochargers

Book Review # 29

THE WRIGHT 3 ~ BY BLUE BALLIETT,%20the%20wright%203.jpg

Can a house be alive? Is it possible for you to feel the building's presence? These are the question Tommy has to ask himself in this book written by Blue Balliett entitled The Wright 3. It all started after Tommy and his mom move next door to the Robbie House. Designed by a famouse architect Frank Llyod Wright, the house is known for its unussual appearance, mystifying art glass windows, and spooky history. But now it's in danger of being tornm apart. Tommy anf his friends, Calder and Petra couls swear it's communicating with them. Follow the adventure of The Wright 2 as they try to get to the bottom of this spiine-tingling mystery!

Photo Hunt # 4

Fifty Cents

Old Kettle

Empty Bottles

Old Basket Ball

Green Leaves

Proper Dog Care

Meet Kurapika, she’s my beloved puppy! Sad to say, her mom died a month after she gave birth for her puppies. Kurapika and I have been best friends and I love playing with her. She helped me a lot in relieving all the stress brought to me by my work, and she even help me out to over come my depression. Dogs usually give us their unconditional love, loyalty and unbreakable friendship to us. We, as their owner, in return, are responsible to give them the proper care. We have to supply their basic necessity like foods, water, and shelter. We have to secure their safety, we have to provide them a regular veterinary care and exercise as well!
Just like humans, dogs have feelings too. Improper care of your dogs will make them suffer from some physical problems, illness, and behavioral problems too! In my case, I try to follow some dog-care basics for my Kurapika as advised by her veterinarian. I always make sure that Kurapika is wearing her collar with a dog tag attached into it. Her name and my home address are imprinted in the dog tag so in case that she got lost, the founder will know where to locate me to bring my dog back. I buy dog foods for her too. Providing dog foods is very much advisable than giving her my left-over foods. Each of my puppies has their own dog bowls and feeders. However, I make sure that these bowls are chew-resistant and easy to wash. I also buy dog shampoo, powder and deodorizer for her hygiene and proper grooming.
Kurapika is a very playful dog. He chews almost everything around her and leaving such a big mess. That’s why my friend advised me to buy her dog toys. This will lessen her aggressiveness because her attention will give more focus to her toys. When we’re traveling, I placed her inside a dog carrier which is very comfortable and easy-to-carry.
I am really close to my pet and I want her to always be beside me as much as possible. That’s why I even bought a dog bed for her and placed it beside my bed.
Dogs are man’s best friends. They are always ready to protect us whenever we’re in danger. And we as their owner should give them proper attention, love and care.

Book Review # 28


Here i am for another book review. If you want to know about a certain stuff, well PICK ME UP by DAVID ROBERTS and JEREMY LESLIE is the prefect book for you to read. Find out different stuffs like how trees talk to us, which country has the most number of school days in a year, how girls can try for being a boy for one day, and yes, even the answer to the eternal question "what is the meaning of life" All in one cool book. This book is so cool and I wanna read it from the front cover all the way to the back even if it means going through 333 pages(whew) Pick it Up now and you won't regret it. This book will keep you up at night!

Game Review # 6

Those familiar with THUG 2 on the consoles will find the PSP version very much the same. This could either be a good or bad thing, depending on what you expect from the game. For starters, THUG 2 remix is as good as the PS2 version, with some extras thrown in for good measure. You skate around 13 different cities, and out of the 13, four tracks were created just for the PSP. There are two main modes in the game, Story Mode and Classic Mode. Story mode takes you around the world with either Bam Margera or Tony Hawk as your teammate. While on a World Destruction Tour, you get to do all sorts of silly stunts, such as destroying objects or just plain creating havoc. Classic Mode is all about collecting the letters S-K-A-T-E aroun a map within a given time limit. The controls work well on the PSP and allow you to move with almost the same freestyling ease as on the PS2 version.
I also like that the maps are filled with lots of objects that you can interact with. The game's best feature is the ability to make your player look exactly like you. Just import your photo into the game by downloading it from the Memory Stick!

Note Cards

We can do a lot of stuff using the internet. Internet makes our world easier. Most of my relatives keep on sending me e-mails, e-greetings and e-cards but for me I still prefer to send someone a personalized card, a post card or a note card. For me, sending someone a card means you are sincere and it also shows that the message which was included in your card comes truly from the bottom of your heart.
In my case, I am separated to my parents because of my work. We’re still keeping in-touch with each other through online chat and e-mails. However, even though I can send them personal messages through chat and send them e-mails anytime I want, I still spend a time to go to the nearest post office and send them note cards. I am comfortable doing it because I know that they will appreciate my cards and letters more than those electronic mails.
Luckily, I just found Note Card Artist, a site that offers great and premium note cards. These amazing note cards are created by an independent artist named Fletcher Boland. Most of his creations are focusing a lot in showing the natural beauty of the world. Fletcher Boland will prove to you that photographs don’t just capture the images but it also captured the beauty and the memories lying within.

