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We can do a lot of stuff using the internet. Internet makes our world easier. Most of my relatives keep on sending me e-mails, e-greetings and e-cards but for me I still prefer to send someone a personalized card, a post card or a note card. For me, sending someone a card means you are sincere and it also shows that the message which was included in your card comes truly from the bottom of your heart.
In my case, I am separated to my parents because of my work. We’re still keeping in-touch with each other through online chat and e-mails. However, even though I can send them personal messages through chat and send them e-mails anytime I want, I still spend a time to go to the nearest post office and send them note cards. I am comfortable doing it because I know that they will appreciate my cards and letters more than those electronic mails.
Luckily, I just found Note Card Artist, a site that offers great and premium note cards. These amazing note cards are created by an independent artist named Fletcher Boland. Most of his creations are focusing a lot in showing the natural beauty of the world. Fletcher Boland will prove to you that photographs don’t just capture the images but it also captured the beauty and the memories lying within.

Just like these beautiful Cape Cod Note Cards showing the natural beauty of the coastal landscape found in Massachusetts which is also a very popular tourist spot.
These note cards are very incomparable to emails or e-cards because a small card like this will show how much you love the person who will receive it!



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