Being single is not a bad thing unless you wish to stay in such status for the rest of your life. Being single is not a criteria to judge your manhood either. I've been single for almost a year now but it doesn't bother me at all because I know that I am enjoying my life as a bachelor.
I enjoy my life as a single considering that I have no any commitments or other responsibilities to fulfill. Generally, I am enjoying the most out of it while I still can. I know for the fact that I am not getting any younger , and i'm going to marry someone pretty soon.
For me, I don't feel like entering a certain relationship for the sake of having one. Someone out there is definitely destined for me and I will surely find her on the right time at the right place. But of course if this opportunity arrived, i make sure not to let it go or else it might take time for me to find that girl again.
I am not too desperate but I think it is pretty ideal to try any of those free dating websites especially today where most of the communications were done online. Internet is indeed a powerful tool and I don't mind making my own account using this dating websites and meet interesting people online. Some of my friends and relatives met their partners online and I will not be surprised if I will experience the same thing. Well, of course, that is something I cannot tell yet but who knows right?

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