Proper Dog Care

Meet Kurapika, she’s my beloved puppy! Sad to say, her mom died a month after she gave birth for her puppies. Kurapika and I have been best friends and I love playing with her. She helped me a lot in relieving all the stress brought to me by my work, and she even help me out to over come my depression. Dogs usually give us their unconditional love, loyalty and unbreakable friendship to us. We, as their owner, in return, are responsible to give them the proper care. We have to supply their basic necessity like foods, water, and shelter. We have to secure their safety, we have to provide them a regular veterinary care and exercise as well!
Just like humans, dogs have feelings too. Improper care of your dogs will make them suffer from some physical problems, illness, and behavioral problems too! In my case, I try to follow some dog-care basics for my Kurapika as advised by her veterinarian. I always make sure that Kurapika is wearing her collar with a dog tag attached into it. Her name and my home address are imprinted in the dog tag so in case that she got lost, the founder will know where to locate me to bring my dog back. I buy dog foods for her too. Providing dog foods is very much advisable than giving her my left-over foods. Each of my puppies has their own dog bowls and feeders. However, I make sure that these bowls are chew-resistant and easy to wash. I also buy dog shampoo, powder and deodorizer for her hygiene and proper grooming.
Kurapika is a very playful dog. He chews almost everything around her and leaving such a big mess. That’s why my friend advised me to buy her dog toys. This will lessen her aggressiveness because her attention will give more focus to her toys. When we’re traveling, I placed her inside a dog carrier which is very comfortable and easy-to-carry.
I am really close to my pet and I want her to always be beside me as much as possible. That’s why I even bought a dog bed for her and placed it beside my bed.
Dogs are man’s best friends. They are always ready to protect us whenever we’re in danger. And we as their owner should give them proper attention, love and care.


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