Just like these beautiful Cape Cod Note Cards showing the natural beauty of the coastal landscape found in Massachusetts which is also a very popular tourist spot.
These note cards are very incomparable to emails or e-cards because a small card like this will show how much you love the person who will receive it!


Music Monday


Lyrics | Beyonce lyrics - Halo lyrics

It’s been a year since my mom launched her Internet CafĂ© Shop. Her business is doing well and it’s getting bigger and bigger every month. She even hired some Computer Shop Attendants to help her out in managing her growing business. Sooner or later I know she will just stay in our house and let her shop attendants to take over the shop.
I know it will be very risky for her to give all her trust to her employees, that’s why we’re very thankful that we found a tool that will help my mom to monitor her shop and her employees as well. ActivTrak is an employee monitoring software that will help you to track the activities of your employees. With this kind of software, there’s no reason for my mom to worry about her shop

Photo Hunt # 3

Doves symbolizes peace.

My grandparents are permanently residing in Canada and i have heard so many good things about the country from them. They even told be that once i'm done getting my education here in Philippines, i should start processing my papers and documents so that i can go to Canada and work. Working in Canada is one of my dream because aside from being highly compensated , i will have a chance to see great places to visit in Canada like the Okanagan Lake where in according to some rumors, there's a living dragon called Ogopogo.
Aside from the Okanagan Lake, of course i would love to visit one of the largest mall in the world~ The West Edmonton Mall. And of course, i want to witness the raging Niagara Falls!
Im so excited to visit Canada.

Gadget Review # 8

Casio G'zOne Type-R
let say for example, you arrived at the beach an you see that all your friends are waiting for you in the water. You head straight to the shore at 100kph and you trash about like a shark high on sugar (lolz). But then you realized that your cellphone is still in your pocket. Its sure a Disaster right?
But not if you own an LG Canu 5025 or also known as the Casio G'zOne Type-R. It is a water-resistant mobile phone. It is perfect to have one especially every summer!

Book Review # 27

Our featured book for the day is no other than


i know you are very familiar with this book as it was written by no other than the "Queen of Pop"- Madonna! Her sweet tale of four inseparable girls, who learn a life changing lesson about judging others and making friends, is the first book in the series of books the "material girl" is set to write. Adorably illustrated , easy-to-read and full of Madonna style sass, Madonna's writing debut is all rosy, no thorns!

Drug Test

I am previously working in a Human Resource department where in my job deals mostly in hiring applicants. Aside from giving examinations and interviews to test if they have what it takes to be a part of our company, we also consider the results of their medical examinations. These medical examinations include blood, urine, saliva and stool examinations. This will help us to identify those applicants who's under the influence of drugs.
I am also an applicant before so i know how frustrating it was when a company refuses you because you failed their medical exams. It is much advisable to undergo series of drug test before applying to any employer. Good thing there's MDetect .com that offers a very useful "employees drug test kit" which will help an applicant to detect if he's ready enough to apply or should undergo some medical treatments to detoxify your body and removed those negative elements!


Yummy deserts! I just love fruits as it gives you the best nutrients that you need. It is a great source of vitamins. It is perfect for salads. My mom usually buy fruits for us. here have some!

My family and I decided to have some rest and spend our time in our town house. It is a perfect place to relax because the house is surrounded by trees, fresh air, and far away from the city. My younger brother loves to go out of town because his very excited to build his own tent and build his own camp site. We usually have some bonding to each other. We spend our time outside the house, doing some fun activities, building our own tent, making a camp fire, sharing some stories and a whole lot more!
Of course, before we go, we make sure that everything is set and we have all the things that we need like the camping equipments and foods.
Yesterday, when I was online, I found a site that offers cute and colorful nap mat. I found it really interesting and I know it would be perfect for my little brother. I’m sure it will add more fun and excitement to his camping adventure.
It would be much greater if he would bring this stephen joseph quilted backpack with him so he can place some of his things inside.
Or maybe he would love this easy to clean adorable stephen joseph backpack. I’m sure we’ll gonna have the best camping adventure this month!


Finally, all the characters in my Webcomic entitled "FINAL ENCOUNTER" were unleased. From the main cast down to the villains. However, it was written in Tagalog and sooner or later i'll be translating it to english so that any one can read it. The first chapter will be realesed nest month!
Hope to see you there
visit my site at

Here are some of the cast of

Photo Hunt # 3

Scented Star-shaped candle

Floral Bed Sheets and Throw Pillows

Mcdonald's French Fries

Yummy Toblerone!

Old Coins in a Sycee

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