Schuhe and Stiefel

My auntie is working abroad. She is currently staying in Germany together with her Fiancé. I know that sooner or later after they got married, my auntie will live there permanently. I am very close to my Auntie that is why I always make sure that we are still keeping in touch either via phone or via chat. I just talked to her yesterday while we are both online. She shared me a lot of thing about her life and how she was able to manage herself and learned how to get used with the German way of living. Aside from sharing out her journey in Germany, she also shared some of her stuffs especially her brand new shoes. I know how my auntie really loved shoes. She’s very crazy about it that’s why it’s very common for me to hear something about shoes from her every time we talk. While we’re chatting, I have noticed that she’s adapting some of the German terms. I remember that she mentioned “Schuhe” which stands for “shoes” and “Stiefel” which is a German term for boots. She told me that her Fiancé gave her a pair of Timberland Stiefel. According to her she feels very comfortable using it that’s why she often wears it. I have heard that German shoes are made out of high-quality materials in which I found it very interesting. That is why I am very happy when my Auntie promised me that she will buy me a pair of “Guess Schuhe” and I’m very excited about it. She also told me that she will buy a pair of Damenstiefel for my sister. She even asked me to visit and and walked me through the sites. They are the perfect place to find the best branded German Shoes like Guess, Chuck, Timberland and many more!


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